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Performers - the Actors

"... the theatre demanded of its members stamina, good digestion, the ability to adjust, and a strong sense of humor. There was no discomfort an actor didnít learn to endure. To survive, we had to be horses and we were."
Helen Hayes (1900-1993). On Reflection (1968)
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The cast of The Legend of the Waters, as presented at the Emma Lake Art Camp, 1941. [18]
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Drama class pantomime, The Babe in the Wood, 1935. [19]
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Members of the Morton Historical Society who presented Scene IV from Big Bear, 1927. [20]
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Scene from Right You Are (If you think you are), 1963. [21]
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Cast from a 1919 production. [22]
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The University of Saskatchewan Dramatic Society, c. 1926. [23]

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