City of Regina Archives Photograph Collection,

Title: City Council 1934
Date: 1934
Retrieval Number: CORA-B-17
Extent: 1 B&W mounted on cardboard; 20.5 cm x 25 cm
Scope and Content Note: Composite photograph of city council in 1934. Left to right, top: T.G. McNall; C. Gardner; C. Rink, Mayor; E.B. McInnis; C. Dixon. Middle: R.J. Westgate, Commissioner; G. Beach, City Clerk. Bottom: G.N. Menzies; H.B. Walker; W. Daniels; G.L. Geddie; A.C. Ellison; R. Heseltine.
Access Restrictions: None
Photographer: Unknown
Parent fonds/collection: CORA Photograph Collection
Historical Note: When Cornelius Rink, a man with very little political experience, entered the race for mayor and won it was a real upset. Regina 's city council had traditionally been comprised of businessmen, but in the tough economic times of the Depression many Regina citizens were ready for a change. As left-leaning parties such as the Labour Party and the Communist Party tried to field candidates for city council, the business community retaliated by forming the Civic Government Association. The CGA, as it became known, was determined to pack the city council with like-minded right-wing business candidates, while the left-leaning Labour parties attempted to get reform-minded individuals elected to city council. The battle lines were drawn, and into the fray stepped Cornelius Rink. The first year he ran for mayor (1932) he narrowly lost to the CGA favourite James McAra. In 1933 he unseated McAra, a feat made easier by the fact that there were four business candidates running. The CGA was unable to convince any of the four to step down to improve chances for the remaining business candidates, which enabled Rink to win the election by snagging votes from the poorer neighbourhoods in Regina's north and east. Rink projected a left-wing (but not too left-wing) populist image to voters, who decided they'd had enough of businessmen running city council for their own purposes. Unfortunately for Rink, he did not get a solid Labour ticket on city council with him, and much of his first term in office was spent arguing with other members of council while attempting to pass relief measures.

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