City of Regina Archives Photograph Collection,
Title: Regina , Canada from the Tower of the Metropolitan Methodist Church
Date: ca. 1913-1914
Retrieval Number: CORA-A-1328
Extent: 1 B&W Print from rolled panoramic; 6 cm x 18 cm
Scope and Content Note: The City as seen from the top of the Metropolitan Methodist Church . Victoria Park is visible in the left of the frame. Little landscaping has been done to the park. Print made from a larger rolled panoramic shot.
Access Restrictions: None
Photographer: Unknown
Parent fonds/collection: CORA Photograph Collection
Historical Note: Regina 's town founders had conflicted feelings about setting aside land for parks. On the one hand, parks enhance the appearance of a town, increase its property values, and make a town into a more attractive destination for settlers. This was especially important in Regina since the townsite initially had very little to recommend it for settlement. On the other hand, parks take up a lot of valuable real estate that could be used for commercial or residential development. No park demonstrated this conflict more than Victoria Park. Nestled in the heart of city centre, Victoria Park was supposed to be an oasis for residents. However, it occupies two square blocks in the middle of the city, in what was considered prime real estate. Twice the town founders offered it to developers for construction: first, when a new site was to be chosen for a court house in 1892, and second, when a site was to be chosen for new legislative buildings in 1906. In the interim, the park remained a treeless empty field.




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