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1931: School of Music Established

"Only in popular education can man erect the structure of an enduring civilization."

- Andrew Carnegie

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1931 was a pivotal year for music in the City of Saskatoon.  In that year the Carnegie Corporation awarded the University a three year grant to establish a school of music. With the appointment of Professor Arthur Collingwood, the U of S became the only university west of Toronto and Montreal to have a music chair. 

The University saw the School of Music as “not only the provision of advanced instruction but also the cultivation of a popular taste and appreciation through public lectures”.  Within months of his appointment Collingwood was offering classes through the College of Arts and Sciences.  He also reorganized the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra and, under his baton, used it to illustrate musical points in a series of public lectures in Convocation Hall.1

Though Collingwood had been named Dean of the School of Music, he was to remain its only  member of faculty until his retirement in 1947.

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1. Annual Report, 1930-1931.

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