Leaders — A.J. McPhail:


Saskatchewan Wheat Pool President - Alexander J. McPhail, 50 Source 51

Alexander James McPhail was born in Ontario, 23 December 1883. When his parents died he found himself head of a family of eight and, in 1906, they moved to the Bankend district of Saskatchewan. Mr. McPhail became involved with the Progressive party and was a member of the “Ginger Group,” as well as replacing JB Musselman as the Secretary of the SGGA in 1922. He resigned from that position in 1924 to become the first elected President of the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool. He died unexpectedly in 1931.


The McPhail monument was unveiled in Regina, 1976, by R. P. Malis, Director of Parks Canada, Prairie Region and D. M. Lockwood, First Vice-President of the SWP 52


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