City of Regina Archives Photograph Collection,

Title: City Council 1939
Date: 1939
Retrieval Number: CORA-B-19
Extent: 1 B&W print & 1 B&W print mounted on cardboard; 20.5 cm x 25 cm
Scope and Content Note: Composite photograph of City Council 1939. Left to right, Top: E.L. Child; A.M. Derby; Mayor A.C. Ellison; Rev. S.B. East; C.M. Fines. Middle: F. Franklin; J. Grassick. Bottom: City Commissioner R.J. Westgate; T.G. McNall; V. Olson; C. Williams; City Clerk George Beach.
Access Restrictions: None
Photographer: Unknown
Parent fonds/collection: CORA Photograph Collection
Historical Note: Alban C. Ellison was Regina 's mayor from 1936 to 1939. He was a Labour alderman for 1932, 1934 and 1936. His tenure as mayor brought about a massive change in city council as his Labour Party friends took over city council at the same time. (Traditionally, Regina 's city council members had been prominent businessmen in the community, so this represented a real change in philosophy for city council.) The ascension of the left-wing city council was made easier by the dissolution of the Civic Government Association (CGA), an organization heavily linked to business interests, and the introduction of the ward system for civic elections. It is easy to see the left-wing influence on the 1939 city council; C.M. Fines, who later went on to become Provincial Treasurer in the provincial government of T.C. Douglas, was on city council that year. The Labour ticket that comprised the council during Ellison's tenure as mayor was shortlived, as accusations of Communist influence on city council led to James Grassick's 1940 victory over Ellison.

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