City of Regina Archives Photograph Collection, CORA-RPL-B-393
Title: Chaos During the Regina Riot
Date: July 1,1935
Retrieval Number: CORA-RPL-B-393
Extent: B&W print, 1 reproduction-quality negative; Print: 25 cm x 16 cm
Scope and Content Note: : Rioters and police during the Regina Riot. Machinery at the bottom of the frame is the city's tar-making machine, parts of which were thrown at police during the riot. Blurred figures to the far right of the frame are a police officer and a striker fighting.
Access Restrictions: None
Photographer: Unknown
Parent fonds/collection: RPL Photograph Collection
Historical Note: The On-To-Ottawa Trekkers remained at Regina 's Exhibition Grounds for two weeks in peace and calm. Their leaders went on to Ottawa to make their grievances known to the federal government. The trekkers' demands were rejected by Prime Minister R.B. Bennett and the leaders returned to Regina . On July 1, some of the trekkers were gathered in Market Square in downtown Regina , addressing a rally. (The majority of trekkers were still at the Exhibition Grounds, playing baseball.) The RCMP and local police chose that moment to arrest the trek leaders. A riot ensued. A city policeman, Detective Charles Millar, was killed, and many people - trekkers, police and innocent bystanders alike - were injured in the ensuing melee.




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