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"In a play ... a psychological loop is established between performers and audience. Nothing like this can occur in a movie theater. The images on the screen are patterns of light, not living actors. They are not affected by applause or hissing. They will be the same in a packed house or an empty one....No social bond between the audience and the actors can exist."
O.B. Hardison (1928-1990). "Filming Shakespeare" (1981)
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The University of Saskatchewan Drama Department, 1969. [56]
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The Hangar Building in 1984, a "temporary" structure moved unto the University of Saskatchewan campus after World War II and which served as the home for Greystone Theatre until it was demolished in the late 1990s. [57]

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The John Mitchell Building, which is now home to Greystone theatre, in 1959. [58]
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Colored postcard of King Edward Hotel and Theatre. The King Edward vaudeville theatre appears in Henderson's directory only in 1911, and seems to have been incorporated into the hotel and its architectural style adopted for the whole hotel during 1912 major renovations. [59]
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Sketch from newspaper of front of Empire Theatre with inscription: "The entrance of the new Empire Theatre, to be opened in a few weeks" - 1910. [60]

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