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RG Williamson fonds.

MG 216. - [ca.1929]-2000 (inclusive); 1956-1999 (predominant). - 21.18 metres of textual materials, over 493 photographs, audio cassettes.

Biographical Note:
Robert Gordon Williamson was born on 2 November 1931 at Oxley, Staffordshire, England. He immigrated to Canada in 1952 and was employed at a series of jobs; but while wintering at Ft. Simpson, Northwest Territories, he began recording Dené folklore as an independent initiative. This work was later published in Anthropologica, and Williamson’s extensive record of scholarship in cultural anthropology and ethnology can be dated from this period forward. Between July 1953 and October 1954 while based at Pangnirtung, Baffin Island, he learned Inuktitut and extended his ethnological experience by travelling throughout Cumberland Sound. In 1954 Williamson began studying at Carleton University, earning a BA in anthropology in 1957; he earned a PhD from the Royal University, Uppsala, Sweden, in 1974. During the summers while working toward his first degree, Williamson was employed with the Department of Northern Affairs. In 1958 he joined the Department of Northern Affairs on a full-time basis, where he established their Eskimology section, founded the first Eskimo language journal, Inuktitut; and became Welfare and Rehabilitation Superintendent for the district of Keewatin, dealing primarily with social issues. He resigned in 1963, remaining in Rankin Inlet doing private research on a Canada Council grant. His career with the University of Saskatchewan began at the Centre for Community Studies, with a study of Fringe Saulteaux near Kamsack, Saskatchewan; by 1964 he had joined the department of Anthropology as a lecturer and was an associate director with the Institute for Northern Studies. He was quickly promoted: assistant professor in 1965; associate professor in 1967; full professor in 1973. In addition, Williamson served for over a decade as the director of the University’s Arctic Research and Training Centre. In 1966 he was elected by acclamation in the first of his two terms as member for Keewatin to the Legislative Council of the NWT. Williamson has worked on behalf of numerous organizations, including the Inuit Tapirisat of Canada, the Canadian Eskimo Arts Council, the Inuit Circumpolar Conference, and the CBC Northern Service. He was invested into the Order of Canada in 1983. Upon his retirement from the University in 1999 Williamson was named Professor Emeritus, and at the fall 2000 convocation ceremony, was recognized with the JWG Ivany Internationalization Award. Some of his major publications include:
Socio Cultural Disintegration Among The Fringe Saulteaux. With Mitsuru Shimpo; 1965
Comminterphone Rankin Inlet : A Report. 1972
Eskimo Underground : Socio Cultural Change In The Canadian Central Arctic. 1974
Eskimo Relocation In Canada. With Terrence W. Foster; [ca. 1975]
The Boothia Peninsula People : Social Organization in Spence Bay, NWT. 1977
The Williamson Collection Of Inuit Sculpture : Essays. With Norman Zepp; [ca. 1987]
Significant Aspects of Acculturation History in the Canadian Arctic. 1994
Self Determination : International Perspectives. (Ed.) with Donald Clark; 1996.

This fonds contains material created or collected by Dr. Williamson during his varied career as an anthropologist, civil servant, legislator, professor, and as a consultant for various provincial, national and international organizations and governments. Although primarily documenting Dr. Williamson’s work for and with the Inuit of northern Canada, this fonds includes material relating to all circumpolar countries, other aboriginal groups in Canada, international affairs, and a very broad range of topics as they relate to the north, including art and culture, physical geography, sport, environment, botany, zoology, economics, defence, etc. It includes his personal and professional correspondence, research data, articles and scholarly writing, as well as a substantial collection of reference publications. This fonds has been organized into 17 series:

1. Alpha-Numeric / Subject-Nominal Series
2. Numeric Series
3. Arctic Research and Training Centre (ARTC)
4. Department of Anthropology & Archaeology
5. Eskimo Relocation in Canada - Research
6. Institute for Northern Studies (INS)
7. Inuit Circumpolar Conference (ICC)
8. Kamsack Data
9. North Rankin Nickel Mine
10. Northwest Territories Council
11. Nunavut
12. Personal
13. Spence Bay Baseline Study
14. University of Saskatchewan
15. Photographs
16. Publications
17. Memorabilia

Dr. Williamson utilized several different filing systems over the course of his career. These included an alpha-numeric as well as a strictly numeric system; but the majority of his files had subject/nominal titles. Pressures of moving, both from various offices and between cities, meant as well that a portion of the records were unfiled and unsorted. As some duplication between the alpha-numeric and subject-nominal files was found, this material was interfiled and put in alphabetical order; the alpha-numeric designations remain listed on the finding aid. Unfiled material was organized using existing file titles wherever possible. Those subject areas containing extensive records–ARTC, INS, NWT Council, etc.–have been separated as specific series; in other instances qualifiers have been added to the titles to assist in keeping similar material together. The majority of publications and photographs have been put together as individual series, unless they were found within existing, titled files. The numeric system was not altered. Cross-references are made within the finding aid, but researchers should be aware that there is considerable interrelated material between both individual files and various series.

Personal information relating to identifiable individuals is restricted under conditions similar to those in the Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Please consult with the archivist.
Some personal family correspondence has been closed for a period of 50 years (until 2050). All restricted or closed files have been so designated in the finding aid.

Language of Material:
Primarily English and Inuktitut; also includes material in Greenlandic, Swedish, Danish, French. Some offprints in Italian.

Related Material:
RG 2100, Institute for Northern Studies Records; RG 2068, Centre for Community Studies Records; MG 146, Walter Kupsch fonds; MG 172, Hans Dommasch fonds; MG 92, A.R. Byers fonds; MG 164, C.S. Houston fonds; MG 175, F. Walker Collection; MG 240, Robert Bone fonds. Material relating to BW Currie and Frank Davies’ work on aurora can be found in the records of the Department of Physics (RG 2043) and in MG 102, J.E. Kennedy fonds.

This material was donated to the University of Saskatchewan Archives by RG Williamson in five accessions between May and December, 2000.

Further accruals are expected.


[ca. 1920s]-2000. - 7.92 metres of textual records, 121 photographs, cassettes.

This series contains correspondence with RGW’s friends, colleagues, and government officials; research materials; notes, drafts, and final versions of speeches, articles, theses, reports and books, both by RGW and by others; conference data and publications; memoranda relating to social welfare issues; government reports and documents; etc.


Aboriginal Education.

Aboriginal Games. - 1995.
Material sent out to ‘Team Saskatchewan’ participants in the North American Indigenous Games.

A3 Abramson, Ed. - 1968.
Correspondence regarding administration of Anthropology and Sociology, and the Kamsack data gathered by RGW and Simpo.

Abramson, Jane. - 1975.
Draft copy of “Women and Work in Northern Saskatchewan.&#

A1 Academic Papers. - 1967-1969.
Includes “The Canadian Arctic, Socio-cultural Change;” notes for a talk to the Rankin Inlet Crafts conference; “A Flame Within the Spear-Head: A Challenge to Northern Teachers;” “Northern Thoughts on ‘Learning the Language’;” together with correspondence.
See also below, “Articles,” and Numeric series, 1. “Northern Culture Change (RGW Papers).”

Academic Pension Plan. - 1968.

Adams, Howard. - 1972.
Copy of “The Outsiders: An Educational Survey of Metis and Non-Treaty Indians of Saskatchewan.”

A2-2 Adaskin, Murray. - 1969-1970.
Correspondence regarding “Kalala and Nilaula of the North,” a piece for small orchestra; and “Inuksuk,” a story outline for a proposed opera.

A5-3 Addresses.
Addresses and Phone Numbers.

Address for Churchill Conference of Arctic Teachers. - nd. - RESTRICTED.
Introduction to address only, not full text. Also includes list of students at [Churchill] schools, providing demographic data.

A8-3 Admiral Richard E. Byrd Polar Centre. - 1969.
Correspondence regarding a proposed expedition.

A10-3 Adoption. - [1958?], 1959, 1969-1970.
A memo on “child-birth and adoption case at Pangnirtung,” letters from constituents concerning a proposed changes to the NWT adoption ordinances; memorandum from a welfare officer; and a letter from a colleague concerning adoption.

A7 Adult Exchange Program - NWT. - 1969.
Includes correspondence regarding the Arctic Winter Games.

Advisory Commission on NWT. - 1966.
See also below, “Carrothers Report.”

“After the Summer.” - 1977.
Annotated short story; author unidentified.

AIM [American Indian Movement]. - 1974.
Material from Ed Newberly and Art Solomon.

Air Transport. - 1968.

Alaska Native Language Centre. - 1976.

Alaska Native Review Commission. - 1984
Copy of summary report.

Alcohol. - 1960-1970.
Includes bulletins produced in Inuktitut by the Territorial Alcohol Education Program; “Plan and Philosophy of a Preventive-Education Program Against Alcohol Problems;” “Use of Alcohol by Eskimos;”several pamphlets about alcoholism; “Problem Drinking Among American Indians;” “Ethanol Metabolism in Various Ethnic Groups;” “Treatment of Alcoholism with the Problem of Cross-Addiction;” etc.

Alcohol Education. - 1972.
Memorandum from the Department of Social Development, NWT, together with mimeographed series of short articles prepared by the Rankin Inlet Alcohol Education Committee.
Material in English and Inuktitut.

A12-3 Alcohol Education Committee, Conference. - 1972.
Record of votes on whether or not to alter the alcohol supply.

A1 Allured, Frank. - 1967.

Alouette Verlag. - 1996.
Correspondence from a German publishing company, regarding “My Life Among the Eskimos” and their plans for “Denaut - An International Multi-Cultural Canoe Expedition.”

Anderson, Ian. - 1973.
Correspondence concerning PhD research.

Anderson, Johanna - Umeå Exchange. - 1989.

Anglican Mission. - 1963-1971.
Copy of [church bulletin], correspondence.

Anthropology and International Work. - [1995].
Lecture; handwritten notes.

A4 Aqarala, Eva. - 1968. - RESTRICTED.

Arbuckle, Gary. - 1998.
Request for information about the First Nations Healing Centre.

A4 Archaeology. - 1967-1971.
Correspondence; notes and sketches of a [burial site]; notes on proposed legislation to preserve archaeological materials in the Northwest Territories; several offprints, including “Excavation of Fort Riviere Tremblante” by Hugh Mackie; “Stratigraphy of the Anangula Unifacial Core and Blade Site” by AP McCarney and CG Turner; “Dorset Culture in Northeastern Manitoba, Canada” by Ronald Nash; etc.

Archives - NWT. - 1985.

Arctic Airways. - 1965.

The Arctic Council. - 1992.

C193a Arctic Cultural Training System. - 1976.

A5-1 Arctic Institute of North America. - 1967-1971.

Arctic Institute of North America - Arctic Health Symposium. - 1966-1968.
Also includes copy of proposal for a study of transportation needs for northern development.

Arctic Institute of North America - Board of Directors Meeting. - 1990.

A5-1 Arctic Institute of North America - Newsletter. - 1968-1994. - 2 folders.

Folder 1 - 1968-Feb 1970
Folder 2 - Jul 1970-1994 (Box 2)


Arctic Landscape Poems. - 1990.
Sent to “Morningside.”
See also below, “The Culture of Keewatin,” “Poetry” and “Ussak.”

Arctic Petroleum Operators Association Projects. - 1979-1986. - microfiche.
Microfiche of the APOA Review, and APOA projects.

Arctic Pipeline. - 1974-1977.

Arctic Pollution. - 1996.

“The Arctic Research and Training Centre.” - 1969.
Article by RGW in Canadian Forum.

A27-1 Arctic Social-Medical Manual - Culture and Medicine in the Arctic. - 1970-1971.
Correspondence; rough outlines Annotated manuscript for “Cultural Differences and Northern Medical Practice.”

“Arctic Social Science: an Agenda for Action.” - 1988.
Discussion paper.

“Arctic Sovereignty A Key to Canadian Nationhood.”
Article by RGW.

A3-3 Arctic Swans. - 1969.
Four articles on whistling swans.
Arctic University. - 1958.
Bulletin no. 1

Arctic Winter Games. - 1970-1978.
Newspaper souvenir edition; reports, schedules, description of Eskimo games, etc.

A5 Area Administrator. - 1964-1970.

Argnatuk, George - Case. - 1958.
Notes taken regarding a capital case.

A2 Argus, George W. - 1966.
Correspondence re: Arctic Research Centre.

Århus and Københaun Lectures. - 1985

Art - Canadian Eskimo Sculpture Exhibit - Press Package. - textual records and 2 photographs.
Includes “Les Esquimaux;” “L’enfance des esquimaux de Frobisher Bay;” “Le sculpture esquimaude contemporaine.”
Material in French.

Art - Catalogues.

Art - Exhibition Notices.

Art - Exhibition Posters.

Art - “Helps for Arts and Crafts Program Managers.” - 1969.

Art - Saskatoon Gallery and Conservatory [Mendel Art Gallery]. - 1979.

Art - Tiktak Exhibition. - 1970.

Art - Williamson Collection. - 1980-1994. - RESTRICTED. - 2 folders.
Catalogue and condition reports; correspondence with the Millard Gallery; material relating to an access to information request.
'An Arctic Gathering'



A2-3 Artists and Art, Arctic. - 1966-1997. - 3 folders.
Clippings, correspondence, communiques, material re: sales, etc.

A6-3 Arts and Crafts. - nd, 1986-1975.
Clippings; notices of shows; biographical information on artists Anawak and Jessie Oonark; “notes on the marketing of Eskimo art” by Nelson Graburn; “Culture from the Barren North at Madurodam;” “Looking for the Artists of Dorset;” correspondence; and a copy of a newsletter from Canadian Arctic Producers.

Arts and Crafts Newsletter.
See also below, Canadian Eskimo Arts Council.

Arts and Crafts Workshop. - 1969.

Ashlee, Jette. - 1977. - RESTRICTED.
Includes her papers, “The Literature on Official Policies and Their Social Effects in Greenland” and “Some Models Used by Historians and Sociologists to Discuss Colonialism and Imperialism.”

Association of Canadian Universities Active in the North. - 1977.

Association of Canadian Universities for Northern Studies (ACUNS). - [ca. 1977]-1990. - 4 folders.
Agendas, minutes, reports; together with “Native Claims: Policy, Processes and Perspectives;” “What do the Inuit Want,” an article from The Last Post; RGW’s advisory paper on the ethics of research in the north; and a copy of the address given by the Hon. J. Hugh Faulkner.

Association of Canadian Universities for Northern Studies - Executive Director. - 1987.

A33-1 Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC). - nd, 1970-1974. - 4 folders.
Includes information concerning a conference on ‘universities and the north,’ proposals for an “Indian Information Centre” and a “University of the North;” etc.

A8 Atatsia. - 1968.
Foster-parent report.

A11-2 Auger, Frank. - 1970.
Assessment of research proposal.

A10-2 Aukaut, Jean. - 1970. - RESTRICTED.
A9-2 Ayaruak, John. - 1969.
Correspondence regarding the death of Ayaruak; some genealogical data.

Baffin Island Community Health Project. - 1989.
Includes brief report of health trends in NWT and Baffin Island.
See also below, “Donner Foundation” and “Foundations;” “McGill-Baffin Medical Project.”

B1a-3 Baker Lake. - nd, 1964-1978.
Includes material relating to a lawsuit filed by Baker Lake against the Government of Canada, concerning territorial land use regulations; maps of Baker Lake (see oversize).
See also below, “Disc Lists,” for Baker Lake disc lists.

Baker Lake Land Freeze Case. - 1978-1979.


Baker Lake Resident’s Association. - 1968-1970.

Balcaen, Maurice O. - [ca. 1994].
[Three of four parts] of the manuscript of Balcaen’s autobiography.

Bank Financing and Mine Development.

Banworth, Sierra. - 1997. - RESTRICTED.
Student papers: “Food not Bombs;” “Using a Translator;” etc.

B8-2 Barber, L. - 1967-1973.
Correspondence with Lloyd Barber, then VP (U of S). Includes copy of the official opening program for WCVM; text of address on ‘Human Resource Development.’

Barger, W.K. - 1969.
“Adaptation to Town in Great Whale River.”

B1 Baribeault, [Jean]. - 1968.

Barr, William. - 1970-1998.
Includes Dease Inuktitut vocabulary list, Vdovin article translated by Barr; etc.

Beach, Hugh. - 1985.

Beals, Ralph.
Copy of “Acculturation.”

Beaudin, William. - 1970. - textual records and 2 photographs.
Design concept for a domed community; for the Montreal Engineering Company.

The Beaver. - 1964-1968.
Correspondence, drafts of book reviews and articles.

Beckman, Lars and Gunhild. - 1987-1997.
Concerning visit of the Rektor of the University of Umeå and his wife, a professor of medical genetics; correspondence; etc.

B3-1 Bell-Northern Research. - 1971-1973, 1975.

Belon, Randy. - 1989-1991. - RESTRICTED.
Material for courses, including interview data on responses to the Gulf War.

B1-1 BF. - 1969.
A draft research proposal, “Youth in the North,” prepared by Carl Widstrand.

B20-2 Billyard, Carol. - 1970-1973, 1976.

B22-2 Biography - Williamson. - 1969-1992. - textual records and 1 photograph.
See also below, Personal Series, “CV.”

B4 Bird, Florence (Anne Francis). - 1968-1970.

Bjorkman, Alla. - [ca. 1966].
Brief report on the Rankin Inlet Ceramics Project.

Black, Lyall. - 1967.

Blakeney, Allan. - 1980-1999.
See also below, “Self-Determination: International Perspectives.”

B15-2 Bone, Dr. R. - 1969, 1977.

Bonnier, Suzanne (Sweden-America Foundation). - 1987.

Book Chapter, “The Meaning of Peace.” - 1986.
Prepared upon request, as a member of the Order of Canada, for a proposed book.

B2 Book Orders. - 1969-1970.

B4-1 Book Reviews and Publications. - 1969-1996.
Includes an undated copy of “Eskimo in the Modern World;” and a review of Guy Mary-Rousselière’s Les jeux de ficelle des Arviligjuarmiut [Eskimo string games]; together with reviews by Milton MR Freeman.

Boothia Peninsula.
“An Historical Sketch of the Boothia Peninsula-Somerset Island Region” “Archaeological Investigation on Boothia Peninsula” and “Significant Aspects of Traditional Non-material Culture.”
See also below, “Spence Bay Baseline Study - The Boothia Peninsula People: Social Organization in Spence Bay, NWT.”

B13-1 Boreal City Fellowship. - 1986.

B2-1 Boreal Institute. - 1964-1972.

Borealis Exploration Limited. - 1980-1981.

B21-2 Bornstein, Eli. - 1965-1971.
Regarding publication of poems in The Structurist; etc.

Bourque, Mary. - 1999.

Boyle, A. Raymond. - 1968.

Brant, Charles. - 1974-1978.
Copy of Bent Jensen’s book, “A Lifeway at the Crossroads: The Greenlanders’ Encounter with the Western Welfare State,” in translation; together with an introduction by Brant, an earlier review; and appendix, “Ideal Politics or Conventional Politics?”
See also below, “Jensen, Bent.”

B14-2 Brantenberg, Mrs. Anne. - 1969.

Brierley, Jim. - 1954.

B3 Briggs, Jean. - 1968.
Includes “Utkuhiksalingmiut Eskimo Emotional Expression.”

Broadbent, Ed. - 1983.

Brochu, Michel. - 1971.
Offprints: “Les grandes phases de l’histoire économique du Nouveau-Québec indien et esquimau;” Présentation commentée d’un forulaire d’observation pétrographique de terrain;” “Existence possible d’une zone périglaciaire actuelle et d’une zone glaciaire pléstocène à la partie sommitale du pico do fogo dans l’archipel du cap vert;” “Le processus de déglacement du fjord de maricourt au Nouveau-Québec: description et interprétation.”

B13-2 Brody, Hugh. - 1969.

Brown, B.J. - 1971. - RESTRICTED.
Student paper: “Faces of the Far North.”

Brown, Marvin. - 1986.

Buckley, Helen. - nd, 1962-1964. - 2 folders.
“The Underdeveloped Region: A Special Problem in Development;” “The Mistawasis Community Farm Project;” together with “Comment on Proposed Northwest Territories Reorganization : [A] Critical Analysis of Resolution and Recommendations” by “the Walrus;” “Trapping and Fishing in the Economy of Northern Saskatchewan.”

B11-2 Burch, Ernest S. (“Tiger”). - 1969-1995.
Includes “Chipewyan and Inuit in the Central Canadian Subarctic, 1613-1977" and “Caribou Eskimo Origins: An Old Problem Reconsidered.”

Burgan, Kathryn. - 1994-1998. - RESTRICTED.
Student material: reading lists, letter of recommendation, application to graduate school, etc.

Burnet, Peter. - 1985.
Draft copy of report, “An Official Languages Policy for Nunavut.”

C23-1 CAG Tour. - 1969-1972.

Caldwell, Glen. - 1981-1999.
Regarding nomination as Associate Vice-president (Research) and Dean of Graduate Studies; address to convocation; etc.

C10-2 Campbell, Hugh, Air Marshall. - 1969.

Canada and Greenland: A Special Relationship.”
Article by RGW.

Canada - Constitution.
Indian nation’s petition.

Canada - Constitutional Development in Arctic Canada. - 1984.
Report by Frederik Harhoff.

C25-3 Canada Council. - 1963-1972.

Canada - Northern Sovereignty.
Series of three articles written by RGW, published in the Star Phoenix.

Canadian Arctic Gas Study Limited. - 1973-1977.

C4-3 Canadian Arctic Producers. - nd, 1967-1974.

C32-1 Canadian Arctic Resources Committee. - 1971, 1978.
See also below, “Global Change,” for vol. 15 no. 5 Dec 87 edition of Northern Perspectives.

Canadian Armed Forces. - 1983.
Correspondence with General RM Withers, regarding briefing the personnel at the base in Moose Jaw.

Canadian Association in Support of the Native Peoples. - 1973.

C2-3 [Canadian Association of Medical Students and Interns] CAMSI. - 1967.
Regarding a “summer school of frontier medicine” exchange programme.

Canadian Centre for Foreign Policy Development. - 1998.

Canadian Centre for Global Security. - 1989-1993. - 2 folders.
Includes copies of “The Case for an Arctic Region Council and a Treaty Proposal;” “To Establish an International Arctic Council;” “Security Co-operation in the Arctic: A Canadian Response to Gorbachev’s Murmansk Initiative;” and the programme for the 1rst International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences.


Canadian Conference on the Arts. - 1975.
Annual meeting.

C12-3 Canadian Council on Children and Youth - Conference on “Impact of Cultural Environment.” - 1968-1969.
Speech notes and correspondence.

C11-3 Canadian Eskimo Arts Council (CEAC). -nd, 1967-1976. - textual records, 1 pencil and 1 ink sketch, 2 photographs. - 9 folders.
Minutes, clippings, correspondence (primarily with George Swinton) and reports, including: “Aspects of the Social and Economic Position of the Eskimo People of Canada in 1968;” “Arts and Handicrafts in Northern Canada;” George Swinton’s notes on “The Marketing of Eskimo Art” by Nelson Graburn; “Réflexions sur le Conseil Canadien d’Art Esquimau;”“Arts and Crafts Policy Sessional Paper,” etc. Also includes a pencil sketch of RGW by Swinton.

Canadian Eskimo Arts Council - ‘Masterworks’ Tour. - 1972-1973.
Press releases, newspaper reports; includes correspondence regarding the Paris exhibit.


Canadian Ethnology Society. - 1979.

C20-1 Canadian Forum. - 1969-1970.

Canadian Home and School and Parent-Teacher Federation. - 1965.
Presentation to the minister of Citizenship and Immigration, regarding proposed ‘Declaration of Human Rights of the Indian of Canada.’

C1-3 Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. - 1967.

C28-3 Canadian International Development Agency. - 1971.

Canadian Meteorological Service. - 1971.

C31-3 The Canadian Northern Institute. - 1976.

C40-1 6th Canadian Northern Science Conference. - 1975-1976.

Canadian Plains Research Centre. - 1986.

Canadian Society for Circumpolar Health. - 1987.

Canadian University Consortium for Health in Development. - 1992.

C3-3 Canadian Wildlife Service (& Other Game Matters). - nd, 1963, 1967-1971.
Bulletins and informational materials from CWS; some correspondence.

Carrothers, A.W.R. - Miscellaneous. - nd, 1965-1969.
Regarding the Advisory Commission on the Development of Government in the Northwest Territories. Includes “Questions for Official Northern Policy-Makers” by RGW.

Carrothers Preliminary Report.
Incomplete version.

Carrothers Report. - 1963-1964. - 3 folders.
Includes texts from RGW’s CBC broadcasts; “Comment on Proposed Northwest Territories Reorganization;” text of brief presented by RGW to the special parliamentary committee; correspondence; telegrams; etc.

C16-2 Carter, Dr. Roger. - 1971-1972, 1979-1980.

Cash, Johnny. - 1997.

C1 Cass, Dr. E.E. - 1968-1969.

C2-1 CBC. - 1966-1970.
Includes materials relating to the BBC; copy of “The Life and Work of the Eskimo;” script of Gerald Durell’s “Encounters with Animals;” etc.

CBC Book.
Notebook for news stories, follow-up items.

CBC - Correspondence. - nd, 1962-1978, 1984-1992. - 3 folders.
Primarily regarding the CBC Northern Service and RGW’s Rankin broadcasts, but extends to later material on ‘bears and Canadian citizenship;’ the Berger report, Ellesmere relocations, etc.

CBC - Features.

CBC - Financial. - 1963-1964.

CBC - Rankin Inlet News and Commentary. - 1962-1964. - 4 folders.
Notes or text for weekly broadcasts, [one given in English and one in Inuktitut].
folder 1 3

[CBC] - “Rank’n File.” - 1964.

CBC - “Tyson’s Log.” - 1966.
Script by John Reeves, based on the 1872-73 arctic diary of Captain George Tyson.

CCF. - 1964.

C17-3 Centennial - NWT. - 1969-1970.

C8-1 Centre d’Études Artique / Centre d’Études Artiques et Finno-Scandinaves. - nd, 1969-1973.
C9-1 Includes material on “Project Ikayuqti” from Laval’s Centre d’Études Nordiques, together with correspondence.

Centre for Arktisk Kultur Forskning - see also “Roepstorff, Poul” and “Towards Regional Ocean...” below; both relate to RGW’s time at the Centre.

Centre for Arktisk Kultur Forskning [Centre for Arctic Cultural Research]. - 1985-1987.
Text of address by RGW, “Umeå University and the North: Sweden’s Special Position;’ correspondence; etc.

Centre for Arktisk Kultur Forskning - Course Development and Lecture Notes.

Centre for Arktisk Kultur Forskning - “The Eskimo Naming System.”
Article by RGW; drafts and final version.

Centre for Arktisk Kultur Forskning - “The Northern Links Between Denmark and Canada: Some Significant Policy Implications.”
Text of lecture by RGW.

Centre for Arktisk Kultur Forskning - Recommendations for Development. - [ca. 1985].

Centre for Arktisk Kultur Forskning - Research Grants.
See also below, ICC Study, and “Roepstorff, Poul.”

Centre for Community Studies. - 1965.

C32-3 Centre for Northern Studies and Research. - 1976.

C38-1 Center for Settlement Studies. - 1972.

C7-2 Chance, Norman. - 1965-1969.
Includes “Acculturation, Self-Identification, and Personality Adjustment” and “Implications of Environmental Stress for Strategies of Developmental Change in the North,” together with correspondence.

Charles, HRH the Prince of Wales. - nd, 1976, 1988-1989.

C13-2 Cherry, Dr. Doug R. - 1970-1980.

C6-3 Chesterfield Inlet. - 1967-1969.
Correspondence; includes a copy of “Kisaut,” from Joseph Bernier School.
See also below, Publication Series.

Chersterfield Inlet, NWT: A Background Report on Its Social and Economic Development. - 1978.

C6 Chicken Project. - 1967, 1969.
Correspondence with Roy Crawford, concerning “production of eggs and poultry in the Northwest Territories” project.
See also below, “Poultry Project.”


Children’s Aid Society, Yellowknife. - 1965, 1967.
Correspondence and memoranda regarding the need for housing for the elderly.

C5 Chrétien, Jean. - nd, 1968-1974.
Correspondence during Chrétien’s tenure as Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development; includes as well copies of several addresses by Chrétien: “The New North;” “Northern Development Issues in the Seventies;” “Plain Talk on Northern Development;” and communiqués on the Mackenzie Delta task force report and a land use mapping project.
See also below, “DIAND Correspondence” and “Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development.”

C10-3 Christian and Missionary Alliance. - 1968.

Circumpolar Aboriginal People and Co-Management Practice. - 1995.

C13-3 Citizens Forum. - 1962, 1969.

Civics. - 1962.
Memo regarding the state of preparation prior to the first time the Inuit were able to vote in a federal election.

Climatological Station Report. - 1969-1970.

C21-3 Clippings. - 4 folders.

Clippings - Bowhead Hunt.
Clippings - NWT Clippings (Categorised). - 3 folders.

Cochrane, Ross. - 1968.

C17-2 Cohnsteadt, Joy & Martin. - 1970, 1975.

BOX 10
C35-1 Commonwealth University Exchange Scheme. - 1971.

C22-3 Communication & Transportation. - 1969-1970.

Communities Economic Development Fund. - 1977-1978.

“A Community Council Among the Great Whale River Eskimos.”
Report by Asen Balikci.

Community Development. - 1956, 1974.

“Community Education at James Smith Reserve.” - 1974.
Report by James Smith Band to the government of Canada.

C7 Community Goals. - 1969.
A transportation survey.

C29-3 Community Health Auxiliaries. - 1972.

Company of Young Canadians. - 1967.

C36-1 Computer-Assisted Instruction. - 1972.
Correspondence with J.F. Hart, University of Western Ontario.

Condon, Richard. - 1978.

Conference on the Middle North. - 1978.
Regarding proposed research on Holman Island.

C29-1 Congress - First International Congress in Italy. - 1970.

C23-3 Conservation. - 1969-1970.
Includes copy of “Nesting Colonies of Ross’ Goose;” together with material primarily relating to the polar bear hunt.

Constitutional Conference on Aboriginal Rights. - 1983.

C6 Consultations. - 1966-1968.

Cooke, Timothy. - 1980.
Student paper: “The Scandinavian Folk College.”

Coon Come, Matthew. - 1996.

C24-3 Co-operatives. - 1968-1985. - textual records and 2 photographs.
Includes “Co-operative Development Assistance in Support of Arctic Co-operatives;” an evaluation of the Mackenzie district co-operative training course; etc.

C15-2 Cope, Deborah Lynn. - 1971-1975.

Copper Eskimo Affinal / Consanguineal Systems.

C30-1 Coppermine Conference. - nd, 1966, 1970.
Includes “Allocation of Authority in the Northwest Territories Act;” summary report on the development of government in the Northwest Territories; together with information from the conference, particularly as it related to local objection to oil and gas exploration on Banks Island.

C27-3 Coral Harbour. - 1968-1969.

C22-1 Cornell Medical Index Protocol. - nd. - RESTRICTED.

C4-2 Correll, T. - 1965-1973.

Correspondence - Alphabetical. - 24 folders.
Filed alphabetically by author/recipient.

Corr - D (Box 11)
BOX 11
Corr - S (Box 12)
BOX 12

Correspondence - Author/Recipient Unidentified. - 2 folders.

Correspondence - Inuktitut. - 2 folders.

Correspondence - Students.

Cowan, Edward. - 1968.
Articles from The New York Times.

Creativity in Kangirilliniq.” - 1980.
Article by RGW.

C11-2 Creery, R.W. - 1969-1971.
Correspondence with then regional director of DIAND.

C19-3 Cross-Cultural Education in the North. - 1969.
Includes copies of papers, “The Administrative Situation: The Lapps;” “Training of Native Teachers;” etc.

Crump, John. - 1993.
Regarding contract for work on Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples.

C30-3 CTS Communications Conference. - 1972.

Cultural Anthropology.
Glossary by F. Keesing.

Cultural Commuting. - 2 folders.
Notes, copies of RGW articles “The Notion of Cultural Commuting: Evaluation of Short-Term Feasibility” and “The Changing Role of Women in Eskimo Society.”

C26-1 Cultural Environment Conference. - 1969, 1971.

“The Culture of Keewatin.” - 1964.1985-1986.
Text of remarks at Norman Mackenzie Gallery, 26 March 1986 during the exhibition of ‘Pure Vision: Masterworks of Keewatin.’ Also includes a brief biography of RGW, together with copies of his poetry.
See also above, “Arctic Landscape Poems” and below, “Poetry,” “Ussak.”

C18-2 Currie, Dr. Balfour W. - 1972.

Currie - Balfour Currie’s Chesterfield Journal.
Photocopies, transcripts, notes; see also MG 102, J.E. Kennedy fonds.

BOX 13

Daes, Erica-Irene. - 1993-1995.
Concerning visit of Ms. Daes, then Chairperson of the UN Working Group on Indigenous Populations.
See also below, “Ennals Symposium - Papers.”

Dartmouth College. - 1967, 1976.
Includes copy of “PiTiLiT at Dartmouth.”

Davis Inlet Correspondence. - 1994.

Davis Strait International Joint Commission. - 1987.

Daybook. - 1984.

Day Planners.

D5-2 Dearing, A.G. - 1971-1973, 1982.

Deep Bay Graphite Project. - 1989.
Regarding meetings between Cameco and the Peter Ballantyne band.
See also “Hanson Lake Copper-Zinc Project” and “Reid, Dale - Final Documentation.”

Demographics. - 1989-1990.
Material from NWT: population estimates, labour force survey, etc.

Dene Folklore - Field notes. - [ca. 1953].
Three notebooks, one in RGW’s handwriting; this contains notes on other topics.

Dene Treaty Rights.
Handwritten notes.

D4-2 Denny, Dr. J. Peter. - 1971-1975.
Includes “Notes on Thinking Processes Facilitated by the Eskimo and English Language;” “Suggestions for the Development of an Eskimo Mathematical Curriculum;” etc., together with correspondence.

D1 Dental Research Project. - 1969-1972.
Correspondence, together with a (draft) copy of “The Geographic Pathology of Dental Disease Among Canadian Central Arctic Populations,” co-authored by RGW.

D6-1 Department of Finance - Resource Programs Division. - 1969-1970.

DIAND : Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development

DIAND - Addresses & Communiques. - 1967-1977. - 4 folders.

D1-3 DIAND Correspondence. - nd, 1959-1976. - 2 folders.
Includes “Comment on Proposed Northwest Territories Reorganization;” press releases from the Department of Indian and Northern Development; copies of parliamentary questions from David Orlikow to Jean Chrétien concerning education; and correspondence.
See also above, “Chrétien, Jean,” and below, “Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development.”
Folder 1 (Box 13)
BOX 14
Folder 2 (Box 14)

DIAND - Keewatin Teacher’s Orientation Talk. - 1968.
Notes for and text of RGW address, “The Doorstep: Education or Genocide? Eskimo Values and the Canadian Educational System.”

DIAND - North of 60 Prospectus. - 1970.

DIAND - Panarctic Oils. - 1970.

DIAND - Press Releases.

DIAND Report: “Home Rule for Greenland.” - 1979.
Draft; prepared by Ole Olesen.

DIAND Report Re: Consumer Reaction to the Proposed Gourmet Food Programme. - 1967.

DIAND - Resource and Economic Development Group.
Background information, pamphlets, speeches, etc.

D5-3 DIAND - Welfare. - 1962-1963.

Department of National Defence. - 1955-1963, 1994.

DNANR : Department of Northern Affairs and National Resources

DNANR (General).

DNANR - After NRNM Planning. - 1960-1961.

DNANR - Area Administrator. - 1961-1962.

DNANR - Education. - 1963-1964.
DNANR - Eskimo Correspondence - General Policy. - 1960.

DNANR - Eskimo Correspondence Record. - 1959.
Translations of correspondence. Includes “Notes on British Colonial Office” by RGW; calendar aimed at Inuit extolling healthy living conditions and proper nutrition
Material in English and Inuktitut.

DNANR - Eskimo Correspondence Record] - Evidence of Dominant Types. - 1956-1958.
Translations of correspondence, together with notes or memoranda concerning ‘action required.’ Also included are a sheet describing Inuktitut, the magazine, and a copy of Northern Woes.
Material in English and Inuktitut.

DNANR - Memorandum. - 1962. - RESTRICTED.
Memorandum to regional administrator, about specific individuals; together with handwritten notes. Also includes mimeographed election material, in Inuktitut, for Gene Rheaume.

BOX 15

DNANR - Mines Branch. - 1953, 1956-1958.
Primarily concerning North Rankin Nickel Mines; see also below, ‘Eskimo Bank Accounts’ and ‘North Rankin Nickel Mine.”

DNANR - Radiograms Received.

DNANR - Section Head’s Meetings.
See also above, Eskimology section.

Department of Psychiatry Seminar.

Didier, Théophile. - 1985. - textual records and 1 photograph.
See also below, “NWT Commissioner’s Award Committee.”

Diefenbaker Centre Northern Art Exhibition. - 1980.

Diehl, Tracy. - textual records and 15 colour photographs. - RESTRICTED.
Student paper, “The Social Construction of a Mining Camp;” images from Contact Lake.

Dinsdale, Walter. - 1966.

D2-3 Diocese of the Arctic. - 1967-1968.
Correspondence with Reverend D.B. Marsh, primarily concerning Armand Tagoona.

Disarmament. - 1986.


D4 Disc Lists. - 1963-1970. - 4 folders. - RESTRICTED.
“Eskimo identification lists,” by family; for Rankin Inlet, Chesterfield Inlet, Coral Harbour, Repulse Bay, and Whale Cove.
See also below, “Rankin Inlet Population Lists,” and Spence Bay Baseline Study, “Population.”

[Disc List] Ledger. - 1952-1962? - RESTRICED.
Ledger book, begun in 1952, listing over 1000 Inuit individuals (disc. numbers E3-1 to E3-1474) with date of birth, place of birth, date of death, name of parents, birth and death certificate numbers, etc. Pages at the end of the ledger list Chesterfield Inlet families.

D7-1 Donner Canadian Foundation. - 1971-1972.

Dorset / Thule.
Notes; author unidentified.

D9-2 Drabinsky, Ken. - 1974-1976.

D7-2 Drever, H.I. - 1973.

D7-2 Drever, H.I. - Field Research Centre. - 1972-1973.

Duff, Virgil. - 1998.
Comments on book by [WCE?] Rasing. See also below, “Rasing, WCE.”

Dumond, Christine. - 1996.
Regarding proposed research on francophones in Saint-Denis, Saskatchewan. Included is a copy of an article by Dumond, “Radville: quelle acculturation pour quelle identité?”

Duperreault, Charles. - 1998.

DuWors, Richard. - 1978.
Correspondence with Institut de Sociologie, concerning RGW.

Dyke, Doris. - 1967.

Eber, Dorothy Harley.
Annotated photocopy of manuscript dealing with the Inuit and whalers, as depicted through photographs and artwork; material constructed largely through interviews with Inuit.

Ebert, David. - 1998. - RESTRICTED.
Letter of recommendation for graduate work.

BOX 16

E12-1 Ecological Studies. - 1970-1972.
Press releases, reports, etc. from Pollution Probe; materials regarding the gas pipeline; notes on ecological research from Stan Rowe; etc.

Economics Research. - 1963-1964.
“The Problem of Economic Development in the Canadian Arctic;” and CBC script of “A New Approach to Northern Development;” both by K.J. Rea.

Education. - 1969-1978. - textual records and 1 b&w photograph.
Summary of adult education courses in the Arctic; the Ilivvik adult education centre; address by Jean Chretien, “An Exciting Step in Crosscultural Education;” image of Josepee Angmak explaining his laboratory work with live seals.

E8-3 Education - Adult. - 1967-1972.
Includes “The Future of Arctic Education;” “Industrial Involvement in Innovation in Education;” correspondence.

Education in Greenland. - nd, 1959.

Egede, Ingmar. - 1981.
Concerning visit of Ingmar, principal of Greenland College.

E7-2 Eidlitz, Dr. Kerstin. - 1972.
Concerning a letter of reference.

Ekayuktit Nunalikni Katimayut. - 1978.

E7-3 Election - NWT.
Includes list of electors for the Central Arctic (see oversize); correspondence; poll-by-poll election results; nomination forms, etc.

Elections - NWT - Campaign Material. - 1963-1964, 1967.
Correspondence with Jack Garritty, returning officer for NWT; mimeographed election pamphlets in English and Inuktitut for RGW; congratulatory telegrams; etc.
See also below, “Northwest Territories Council” series.

Elections - NWT - Campaign Stencils.
Mimeographed campaign material; together with the text of some speeches and radio addresses.

Elections - NWT - Official Material.

E5-2 Ellarson, Dr. R.S. - 1971-1972.

Emmanuel and St. Chad Principalship. - 1971-1972. - RESTRICTED.

Employment. - 1962.
Memorandum to regional administrator.

E3-2 Engle, R.P. (Northwest Territorial Airways Ltd.). - 1969-1971.

E2-2 Ennals, Rt. Hon. David. - 1970-1995. - 2 folders.
Correspondence; includes text of address given at the University, “Human Rights for individuals and nations: how far can we go?” and eulogies for both Martin Ennals and David Ennals.

Ennals Memorial Film & Celebration (Amnesty International).

Ennals, Richard.

Ennals Symposium.

Ennals Symposium Committee.
Regarding the Martin Ennals Memorial Symposium on Self-Determination.
See also below, “Self-Determination: International Perspectives.”

Ennals Symposium - Notes.

Ennals Symposium - Opening Speech.
Text of Lord Ennals’ remarks.

Ennals Symposium - Papers and Presentations.
Jauregui: “Self-Determination and Autonomy in the Basque Country;” Tcherkasov: “Environmental Problems and the Native Self-Government: Northern Peoples in Russian Federation and Canada;” Chartrand: “Self-Determination Without a Discrete Territorial Base?” Roche: “The Ethics of Leadership;” George: “Self-Government Without a Land Base: 6 Basic Issues to Address;” Saganash: “Competing Claims for Self-Determination: Aboriginal Nations and Quebec;” Avebury: “A Positive Legal Duty: The Liberation of the People of East Timor;” Stavenhagen: “Self-Determination: Right or Demon?” Egede: “The Greenland Solution;” Phillipson: “Colonial Language legacies: the prospects for Kurdish;” Venne: “Self-determination issues in Canada: An Overview;” Ghai: “Self-Determination: Papua New Guinea;” Akhavan: “Self-Determination and the Disintegration of Yugoslavia” and “Lessons from Iraqi Kurdistan: Self-Determination and Humanitarian Intervention Against Genocide;” Williamson: “Nunavik: Its Place in Continental Power Planning The Inuit and Their Habitat in Québec;” Kallen: “Ethnicity and Self-Determination: A Paradigm;” Upadhyaya: “Quest for Self-Determination in Indian Subcontinent: Current Issues;” Daes: “Some considerations in the right of Indigenous Peoples to ‘self-determination.’”
See also below, “Self-Determination: International Perspectives.”

BOX 17

Ennals Symposium - Sallows Lecture. - 1993.
Nihal Jayawickrama, “The Right of Self-Determination - A Time for Renewal.”

Ennals Symposium - Statements.
“International Lawyers’ Statement on Tibet;” statement of Dalee Sambo; the Saskatoon statement on self-determination; Ennals; etc.

Ervin, A.M. - 1977-1997. - RESTRICTED.
Includes some material relating specifically to administrative departmental matters (see below, “Department of Anthropology); also included are Ervin’s outline and reading list for Anthro 327B (Culture and Personality), and two offprints: “A Review of the Acculturation Approach in Anthropology with Special Reference to Recent Change in Native Alaska” and “Anthropological Practice in Anglophone Canada: Multiculturalism, Indigenous Rights and Mainstream Policy Potentials.”

Eskimo - Armed Forces Acculturation Study.

E6-1 Eskimo Correspondence. - 1959, 1970.
Correspondence and reports, written in Inuktitut.

E10-3 Eskimo Cultural Conference. - 1971.

“Eskimo Ecological Adaptation.” - 1971.
Presentation for “Man in the Biosphere” course.

Eskimo-English Bilingualism and its Effects on the Eskimo Language.
Research proposal.
E5-1 The Eskimo Fact – Copp Clark. - 1969.

“Eskimo Grammar.”
Copy of work by Rev. E.J. Peck; plus miscellaneous notes.

“Eskimoic Traditional Value System.” - nd.
Article by RGW.

Eskimo Kinship. - nd.
Terminology; genealogical chart [prepared as student assignment].
See also “ARTC Course 1971;” “Dept of Anthropology, Anthropology S212f - Student Histories and Genealogies.”

Eskimo Language.
RGW’s notebook from Pangnirtung, Baffin Island, where he was learning Inuktitut.

Eskimo Language Course. - [ca. 1954].

E8-1 Eskimo Linguistics. - 1968-1972, 1975.
Primarily concerning language instruction; includes a list of words and phrases for use by HRH Prince Charles during his royal tour.

Eskimo Miner.

“The Eskimo of Rankin Inlet: A Preliminary Report.” - 1961.
By Robert and Lois Dailey, under contract to the Department of Northern Affairs and National Resources.

“The Eskimo of Rankin Inlet: A Preliminary Report” - Appendices. - 1961.

E6-3 Eskimo Orthography Conference. - 1972.

E3 Eskimo Small Boat Assistance. - 1965.

Eskimo Suicides. - 1978.
Proposal for research study.

E15-1 Eskimo Translation Services - Interpreters. - 1972.

Eskimo Value Persistence in Contemporary Acculturation.”
Article by RGW.

Espie, Tom. - 1973.

Ethno - Arctic - Subarctic - Eskimo General.
Offprints, project descriptions, etc.

Evans, Jennifer. - 1970. - RESTRICTED.
Student papers: “The Missionary as Change Agent in Eskimo Society;” project report on the cannery, and sample journal.

Expeditions to the Canadian Arctic.
An outline of sea voyages and land expeditions, to 1918.

External Affairs.

E4-2 Eyman, Dr. C.E. - 1971.
Copy of research proposal.

“The Family.” - 1956.
Paper written by RGW for undergraduate degree.

Fan Mail. - 1962-1965.

Fax File. - 1994.
Outgoing faxes on a variety of topics.

F5-2 Feeney, Mara (Margaret). - 1970-1971, 1975-1976.

Ferguson, Michael. - nd, 1991-1998. - 2 folders.
Primarily material relating to Ferguson’s PhD thesis; also includes various articles: “Inuit Knowledge of Long-term Changes in a Population of Arctic Tundra Caribou”(co-authored by RGW and François Messier); “Collection and Analysis of Aboriginal Ecological Knowledge for the Management of Arctic Wildlife Populations” (with François Messier); “Implications of Long-term Changes in Caribou Distribution on Foxe Peninsula, Baffin Island, NWT;” “Status and trends of Rangifer tarandus and Ovibos moschatus populations in Canada;” etc.

BOX 18

Field Notebooks.
See also above, “Dene Folklore - Field notes.”
nd. - 3 books.
1956 - Payne Bay, Ungava. - 4 books.
1957 - Great Whale River. - 4 books.
1958 - 2 books.
1960 - 1 book.
1961 - 1 book.
1961 - Weather Data - 1 book.
1968 - 1 book
1980 - 1 book.

File Cards.
Inhabitants of Baker Lake, Coral Harbour, Repulse Bay, Whale Cove, Eskimo Point, etc.

F1-1 Films and Slides. - 1968-1971.

Findlay, Len.

Finley, Olivia. - 1994-1997. - RESTRICTED.
Student papers, “The Cause and Consequences of the Tuberculosis Epidemic Among Saskatchewan Indians” and “The Acculturative Effects of Television in Canada’s North;” etc.

Finnigan, James T. - 1979. - RESTRICTED.
Student paper, “Hunter-Gatherer Territoriality: The Social Perspective.”

First Ministers’ Conference on Aboriginal Rights. - 1984.
Notes; publication.

Firth, Wally.

Fisher, Donald. - 1997.
Correspondence and consent form regarding research on the social sciences in Canadian universities.

F2-3 Fisheries Research Board of Canada. - 1970.

Flynn, John David. - 1968.
Copy of thesis, “A General Systems Approach to the Analysis of Social Structure and Change.” Data primarily from Baker Lake.

BOX 19

Folk-Lore Recordings. - 1958, 1961.
Includes transcripts of recordings: stories recorded at Puvungitok in 1958.

Ford Foundation: International Collaboration Proposal. - 1973.

Forestry and Woodlot Material. - 1989.
Includes handwritten notes for RGW’s talk to the Saskatchewan Farm Woodlot Association, “The Cultural Significance of Conservationist Forestry.”

Forskningshøjskolen i Haderslev. - 1978.

Forsyth, Louise. - 1996.
Concerning RGW’s proposal to nominate her for the position of VP (Academic).

Foundation française d’etudes nordiques. - 1969.
Reports from the 4th International Congress, on ‘arctic development and the future of Eskimo societies,’ including: Balandier: “Acculturation et development dans les soiceites a faibles effectifs;” Jeune: “L’agriculture et l’elevage dans le nouveau-Quebec et l’arctique Nord-Americain;” Olsen: “Politique syndicale au Groenland;” Christiansen: “Le monopole commercial et le developpement economique au Groenland;” Belpomme: “L’engineering dans les zones arctiques;” Lloyd: “The development of the North American Arctic and the future of Eskimo society;” Vassiliev: “Instruction polytechnique dans l’extreme-nord et probleme de la formation des cadres nationaux;” Hartweg: “Les effets de l’acculturation sur la biologie esquimaude, en particulier dans la perspective de la stomatologie;” Jaulin: “De l’ethnocide;” Simpson and Bowles: “Integration of Eskimo manpower into the industrial society–difficulties, programs, attitudes;” Stevenson: “The Changing Canadian Eskimos;” Hippler: “Patterns of Migration, Urbanization and Acculturation;” Piatier: “Critere du sous-developpement du point de vue de l’economie moderne et de celui des economies traditionnelles;” Adam: “Future of Fisheries as a Basic Resource for Arctic Communities;” Brøndsted: “Ruling in Greenland and Forms of Integration into Denmark; the Established Legal Components;” Hensley: “Arctic Development and the Future of the Eskimo Societies;” Boserup: “The Economic future of the Greenland Society as a Problem of Regional Policy;” and RGW’s article, “Eskimo Value Persistence in Contemporary Acculturation.”
Material in French and English.

F3 Foundations.
See also Donner Foundation, etc.

Fournier, Jean T. - 1982.
Primarily regarding relations between Greenland and Canada, particularly in light of the energy crisis.

F5-1 Fourth International Conference: Arctic Development in the Eskimoic Societies. - 1969-1970.

Franklin, Colin see Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd.

Franklin Expedition.
Photocopied document.

F1-2 Frederiksen, Svend. 1958, 1968, 1971. - 2 folders.
Correspondence, together with a report on Frederiksen’s research and his paper, “Some Outstanding Problems in Eskimology;” also contains material concerning the disposition of Dr. Frederiksen’s papers.

Frederiksen, Svend - Papers.
“The Primeval Eskimo World of Thinking;” draft version.

F4, F6 Freeman, Milton. - 1967-1970.
See also below, numbered series, “25. Milton Freeman.”

Freistadt, Lynn-Patrick. - 1981.
Student paper, “A Comparative Study of the Incest Taboo: The Nuer and the Yap.

Frideres, James. - 1984.
See also below, “Sorokin Lectures.”

Frobisher Bay Eskimo Area Opinion Survey.
Interim report by RGW.

F5 Frontier Administration. - nd, 1964-1967.

F4 Frontier Medicine. - 1968.

Fur Ban. - 1991, 1995-1996. - 5 folders.
Includes a copy of David Riches’ article, “Animal Rightists and Northern Native Hunters,” and RGW’s article, “The International Fur Ban and Public Policy Advocacy: The Significance of Inuit Cultural Persistence.”
See also below, “Sealskin Wars.”

Folders 1-4 (Box 19)
BOX 20
Folder 5 (Box 20)

Fur Ban - Clippings.

Fur Ban - House of Lords, Minutes of Evidence, Sub-Committee ‘C.’

Fur Ban - Inuviaaluit.

Fur Ban - ITC [Inuit Tapirisat of Canada]. - 1995-1996.
Fur Ban - Reports. - 1990, 1996.
Includes copy of “Fur Industry Defence Program;” addendum to the joint Canada/US furbearer specialist delegation to the European Union.

Fur Ban - Reports - Study into trapping in five European Union countries. - 1996.

Fur Ban - Seal Hunt.

Future of Northern Studies.

Gardiner, Paddy.

G1 Germans and Seals. - 1968.
Correspondence and offprints from Bruno Schiefer.

Gibson, Mel. - 1997.
Concerning support of a media celebrity as a public advocate of northern trapping societies, on behalf of Inuvialuit Game Council.

Global Change. - 1986-1988.
Notes, memoranda, and offprints documenting the work of an inter-disciplinary ‘global change committee’ on campus.

Gosse Conference - Text of Notes. - 1994.
Copy of “Cross-Cultural Dialogue Between Governments” (for publication); “Aboriginal Law.”

G9-2 Graburn, Nelson. - 1965-1976. - textual records and 20 photographs.
Includes “Nalunaikutanga: Sign and Symbol in Inuit Art and Culture;” “Art and acculturative processes;” “The Marketing of Canadian Eskimo Art;” “Some Problems in the Understanding of Contemporary Inuit Art;” “Some Aspects of Linguistic Acculturation in Northern Ungava Eskimo;” “Inuit pivalliajut: the Cultural Identity Consequences of the Commercialization of Canadian Inuit Art;” “Naskapi Family and Kinship;” “Commercial Inuit Art: Symbol of and Vehicle for the Economic Development of the Eskimos of Canada;” “A Preliminary Analysis of Symbolism in Eskimo Art and Culture;” 19 b&w photos of Inuit sculpture [possibly from the Williamson collection]; etc.

Graham, Gail. - 1985.
Copy of Graham’s LLM thesis, “The Reversion of Movable Cultural Property to its Territory of Origin.”

Graver, Petter. - 1980.
Great Plains Project. - 1973.

BOX 21

G8-2 Green, Ellen Hutchinson - Thesis Proposal. - 1976.

G3-1 Greenland. - 1968-1970.

Greenlandic - Unidentified Material.

G4-3 Greenland Report - Barry Gunn. - 1968.

Greenpeace. - 1996.
Regarding an opinion piece written by RGW, on animal rights, trapping, and the policies of the European Union.

Grenier, Claude and Cécille. - 1995-1996.
Material in French.

G1-3 The Grenier Proposal. - 1968, 1972-1973.
Concerning a handicrafts centre and “school of the arts” in the NWT.

Grove, B.K.

Grygier, P.A. - 1988-1991.
Includes rough transcripts of interviews with RGW.

G4-2 Guemple, D.L. - 1968-1972.

The Guldberg Plan.

H21-2 Hakulu - Early Contact Stories.
Written in Inuktitut.

Hale, Christopher. - 1989.

H2-2 Hamelin, Dr. Louis-Edmond. - 1968.

Hammond, Andrew. - 1986.
Concerning research in Norman Wells, NWT.

Hanbidge, Bruce. - 1996-1998.
Includes copy of his MSc research proposal, “The Influence of Habitat and Prey Abundance on the Ranging Behaviour of Prairie Falcons in Saskatchewan.”

Hansen, Klaus Georg. - 1988-1991.
Includes “Jordens folk;” “Udvikling på ‘grølandske betingelser’?” “Indledende Beskrivelse af en Grølandsk Filosofi;” “Inuit and Whales at Sarfaq (Greenland);” “Grønlandsk Filosofi - Etnografisk Set.”

Hanson Lake Copper-Zinc Project. - 1990.
See also “Deep Bay Graphite Project” and “Reid, Dale - Final Documentation.”

Hanson, Lawrence and Lenore. - 1995.
Copy of archaeology inventory from Birch Hills site.

Haraldson, Sixten. - 1974-1975.
Copies of Haraldson’s evaluations of the Canadian Eskimo Health Service, NWT; and Greenland’s health services.

H23-2 Harp, Douglas. - 1974-1975. - 2 folders.
Includes copy of his thesis, “A Survey of Prehistoric and Contemporary Canadian Eskimo Sculpture.”

H17-2 Harrer, Ann. - 1970, 1972.
Includes edited letters from Linda Harrer Postle, working with the Peace Corps in Ethiopia.

BOX 22

H7-2 Harridge III, William H. - 1968-1969.

H20-2 Hawken, Deborah. - nd, 1972.

H4-2 Haycock, Maurice. - 1969-1970, 1989.
Correspondence concerning sketches commissioned by the University; together with Peter Millard’s tribute in The Musk-Ox.

H1-3 Health. - 1968-1973.
Correspondence concerning health matters and medical personnel in the north; articles on Inuit health, particularly in historical context given lifestyle changes.

H9-2 Hecht, John R. - 1967-1971.

Hehn, Rudy. - 1970. - RESTRICTED.
Student paper: “Cold Stress and the Eskimos.”

H19-2 Heinrich, Dr. Albert. - 1972.

Helander, Elina.

H22-2 Helm, Dr. June. - 1971-1972.
Includes a copy of Helm’s “subarctic anthropology roster of scholars.”

Henderson, Judith Rice. - 1976, 1980.

H15-2 Henderson, Rob. - nd, 1969-1970, 1972.
Includes copy of Master’s thesis proposal, “Community Control of Education as a Means of Reconciling Differences Between Traditional and Contemporary Educational Practices in an Eskimo Community.”

High Arctic Relocation.

H2-3 Higher Education - NWT. - 1968.
Press releases concerning the Mackenzie Institute and university classes.

Hill, Lorne. - 1987.
Research design for project conducted in Eskimo Point, regarding the school system.

H16-2 Hinton, Captain Peter. - 1970-1971.

Historical - Arctic - Subarctic - Exploration.

The History of the Eskimo Naming System in Social Structure, Belief and Change Dynamics. Some Implications for the Individual in Acculturation.”
Article by RGW.

Hnatyshyn, Ramon. - 1989

Hoddinott, K.A. - nd. - RESTRICTED.
Student papers, “Cultural Bias and Eskimo Behaviour” and “Cultural Change in Frobisher Bay.”

Holmlund, Blaine A. - 1980-1983.

Hope, Kim. - 1981. - RESTRICTED.
Student paper: “Culture.”

H4-3 Housing Education Program Evaluation (Gov’t). - 1970-1971.
Housing Education Study - Interim Report. - 1971.
Includes first draft of “Eskimo Point;” “Eskimo Rental Housing Evaluation Research.”

Housing / Health / Theoretical Framework.
Includes draft notes, together with minutes of 15 Jan 1976 Hunters and Trappers Association, and notes on the Toronto highschool students’ visit.

H3 Houston, Alma. - 1968-1973.
Includes an article concerning her work promoting Inuit art and crafts.

Howe, P.F. - 1964.

Hulse, Elaine. - 1991-1992. - RESTRICTED.

Human Adaptability. - 1967.
Progress report on the “Canadian Program on Human Adaptability.”

Human Problems in the Canadian North. - 1955.

Human Settlement Research.

H1-1 Humour.
Includes “Studia Rankinensis Arctica Eskimorumque Lingua: Platitudines Linguae Politicae ad usum in eskimorum linguam translatorum,” by RGW and Carl Widstrand.

“Hunting, Indians, Journalists and Campaigners.” - 1988.
Copy of letter to Star Phoenix; handwritten copy of letter to James Waldram; clipping from paper concerning Indian hunting rights.

H11-2 Hunt, L.A.C.O. - 1969.

Hyde, Peter and Susan.

Hypoglycemia Research. - 1969.
Includes copy of “The Role of Hypoglycemia in Acculturation Stress Among Native Cultures.”

I12-1 ICCDS.
Includes “Proposal for a Cross-Cultural Instruction, Research and Development Program;” financial material relating to INS and ARTC; “La Loche Community Rehabilitation Project;” material relating to international development education; “Outline of Proposal for Integration of Applied Anthropology and Eskimo Language Teaching at ARTC;” etc.

I4-1 Ice Breaker Development. - 1968.
Copy of article from Time.

Ikiriko, Pepple. - 1992. - RESTRICTED.

Ilisimatusarfik Inuit Institute.

I2-2 Illingworth, Frank. - 1963, 1969.

I15-1 Imperial Oil Ltd. - 1972.
Concerning a project to study employment practices in the Mackenzie Valley.

Annotated typescript of “Eskimos in the Modern World,” by RGW.

I10-1 Indian Education. - 1971.
“Indian-Eskimo Studies Survey,” from Trent University; together with a memo concerning the Indian Education Program following the resignation of Father Renaud from the University. See also below, “U of S - Indian & Northern Education Program.”

BOX 23

I1-3 Indian-Eskimo Association of Canada. - 1963-1971. - 2 folders.
The Bulletin; minutes; some financial reports, etc. Includes “The Manitoba Indian Situation and its Implications,” “The Indian and Metis of Northern Saskatchewan,” “A Community Action Project to Encourage Development in the Canadian North by the use of Radio,” etc.
See also below, Publications Series.

I2-3 Indians and the Law. - nd, 1961-1967.
Various articles, including “True Partnership Here in Our Land” by James Howard; “A Reflective View of Indian Drinking Problems in Saskatchewan;” material from the Indian Metis Service Council; a report on the “Indians and the Law Project;” “Prince Albert’s Need for an Indian and Metis Service Centre;” text of the speech given by Malcolm Norris at Batoche; etc.

Indigenous Factors in International Law. - 1996-1997.
Includes minutes of a meeting on international indigenous issues; Barsh and Henderson’s article, “The Supreme Court’s van der Peet Trilogy: Naive Imperialism and Ropes of Sand;” guidelines for the protection of heritage; etc.

I1-1 Information & Requests - INS & ARTC. - nd, 1967-1976. - 2 folders.

I3-3 Information Sheets, NWT. - nd, 1968.
Informational items on various topics; together with a copy of Walter Kupsch’s “The True North Strong and Free.”

Inglis, Ian.

Institut for Eskimologi.

“The Institute for Northern Studies University of Saskatchewan, Canada.” - 1971.
Reprint of RGW article, together with one-page summaries of the work of ARTC and the Department of Anthropology.

Institute of Current World Affairs. - 1970.
Commentary on the “Yukon constitution” and “The Japanese and Siberia.”

I9 Institute of Polar Geography (Italian). - 1970.
See also below, Publications Series.

I22-1 Instrumentation. - 1976.
Concerning air and ground temperature readings for the NRC.
[See also series ARTC file “Permafrost Project”].

Inter-Group Sex. - 1961. - RESTRICTED.
Memorandum written in RGW’s capacity as social welfare officer; regarding specific case of an expectant mother.

1rst International Arctic People’s Conference - Minutes. - 1973.

International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology. - 1972.
Position paper of the Canadian chapter.

I17-1 International Biological Program.
Handwritten notes.

“International Combinations, Present and Possible, Between Circumpolar Inuit National Groups.”
Article by RGW.

International Conference of Indigenous Peoples. - 1975.

International Conference of Indigenous Peoples - Minutes of the Policy Board Meeting. - 1975.
1rst International Conference on Cross-Cultural Education in the North.

1rst International Congress for the Work of Arctic Research Centres. - 1970.
Includes material on INS, Boreal Institute, etc.

1rst International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences. - 1992.

BOX 24

I14-1 International Development Research Centre. - 1971.

International Development Week. - 1992.

International Indigenous Politics and Self-Government. - 1993.
Articles and papers from conference.

“International Law and Native Peoples.” - 1986.
Address by RGW for Native Law seminar.

International Moot Court. - 1991-1992.
Correspondence and background material concerning the competition, that year on ‘the case concerning the media Gulf War;’ notes; etc.

I7-1 International Nickel Co. - 1970.
Request for, and publication of, “Eskimo in the Modern World.”

International Studies Association. - 1978.
Notes for panel on ‘aboriginal peoples and the international economic order;’ includes copy of Milton Freeman’s paper, “Anthropologists and Social Involvement in Canada;” Mary Clay Berry’s paper, “The Impact of the Economic Interests of the Multinational Oil Companies Upon the Settlement of Eskimo, Inuit and Aleut Land Claims in Alaska;” correspondence; etc.

International Studies Seminar. - [ca. 1987-1988].
Includes copy of RGW article, “International Combinations, Present and Possible, Between Circumpolar Inuit National Groups. Politics, Problems and Potentials.”

International Symposium on Circumpolar Health Related Problems. - 1967.
Copy of keynote address, given by Dr. HA Procter.
See also above, “Canadian Society for Circumpolar Health.”

Interpreter / Translator System.
I7-3 Inuit Cultural Institute. - 1974, 1976.

Inuit in the Era of Jenness.
Lecture; handwritten notes.

Inuit Relocation.

I8-3 Inuit Tapirisat of Canada. - 1975-1976.
Includes report on Inuit land claims; the Spence Bay baseline study; etc.
[See also Polar Gas; Spence Bay].

Inuktitut. - 1963.

Inuktitut Bible.

Inuktitut - Hyms, Sacred Songs.
Mimeographed booklet of hyms, etc., written in Inuktitut.

Inuktitut Language and Orthography.
Based on orthographic system used in Rankin Inlet School.

Inuktitut Language and Orthography - Michael Wilson’s Ethnobotanical List.

Inuktitut Language - Policies and Changes. - 1984.
“Cost of Implementing Inuktitut as an Official Language in Nunavut,” by R. MacKay, and “Minority Language Bilingualism: The Case of Inuktitut in the Canadian North,” by Prattis and Chartrand.

Inuktitut Language - Suggested Vocabulary.

Inuktitut - Mimeographed Material.

Inuktitut - Prayers and Hyms.

I11-1 Inummarit Association. - 1971.

Inuvialuit Final Agreement.
Includes copy of “Indigenous Knowledge, Sustainable Development and Cooperative Management.”

I6-1 Inuvik Research Laboratory. - 1970.
Monthly reports.

I3-2 Invitations - R.G. Williamson. - 1968-1970.
Includes requests for speaking engagements, conference presentations, book reviews, etc. as well as invitations to social occasions.

BOX 25

I8-1 Irquktik. - nd.
Note regarding “the warm hill.”

I1-2 Irving, Bill - Archaeological Legislation. - nd.

I3-2 Ittinuar. - 1972. - RESTRICTED.
Concerning an adoption.

J5-2 Jansen, Bill. - 1970-1975. - 2 folders.
Correspondence, together with a copy of Jansen’s PhD thesis, “Eskimo Economics: An Aspect of Culture Change at Rankin Inlet;” and term assignment for S222f, “From Polar Bears to Hop-scotch: A study of the Change in Game Content in an Eskimo Community.”

Jensen, Bent - Articles.
Includes “Development Policy and Greenland Man;” “Folkways of Greenland Dog-Keeping;” “Human Reciprocity: An Arctic Exemplification.”

Jewitt, Pauline. - 1964.

J8-2 Jeyachandran, Dr. Tom. - 1971.

Johansen, Lars Emil. - 1995.
Regarding the visit of Johansen, then Premier of Greenland.

J6-2 Johnston, Peter. - 1970.

Joseph Bernier School.
Copy of “Kisaut.” See also above, “Chesterfield Inlet” and below, Publications Series.

Journal - Iqualuit. - 1989.

J7 Judd, David. - 1970-1971.

J1-2 Jull, Peter. - 1966-1967, 1985.
Includes “Dividing the North;” “Regional and Ethnic Self-Determination in Canada: the Nunavut Case;” “Coastal Northern Labrador after 1950;”three editions of Inuit Arctic Policy Review were removed to the Publications series, below.

Juvenile Problems. - 1961-1962. - RESTRICTED.
Social welfare reports to the regional administrator.

K1-2 Kallio, Dr. Paavo. - 1967-1969.

Kaplan, Harriett. - 1974.
Includes copies of papers, “Testing the Suitability of the Arthur Adaptation of the Leiter International Performance Scale for use with 5 and 6 Year Old Chippewa Indian Children at Black Lake, Saskatchewan;” “The Arthur Adaptation of the Leiter International Performance Scale: Its Suitability Tested for use with Pre-School Children in Various Countries;” “Intelligence Testing of Indian Children.”

Karlak. - 1968. - RESTRICTED.
Letter concerning the welfare of an individual.

K12-2 Kärnefelt, Ingvar. - 1972.

Kautokeino Seminar. - 1985.
‘The small nations of the north in international and constitutional law;’ programme.

Kautz, Bob. - [ca. 1964].

K3-2 Kayachloo, Sadie. - 1967. - RESTRICTED.

Kaye, Antonet. - 1988.
Research proposals.

K4-1 KeewatinAir. - 1971-1972.
Letters in support of the establishment of an operational charter base at Rankin Inlet.

K1-3 Keewatin Conference. - 1959, 1962.
Includes remarks by M. Miller, “Economics and Experience as a Background for a Culture Change Question” from the 1959 conference, “can Indian and Metis Communities be Developed?” as well as minutes, agendas, and remarks from the Keewatin Conference.

K3 Keewatin Project. - 1964.
Drafts of proposal, notes, etc.
See also below, “Socio-Cultural Change Among Keewatin Eskimo” and “University of Saskatchewan – Centre [for Community Studies] Report” for notes and outline of “Social Change Among Keewatin Eskimos.”

K2-3 Keewatin Regional Study. - 1965. [2 files].
Draft of research proposal and “Central Arctic Research Centre” proposal.

K2-1 Keewatin Relocation Study. - 1972.

[Keewatin Relocation Study] - Correspondence To Do. - 1958-1959. - RESTRICTED.
Reports and memoranda, concerning the “re-establishment project,” but also including routine administrative material.

Keewatin Relocation Study - Draft.
Includes draft; proposal; and copy of “Problems of Eskimo Relocation for Industrial Employment.”

[Keewatin Relocation Study - Miscellaneous Correspondence]. - 1958-1959.

[Keewatin Relocation Study] - Re: Establishing KRP.

Keewatin Resources. - 1961.

Keewatin Settlements.

BOX 26

K10-2 Kennedy, J.E. - 1972.

Kevo - Subarctic Research Station of the University of Turku, Finland.

Kiatainag, Tommy.

Kienlen, Alexis. - 1997.
Student papers.

“The Killing of Moostoos the Wehtigoo.”
Article concerning the Queen v Payoo and Napaysoosee.

Kilvert, Barbara.

Kissarvik Co-operative - see below, “Rankin Inlet.”

Knight, Art. - 1983-1987. - RESTRICTED.
Memos regarding departmental matters; correspondence concerning the faculty strike; etc.

Københairn. - 1988.

Koenig, Del.
Kogawa, Joy.
See also below, “Notebooks.”

K8-2 Kravitz, David. - 1970-1972.

Kupsch, Walter. - 1980, 1986, 1994.
Includes RGW’s speech about Walter Kupsch at the Musk-Ox Dinner.

Kupsch Recognition Committee. - 1992-1997.
AKA “Ad hoc committee for the recognition and celebration of Walter Kupsch.” File includes biographical information on Kupsch; his CV; and RGW’s presentation of Kupsch at the 90th anniversary convocation, at which Kupsch was awarded an honorary degree.

K2 Kusugak: Agvaluk, Amanyak, Kungata. - 1967-1972. - RESTRICTED.
Concerning further educational possibilities; includes transcript of a court hearing.

Kusugak, Michael. - 1972.
Includes transcript of proceedings, Justice of the Peace court.

“Ku-vi-a-nak-tu-mat.” - 1991.
Song for Girl Guides of Canada; lyrics by RGW.

L8-1 Labour Rates. - 1972.

L13-2 Lagercrantz, Sture. - 1974-1975.

L1 Laing, Arthur. - 1963, 1967-1968.
Correspondence with Laing, then Minister of Northern Affairs and National Resources; includes copies of addresses as well as two briefs: “an action project to help Canadians of Native ancestry to get adequate vocational training and suitable jobs;” and “an action project on ‘Indians and the City’.”

Lalonde, Leslie. - 1997.
Student paper: “Max Weber and the Debate on Objectivity” and “Research Design: Issues of Gender in Engineering.”

L4-3 Lamb Airways. - 1867-1976.

L1-3 Land. - 1967-1968, 1973.
Regarding land for personal use; for ARTC; and for the Rankin Inlet community association.

Land Claims.
See also below, Numeric Series, file 3, “Land Claims.”

Language. - 1970.
Includes “La Langue Crise,” text of an address by L-P Vaillancourt.

Language Training. - 1967-1968.
Articles and reports dealing with language training in the Peace Corps.

L9-2 Lantis, Margaret. - 1970.

Larsson, Gunny.
Material concerning the Swedish Allåkerbär, a fieldberry.

L2-2 Lathrop, Tom. - 1968-1975.
Includes copy of essay, “Eskimo Games and the Measurement of Cultural Change.”

Lecture at UBC - ‘Cultural Background to Eskimo Art.’

L6-1 Lectures - Speeches - Seminars - RG Williamson. - 1968-1985.
Includes notes for “The Inuit and ‘Progress’;” Umeå University and the North;”

L3-2 Lee, Thomas E. - Ungava Norse Project. - 1968-1972.

L2-3 Legal Matters. - nd, 1960-1970.
Commentary on legal aid; judgement in the de novo appeal, Regina v Allan Louis Lockhart; copy of article on Mark Angnatuk case; etc.

L10-2 Lehmkuhl, Dr. Dennis. - 1971-1973.

L7-2 Lehrman, Jonas. - 1970.
Concerning a study of the physical form of northern communities.

Leningrad Arctic Research Conference. - 1988.

Letters of Recommendation. - 2 folders.

L3-3 Letters to Press. - 1968.

Leuprecht, P. - 1999.

L6-2 Leyendecker, Mme Ursula. - 1969-1970.

L2-1 Library Holdings - ARTC and Williamson.
See also below, “Williamson Library Holdings.”

L8-2 Liesenfeldt, Capt. Pooch. - 1970.

L4 Linder, Bill. - 1963.

L7-1 Linguistics Research & Training. - 1972.

L12-2 Linnamae, Urve. - 1973-1975. - textual records and 4 photographs.

Lipsett, Kathe. - 1988.
Includes transcripts of interviews done between 1983-1984 with people from La Ronge, Stanley Mission, Grandmother’s Bay, Pelican Narrows, etc. concerning pictographs; others of myths and legends.

L5 Liquor Ordinance. - 1967-1970.

BOX 27

L6-3 Local Government - Rankin Inlet. - 1969.
Includes copy of newsletter.
See also below, “NWT Government - Local - Rankin Inlet.”

L3-1 Local People.
Biographical note on Anaruak.

Local-Skill Economics. - 1961.
Primarily concerning the contribution of handicrafts to the Arctic economy.

L5-2 Lotz, Jim. - 1968-1969.
Includes “The Future of the Eskimo.”

Lussier, A.S. - 1982-1983.

MacHattie, Edith. - 1995-1996. - textual records and 4 photographs.
[Exchange student in Umeå].

MacKinnon, Peter. - 1991, 1998.
Includes a copy of “Labour Relations in the Academy: A Case Study at the University of Saskatchewan.”

Maclean’s. - 1966.
Correspondence, and drafts of “The Arctic ‘Ghost Town’ That Will Not Die.”
Macmillan Company. - 1968.

M1-1 Magazine Articles - Williamson. - 1964-1971.
Includes “Cool Communications” [see also Humour]; “Northern Thoughts on ‘Learning the Language’;” “Farewell to the Igloo;” as well as requests for submissions.

Mandarin. - 1992.

Manitoba Government. - 1967.
Letter to Hon. Duff Roblin, then premier of Manitoba.

Manuscript Review. - 1995.
Copy of “Metaphors of Conversion, Metaphors of Change;” “Changing Patterns of Conflict Management and Aggression among Inuit Youth in the Canadian Arctic: Longitudinal Ethnographic Observations;” for peer review by RGW.

Payne Bay; Kangirllinik; Black Angel Mine; Barren ground caribou; native communities of Alaska; Natilling Lake; Rankin Inlet site plan; Fort Chimo; NWT communities; aboriginal population; Medicine Lake; Jasper; etc.
See oversize - map drawer O/S G-1.

M15-1 Marble Island. - 1971.

M17-2 Marino, Dr. Mary C. - 1970-1996.
Includes copy of the ‘Marino Report,’ report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Native Studies.

Marital. - 1961. - RESTRICTED.
Social welfare reports to the regional administrator.

Marsh, D.B.

M8-2 Martens, Ethel. - 1967.

M-7 Matheson, William. - 1968-1970, 1975.

M3 Mathiasson, John S. - 1967, 1975.

Maybury-Lewis, David and Pia. - 1971-1998.
Includes copies of the newsletter of Cultural Survival, Inc.; RGW’s article, “Cultural Survival Work in the Canadian Arctic;” correspondence; etc.

M1-2 McCallum, Dr. K.J. - 1969.

M12-1 McCartney, Allan. - 1969-1971.
Includes report on the Northwest Hudson Bay Thule project.

McClelland & Stewart.

McConnell, Howard.

M15-2 McConnell, John. - 1970-1973, 1998.

McDougall, Barbara. - 1992.
Includes the texts of several of McDougall’s addresses, given as Secretary of State for External Affairs.

McGill-Baffin Medical Project.
See also above, “Baffin Island Community Health Project.”

McKeehan, Catherine. - 1995-1999.
Concerning MA thesis.

McNabb, Miriam.
General notes on preparation of an MA thesis proposal, steps in empirical research, etc.

M10-2 McNamee, Chris. - 1968.

M9-2 McNamee, Dennis J. - 1968.

M2-1 Medical Research. - [1974]-1975.

Meiklejohn, Christopher. - 1970.
Copy of “A Brief Resume of the Physical Anthropology of the Eskimo and Indian Populations of the Arctic and Sub-Arctic.”

M11-2 Meldgaard, Jørgen. - 1973.

Mental Breakdown. - 1961. - RESTRICTED.
Social welfare reports to the regional administrator.

M16-1 Mental Health - Arctic. - 1972.
Copy of “Problems of Mental Health in the Canadian Arctic” by J.D. Atcheson.

M2 Merbs, Charles F. - 1967-1972.
Includes summary of project recovering Eskimo skeletal remains; copy of Judith Friedlander’s doctoral proposal, “The Use of Language as a Symbol by a Political Movement;” etc.

Metis Association of Saskatchewan. - 1965.

M5 Meyer, David. - 1968-1970.

Michener, G.

M4-3 Mid-Canada Development Corridor Conference. - 1969.

Migrant Adjustment. - 1962. - RESTRICTED.
Memoranda concerning the adjustment of individuals to life in Rankin Inlet.

M14-2 Millar, Dr. J.F.V. - 1969-1994. - RESTRICTED.

Milligan, Shirley. - [ca. 1929-1930s, 1940s-1950s?], 1980-1983. - textual records and 28 photographs, two negatives.
Primarily photographs, [taken by] ‘Chris’ Carlson; sent to Balfour Currie and RGW for assistance in identification; question of whether or not images were from the Baker Lake / Chesterfield Inlet areas.


Mining as a Subculture.

M11 Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development. - 1969, 1987.
See also above, “Chrétien, Jean.”

Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development - Speeches and Background Information. - 1969.
Copies of four speeches given by Jean Chrétien between 10-12 November 1969; information on the Northwest Territories, Yukon Territories, employment program, and Klondike national historic sites.

Miscellaneous Manuscripts. - 2 folders.

BOX 28

Miscellaneous Notes. - 3 folders.

Mitchell, Marybelle. - 1993. - 5 folders.
Copy of Ms. Mitchell’s PhD dissertation, “From Talking Chiefs to a Native Corporate Elite: The Birth of Class and Nationalism Among Canadian Inuit.” RGW considered this to be “a possible book manuscript” and in fact [a version] was later published by McGill-Queen’s University Press (1996).

Modern Northern Studies.
Proposal for a textbook.

Møller, Jørn Gukki. - 1994

Moses, Ted. - 1996.
Speaking notes on “Invoking International Law;” Moses was then ambassador to the UN, Grand Council of the Crees.


M4 Mouat, W. Ivan. - 1967.

M18 Mowat, Farley. - nd, 1966-1974.

M19-2 Müller-Wille, Dr. Ludger. - 1972-1973.

M16-2 Munkacsi, Dr. I. - 1970-1971.
Includes copy of report on biological field project in Whale Cove.

Musée Amérindien et Inuit de Godbout. - 1978.

M5-3 Museum (NWT). - 1975.
Correspondence with Stuart Hodgson (see also above, “Hodgson”).

Nathan’s Northern News & Reference Material.
Bibliographic material compiled by Nathan Friesen; together with articles by a variety of authors: “Arctic Pollution Issues;” “Diamond Mining and the Demise of Environmental Assessment in the North;” “Military Activity and Environmental Security: The Case of Radioactivity in the Arctic;” “Contaminants;” “The Arctic Aeromedical Laboratory’s Thyroid Function Study The Use of Native Alaskans in a Radiological Experiment;” “Project Chariot: The Nuclear Legacy of Cape Thompson, Alaska;” “Environmental Clean-up and Sustainable Development in the Circumpolar Arctic;” “Arctic Contaminant Distribution.”
Note: the Nunatsiaq News found in this file have been moved to the publications series, below.

National Film Board.
Shooting script for “People of the Rock,” by Munroe Scott; filmed in Rankin Inlet.

N3-1 National Museum of Canada. - 1968-1973.

N5-3 5th National Northern Development Conference. - 1968, 1970.

1rst National Northern Research Conference. - 1967.

2nd National Northern Research Conference. - 1968.

BOX 29

N9-3 National Parks. - 1969.
See also series Northwest Territories Council, file “Proposed National Park - Great Slave Lake.”

National Parole Board. - 1988-1989.
Includes copy of “Inuit Offender Study” and “Final Report: Task Force on Aboriginal Peoples in Federal Corrections.”

National Polar Institute.

Native Education.

Native Heritage Exhibition - Ontario Science Centre. - 1976.
Press clippings, handouts, etc.

Native Studies Distance Learning.

N1-3 Natural Resources. - nd, 1966-1969.
Includes copy of brief, “Resource Administration and Development in the Northwest Territories.”

N2-2 Neville, Floyd J. - 1969.

New Mother’s Infant Crying Guide.

N1-1 Newfoundland. - 1968.
Copy of lecture from the Newfoundland Historical Society, “The Harbour Grace Affray;” together with press release concerning MUN professor Robert Paine’s arctic research.

N2-3 New Start. - 1966, 1970.
Materials relating to the Saskatchewan New Start program in Prince Albert.
N4 News of the North. - 1968-1969.

N3-2 Nichol, Dr. Harvey (INSTAAR). - 1972.

N1-2 Nichols, P.A.C. - 1969.
Concerning Hudson’s Bay Company radio communication system.

Nicol, Marjorie. - 1978.
Regarding proposed book on Dennis Williams.

Nielsen, Ole.

“A Night With a Northern Light.” - 1965.
Article by RGW, together with correspondence from Alan Coren, assistant editor of Punch.
See also below, numeric series, file 20 ‘Northern Lightly;’ and above, ‘Humour’ and ‘Magazine Articles.’

The Nipawin Journal. - 1990.
Letter to the editor.

Nitsopoulos, Steve. - 1983.
Letters of recommendation.

Nixon, Dr. Howard - Copies. - 1988.
Copy of letter from Ralph Goodale to Howard Nixon, explaining his rationale for his vote on Bill No. 3, which legislated striking faculty at the U of S back to work.

The Nordic Association for Canadian Studies.
Notes regarding proposed lecture, “Culture and Politics in Canada: Quebec and the North.” Includes notes [from talk by Geoffry Waller], ‘The Delivery of Health Care Services in the Canadian North.’

Nordic Council for Arctic Medical Research. - 1976.
Report 14, seminar on growth of children in northern regions.

N10-3 Northern Communications Conference. - 1970.

Northern Education.
Copy of “Collaborative Territory-Based University Training for the Northwest Territory Student,” by RGW.

N2 Northern Education Course Program. - 1968.
Pamphlets concerning the Alaska rural school project.

N5 Northern Electric. - 1970-1971.

“A Northerner’s Perception of Northern Development.” - 1984.
Address by RGW to department of sociology.

Northern Health Services. - nd, 1956-1966. - RESTRICTED.
Much of this material relates to the North Rankin Nickel Mine.

Northern Saskatchewan - Biographical Data on Women. - RESTRICTED.

Northern Saskatchewan - Hlady and Stensland. - 1959-1960.
Notes and findings from short-courses on community development in the north, sponsored by the Centre for Community Studies; together with brief reports from various Fathers Chamberlain, Darche, and Doyon; etc.

Northern Saskatchewan Development Council. - 1971.

Northern Saskatchewan Research Group.

Northern Social Science Research Stations.

Northern Welfare Service Monthly Statistical Report. - 1959.

N6-1 Northwest Newsletter. - 1971.

NWT : Northwest Territories.

NWT (General).

NWT Association of Municipalities. - 1968.

N11-3 NWT Commission. - nd, 1965, 1969.
Notes on sociological and anthropological aspects of the NWT; copy of minutes of executive committee, INS; etc.

NWT Commissioner’s Award Committee. - 1978.
Recommendation for Father Théophile Didier.
See also above, “Didier, Théophile.”

N12-3 NWT Cross-Country Ski Association. - 1969-1970.
Includes copies of the newsletter “Tusagaksat.”

C20-3 NWT Curriculum Committee. - 1969.
See also below, “NWTTA.”

NWT Department of Industry and Development. - 1972.
Copy of discussion paper, “Agency for the Development and Exploitation of the Natural Renewable Resources of the Northern Territories - Work Program.”

NWT Fish and Wildlife Service.
Trapping grounds notices.

NWT Framework for Scientific Studies.

NWT - Further Education Study. - 1978.

NWT Game Management.

G2 NWT Government - Local - Rankin Inlet. - 1967-1972.
See also above, “Local Government - Rankin Inlet.”

NWT - Local Government in the NWT. - 1978.

NWT Mental Health Association.

NWT Portable Pool Experiment.

[NWT] - Proposed Courses for a Renewable Resources Technology Curriculum.

N8-3 NWT / Quebec Cooperative Federation. - 1970.
Press releases, etc., from La Fédération des Coopératives du Nouveau-Québec.

BOX 30

R2-1 NWT Research Application and Licencing Requirements. - 1960, 1975-1976.

NWT Self Government. - 1975.

NWT Settlements - Data. - 1976.

N6-3 NWTTA. - 1968-1974.
Material relating to the Teacher’s Association.
See also above, “NWT Curriculum Committee.”

NWT Tourism.
Pamphlets, etc.

Notebooks. - 2 folders.
Includes correspondence with Joy Kogawa.

Notes - Diary.

Nuclear War Material. - 1981-1982.
Variety of pamphlets, articles, other published materials.

N4-1 Nunakatigiit. - 1970.

Nungak, Zebedee. - 1997.

Nuttall, Mark.

O5-2 O’Brodovich, Lloyd. - 1969-1970.
Letters of recommendation.

Ogan, Eugene. - 1977.

O7-2 Ohenoja, Dr. Esteri. - 1971-1972.

O3-2 Okpik, Abe. - 1967-1997.
Tribute, prepared by RGW. Also includes copy of “Project Surname,” a project to replace the ‘disc numbers’ assigned to Inuit.

Olafsson, S. - clippings and 7 colour photographs.
Images of reindeer cull in Sweden.

O2-3 Old Fort Providence. - 1969.

O’Neil, John.

O3-3 Opportunities for Youth. - 1971-1972.
Materials regarding the program, as well as project proposals, grant applications, etc.

O4-2 Orange, Bud. - 1962-1970.
Then MP for the Northwest Territories.

Orchard, Treena. - 1994, 1996.
Correspondence from former student.

Order of Canada. - 1985-1996. - textual records and 4 photographs.
Congratulatory messages, information regarding the investiture; etc.

Orlikow, David.

BOX 31

Paine, Robert - “Anthropology in the Court of Chief Justice McEachern.”
Paper on Delgamuukw v. The Queen, 1987-1991, regarding Gitksan-Wet’suwet’en land claims in British Columbia.

Paine, Robert - Visit. - 1995.

Pangnirtung Diary. - 1989.

Papua New Guinea. - 1977-1978.
Correspondence, notes, etc. regarding possible position.

P1-2 Parkin, John. - 1972.

Parsons, Brock. - 1963.

Pelinski, Ramon. - 1975-1976.
Report on field work at Rankin Inlet: “Music Culture of the Eskimos of the West Coasts
of the Hudson Bay;” copy of “Inuit a Ja Jai Songs: On Music Tradition and Change in Rankin Inlet.”

“The People in the North.” - 1973.
Paper prepared by DIAND for the Conference on Policies of Northern Development.

Peter Ballantyne Band.

Petersen, Robert. - 1985.
See also below, numbered series, “21. Sabbatical Leave.”

Petro-Canada. - 1980-1981.

Pezer, Dr. Vera.

Pickersgill, J.

“Pilot-Officer Bowman’s Case Goes On: The Arctic Phase.”
Article by RGW.


Plaice, Evelyn. - 1981-1982. - RESTRICTED.
Regarding admission to a graduate program in anthropology.

See also above, “Arctic Landscape Poems,” “The Culture of Keewatin,” and below, “Ussak.”

Pohorecki, Z.

Polar Gas.

Polar Tech.

P12-1 Poole, Peter. - 1976.
Letter of recommendation.

Poole, Peter. - 1976.
Briefing notes for meeting between the Inuit Tapirisat and Parks Canada.

Popoff, Alicia. - 1983.

P11-1 Population Figures - Keewatin. - 1969-1970.

Population Movements (to Baker Lake). - 1960.
Memoranda written to DIAND regional administrators, concerning repatriation of a specific family from Rankin Inlet to Baker Lake.

Port and Ocean Equipment.

Postcards. - 5 folders.
Divided into the following folders:

Annotated - Europe, North America, etc.
Annotated - Northern Images.
Blank - Europe, North America, etc.
Blank - Northern Images.


P7-1 Poultry Project. - 1969.
See also above, “Chicken Project.”

Powell, David. - 1980-1983. - RESTRICTED.

Powell, David - Material for Thesis.
Includes copy of letter from PAC Nichols, transcript of interview with WA Buhr (both retired Hudson’s Bay Company employees, regarding their life in the north).

P3-2 Prime Minister Correspondence. - 1963-1970.
Correspondence with Lester Pearson; Pierre Trudeau; and outgoing correspondence to Paul Martin.

Prince Albert Penitentiary. - 1966.

Prisons. - 1961-1962.

The Problems of Language.”

Profiles on RGW.

P10-1 Proposed Lecture Series. - 1970-1972.
Information concerning a variety of lecture series, in which RGW was asked to participate.

P13-1 Psychological Research. - 1969, 1972.
Includes copies of “Report of the Mental Health Survey Team;” “Eskimo and Caucasian: A Discordant Note on Cognitive-Perceptual Abilities;” “Position Paper of the Canadian Chapter, International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology;” “Racial Differences in Intelligence? A Comparison of Eskimo and White Adolescents;” etc.

Psychology and Diet Research. - 1967.
Memorandum by Dr. Schaefer, concerning research being undertaken by Dr. Hoffer.

Public Legal Education Association of Saskatchewan (PLEA).

P7-2 Purdy, Brian. - 1969.
Assistance translating a letter written in Inuktitut.

P1-3 PWA. - 1968.

Quebec. - 1970.
Minutes of a public meeting to discuss ‘proposed transfer of administration of Eskimo people from federal to provincial government auspices.’

The Queen v. Donald Keepness. - 1999.
Copy of the decision by Judge Linton Smith; concerning provincial jurisdiction to enforce section 41 of the Wildlife Act on a Treaty no. 4 reserve without prior permission.

R4 Radio Carbon. - 1968.
Data on minimum samples needed to accurately carbon date specific materials.

Rankin Inlet.

Rankin Inlet “ANIK” Report see below, “Watson, LF - Rankin Report.”

Rankin Inlet Athletic Association. - 1960-1961.

Rankin Inlet Centennial Project.

R1a-3 Rankin [Inlet] Ceramics. - nd, 1966, 1970. - textual records and 3 photographs.
Includes correspondence with George Swinton; a copy of “Arts and Crafts in Three Keewatin Communities;”b&w photographs of Inuit artists.

BOX 32

R12 Rankin Inlet Community Association. - nd, 1960, 1966-1969.
Includes a copy of the Rankin Miner; bylaws, minutes and financial reports of the community association; student papers providing descriptions of Rankin Inlet; minutes of the conference and educational workshop, arctic district cooperatives; etc.

R1d-3 Rankin Inlet Community Council. - 1968, 1970, 1972.
Minutes of meetings.

Rankin Inlet Community Information. - [ca. 1975-1976].
Population and other statistics, as well as a journal of events.

Rankin Inlet Economic Survey. - [ca. 1972]. - 4 folders. - RESTRICTED.
“Industry and Development Data” questionnaires.

Rankin Inlet Eskimo Clinic. - 1957. - RESTRICTED.
List of patients; particularly relating to patients who received lung x-rays.

R9-1 Rankin Inlet - History (Foster). - 1970, 1971.
Includes “Socio-Cultural Survey: History of the Keewatin Central Arctic” by RGW; together with “Rankin Inlet: A Lesson in Survival” by Terrence Foster.
R1F3 Rankin [Inlet] Housing Council. - 1968.

R1-3 Rankin Inlet - Inuit Ikajuktigiit. - 1975.

R15 [Rankin Inlet] Kissarvik Co-operative. - nd, 1968-1969, 1973.

Rankin Inlet Mining: Reprints.
Photocopied articles from the 1950s, primarily regarding nickel mines.

R6-3 Rankin [Inlet] Personalities (Photos). - 1969. - 17 photographs.
Images of Qillaqut; Innukshuk; Tulugak; Qaviq; Nutaradlaluk; Aokout; Kusugak; Meekingwanak; Aklunark; Anawak; Satorsi; Tiiti and Okoktok; Issaluk; Ajaruaq; Ussak; Ukpik; and Siksik.

R1-3j Rankin Inlet Population Lists. - 1961, 1962, [1975]. - RESTRICTED.
See also above, “Disc Lists.”

Rankin Inlet Questionnaires. - RESTRICTED.
Questionnaires [of North Rankin Nickel Mine workers], providing age; marital status; number of children; place of origin; work history before and since coming to Rankin Inlet; training; occupational preference “when the mine closes down;”etc. Some include a detailed genealogy.

[Rankin Inlet Questionnaires] - Post Close-Down Interviews, Genealogies. - RESTRICTED.
Handwritten notes from interviews with individuals following closing of [North Rankin Nickel Mine].

Rankin Inlet Recreation Association.

S5-3 Rankin Inlet Soil Analysis. - 1969.

Rasing, W.C.E. - Manuscript.

Rasmussen, Lars Toft. - 1985.
Correspondence, clippings, draft articles and offprints.

R3-3 Recreation. - 1967-1969.
Report on recreation survey; press release re: the Canada Summer Games; constitution for the Rankin Inlet Recreation Association; etc.

Regehr, Dr. T.D. - 1982.
Concerning work on a thesis committee.

Regional Perspectives in the North. - 1968.
Includes RGW’s “ ‘Regions’ and the North” and “The Canadian Arctic, Sociocultural Change;” “Educational Aspirations of Working-Class High School Boys;”and materials relating to the 10th WASA annual meeting.

Regional Planning.

Regional Psychiatric Centre.

Reid, Dale. - nd, 1981-1984. - RESTRICTED.
Includes a copy of a brief, “On the Use of Traditional Resources by Treaty Indians in Northern Saskatchewan: The Aboriginal Rights of Hunting, Fishing, Trapping and Gathering;” but primarily relates to work on a Master’s thesis in anthropology.

Rejection Study - G. Andrewartha.

Relocation Panel. - 1993-1994.
Regarding participation in the Inuit Studies Conference.

R10-2 Remie, Cornelius. - 1972.

R1 Renaud, Father André. - nd, 1967.

Report on Mission to Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark (Greenland). - 1974.
Written by the special staff group on northern employment and economic opportunities, Department of Indian and Northern Affairs.

BOX 33

Reports - Inuktitut. - 1970.
Mimeographed report on Douglas Schweitzer and W.D. Stewart [research].
Material in Inuktitut.

R2 Repulse Bay. - nd, 1965-1969. - English and Inuktitut.
Correspondence. Some of the letters in Inuktitut have been translated. Includes postcard, “Christmas Greetings from Resolute Bay.”

Requests for Reprints.

R5-3 Research and Native Relations. - 1976.
Copy of policies agreed to at the Canadian Universities Northern Science Training Conference.

Research Colloquium - Intermediate Adaptation. - 1968.

Research Development. - nd, 1964.
Handwritten notes, [written in response to comments by Mike Shand concerning northern research]; together with a paper by Trevor Lloyd (McGill), read at the 3rd National Northern Development Conference.

Research - Geography. - 1968.

R1 Research Personnel. - 1967-1968.

R7-1 Research Proposals. - nd, 1970-1975.
Includes materials relating to “Acculturational Psychology;” “A Study of Communications in the Canadian North;” “Primitive Land Skills Study;” “Psychological Research in the North;” “An Evaluation and Analysis of Relocation Programs Involving the Movement of Eskimos to Southern Canada;” etc.

R3-2 Rheaume, Gene. - 1963-1966.

Rheaume’s Delta Report. - 1959.
Regarding welfare services, Lower Mackenzie Region.

R8-2 Rich, Dr. E.E. - 1970.

Richards, Howard. - 1993.
Re: nomination for membership in the Order of Canada.

Roepstorff, Poul. - 1985.
Correspondence, together with applications to Danish foundations for research and publication of a book on circumpolar politics; joint project with RGW and Karla Jessen Williamson.

Rogge, John. - 1972-1973.

Romer, Mark J. - 1979-1980.
Concerning grant for field work at Rankin Inlet.

R2-2 Roskin, Katherine. - 1968.
Correspondence primarily concerning Idlout, a mutual friend.

R9-2 Ross, Jane. - 1970.
Includes abstract of research proposal, “Adaptability of Eskimos in the hospital environment and the local community.”

Ross, Rupert. - 1994.
Draft of “Surfing the Flux: Exploring the Roots of the Aboriginal Healing Perspective.”

Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd.

R7-2 Rowe, Dr. J.S. (Stan). - 1970-1983.
Regarding the Northern Grants Committee.

R4-2 Rowley, G.W. - 1967.


Royal Commission on Aboriginal People. - 1993.
Transcript of hearing; brief presented by RGW.

Royal Commission on Aboriginal People - RGW Evidence in Makivik News. - 1993.

Royal Commission on Aboriginal People - “Significant Aspects of Acculturation History in the Canadian Arctic.” - 1994. - 4 folders.
Drafts of RGW report.

Royal Commission on Aboriginal People - “Significant Aspects of Acculturation History in the Canadian Arctic: Analysis of the Forces of Inuit and Southern White Interaction until Mid-Century.” - 1994.
Final draft.

Royal Commission on Aboriginal People - Special Consultation Between Schultz and Gibson. - 1993.
Transcript of telephone conversation.

BOX 34

R3-1 Royal Tour of NWT. - 1975. - textual records and 1 photograph.
Correspondence, invitations, itinerary, clippings, etc. relating to the tour of HRH Prince Charles; includes photograph of RGW with Prince Charles.

Royal Visit and Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. - 1973.

Rudnici, Walter. - 1960-1961.

R6-2 Russell, Ches. - 1969-1972.

R5-2 Ryder, John P. - 1969.

Saami and Swedish Material.

S3-1 Sabbatical Leave. - 1969, 1971-1973.
See also below, Numbered Series, 21. Sabbatical Leave.

Sakon, Joyce.

Salverson, George. - 1959.
Copy of “Trial by Ice,” a script for Crawley Films Limited RCMP TV series.

Sandahl, Ingrid. - 1974-1975, 1992.

Sarah [Williamson]’s Greenland Report.

Saskatchewan Canada Committee. - 1992.
Material regarding the October 26, 1992 national referendum on the Charlottetown Agreement.

Saskatchewan Community Development. - 1973.

Saskatchewan Economic and Co-operative Development. - 1999.
Preliminary discussion paper on proposed forestry centre, and includes correspondence regarding RGW’s suggested ‘Indigenous Environmental Monitoring Agency.’

Saskatchewan Man and Resources Planning Committee. - 1973.

Saskatoon Legal Assistance Clinic Society. - 1981.
Notes for seminar; correspondence.

Schierup, Carl-Ulrik. - 1991, 1993.
Copies of “Eurobalkanism” and “The post-communist enigma: Ethnic mobilisation in Yugoslavia.”

S18-2 Schneider, Bill. - 1970-1972. - RESTRICTED.
Field notes, ‘notes on the effect of the introduction of money economy on the Eskimo,’ together with a research paper.

S21-2 Schulman, Dr. Jerome L. - 1971-1972.
Primarily concerning a research proposal, “A Study of the Impact of Cultural Change and Complexity upon Self-Concept.”

S22-2 Schuurman, Herbert. - 1971.

S1 Science and Explorers.
Information for travellers in the NWT; “an ordinance respecting scientists and explorers;” NWT archaeological sites regulations; etc.

S8-1 Scott Polar Research Institute. - 1969-1982.

Scott Polar Research Institute - Britain in the Arctic. - 1990.
Conference materials.

Scruton, Roger. - 1996.

Sealskin Wars.
Includes copy of RGW article, “The Sealskin Wars; The Fur Ban and Public Policy Advocacy; The Significance of Cultural Persistance;” and “Cultural Persistence and Cultural Casualties in the Sealskin Wars.”
See also above, “Fur Ban.”

S6-2 Searle, David H. - 1963-1970.
Correspondence with Mark de Weerdt and Searle, including advice on eligibility to run for public office.

Sehdev, Inderjit. - 1996-1997. - RESTRICTED.

Self-Determination: International Perspectives - Alfredsson. - 1994.
“Different Forms of and Claims to the Right of Self-Determination.”

BOX 35

Self-Determination: International Perspectives - Correspondence.

Self-Determination: International Perspectives - Eide. - 1994.
“Peaceful group accommodation as alternative to secession in sovereign states.”

Self-Determination: International Perspectives - “In Search of a People.”

Self-Determination: International Perspectives - Skutnabb-Kangas.
“Language and Self-Determination.”

Seymour, Ray. - 1967.
SFU Indian Travel Project. - 1968.
Notes and memoranda concerning a Saskatchewan Farmers Union project.

Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan - Board.

Sharma, Satya. - 1980-1989. - RESTRICTED.

Sharp, Henry S. - 1973.

Shimkin, Demitri. - 1980-1981.
Notes taken during lecture; copy of “Comanche-Shoshone Words of Acculturation, 1786-1848.”

Shimpo, Mike. - [1965], 1975.

Short Stories. - nd.

Shouldice, Michael - Arctic College. - 1988.
Handwritten notes.

S6-1 Silumiut. - 1969-1970.
Reports from the Northwest Hudson Bay Thule Project; together with a copy of “Sir Thomas Rowe’s Welcome - An Island of the Dead.”

S15-2 Silversides, Frank. - 1968-1970.
Concerning a study on eye-care.

Sivertz, Ben. - 1963-2000.

Slattery, Stuart (Environment Canada). - 1994. - textual records and 3 colour photographs.
Request for assistance in identifying stone ‘structure’ at Karrak Lake, NWT.

The Small Nations of the North in International and Constitutional Law. - 1985.
Seminar; includes notes.

S2 Smith, Lorne. - 1967-1969. - textual records and 12 photographs.
Correspondence; together with article about and images of innusuk at Enukso Point.

S14-2 Smith, Valene L. - 1969-1971.

S5-1 Smithsonian Institution. - nd, 1970-1973.
Notice of meteor sighting; information from the Centre for Short-Lived Phenomena, including “The Floods of Southeastern Europe;” “Preliminary Report on Damages Caused by the Peru Earthquake;” “The Hekla Fires;” “The Tasaday Forest People;” “Armyworm Predation by Yellow-Necked Spurfowl in the Longido Game Controlled Area;” “Present Situation of Volcanic Activity in Deception Island;” etc.

Snow, Ted. - RESTRICTED.
Term paper on the ‘ramifications of the flexibility of Eskimo societal social structure.’

Social Assistance. - 1961. - RESTRICTED.
Memo regarding the economic condition of a specific family.

Social Change and Settlement Development in Keewatin.”
Article by RGW.

Society for Applied Anthropology. - 1990.

Socio-Cultural Change Among Keewatin Eskimo. - 2 folders.
First draft.

“Socio-Cultural Change in the Central Arctic.”
Draft on social relations.

Socio-Cultural Implications of Global Change. - 1988-1989.
Handwritten notes, together with “Economic Implications of Global Climatic Change” by S. Kulshreshtha; “Human dimensions of global environmental change” memorandum from Bill Clark.

“A Sociological Study of the Saskatchewan River Delta.” - 1967.
Subtitled ‘A Study of Indian and Metis attitudes to Potential Development in the Cumberland House Area;’ by Walter Hlady, Frank Price and Associates.

BOX 36

“Some Aspects of the History of the Eskimo Naming System.” - 1987-1988.
Article by RGW; together with correspondence.

S15-3 Southampton Island. - 1969, 1976.

S1-2 Spalding, Alex. - 1959-1977.
“Some Thoughts on the Question of a Standard Orthography for the Canadian Eskimo Language;” together with correspondence from Svend Frederiksen.

Spalding, Alex - Manuscript. - 1975-1977.
Correspondence, together with copy of Moon-Brother and Sun Sister And Other Selected Eskimo Myths.

S9 Special Senate Committee on Poverty. - 1969.

Special Speakers - Notes. - 1998.
Notes from [talk given by] Dr. S. Lee, director of the Canadian Centre for Foreign Policy Development.

Includes James Howard, “True Partnership Here in our Land;” J.G. McGilp, address to the agricultural conference, Fort Qu’Appelle; A.W. Carrothers, “Canada: Reluctant Imperialist;” J.B. Mawdsley, “Our North;” as well as notes for several speeches given by RGW.

S5-2 Spinks, Dr. J.W.T. - 1964, 1967-1975.

Spinks, J.W.T. - Memorial Tribute. - 1997.

“The Spirit of Keewatin.” - 1963.
Article by RGW.

Stabler, Jack - Oil Pipeline Paper. - 1979.
Draft copy of “Oil on Ice - The Political Economy of the Western Arctic,” together with comments.

Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade. - 1996.
Regarding the Arctic and circumpolar cooperation

Standing Committee on Indian Affairs and Northern Development. - 1968.

Statistical Data of the Keewatin Region of the Northwest Territories. - [ca. 1970].

Stefansson Letter. - 1962.
Letter from Valhjalmur Stefansson to Margaret Oldenburg, and passed on by her to RGW.

Stensland, P.

S19-2 Strong, Maurice. - 1970.

S20-2 Strub, H.E. - 1971-1972.
Regarding a project for a multi-media theatre show, “Light from the North.”

Stucki, L. - 1972.
Copy of “Canada’s ‘Unemployable’ Northerners.”

Study of Communication Needs in Northern Saskatchewan. - 1971.

“Summary of Intervention on Universitas Borealis.” - nd.
Address by RGW.

S7-1 Surveymin Limited. - 1970.

Swedish-Canadian Academic Foundation (SCAF) Conference. - 1987-1993.
Includes draft of Williamson’s presentation, “The Circumpolar Perspective: Potentials for Balance and Bridging;” and a letter from Carl Widstrand (see also below, “Widstrand, C.”)

Swedish Embassy.

Swedish Project.

Swedish Social Info.

BOX 37

S4-2 Swinton, George. - nd, 1964-1990. - 3 folders.

S9-2 Sydiaha, Dr. D. - 1967-1969.
Materials relating to proposed studies.

S3-2 Symons, Dr. T.B.H. - Commission on Canadian Studies. - 1973.

Symposium IV - Arctic Resource Development. - 1981.

Taagholt, Jørgen. - 1975-1992.
Includes several of Taagholt’s offprints, including “Greenland and the Future;” “Northern Waters: Resource Endowments;” “Automatic Meteorological Observations under Arctic Conditions;” etc.; together with correspondence.
Material in [Danish] and English.

Taiga Times. - 1968.
Correspondence with the editor, Ernie Senior.
See also below, Publications - “The Taiga Times.”

T2-3 Tamas, Andy. - 1974.
T3-2 Taylor, Dr. W.E. - 1968-1971.

Tcherkassov [Cherkasov], Arkady. - 1993.
Handwritten notes, clippings, copies of “Environmental Problems and Native Self-Government;” “What’s in a Referendum?” “International Co-operation in the Arctic: Opportunities and Contraints;” etc.

T4-1 Television Impact Study - R. Nichol. - 1973.
Progress report.

T.E.S.T. - 1970.
See also below, Publications Series.

Territorial Tour. - 1968-1969.

Thiessen, Jack.
Series of articles on “Russia Revisited;” photocopies.

“This is a Family.” - 1957.
Supplementary reader designed for Eskimo education; by RGW and JBH Gunn. Illustrated; 41 original pencil drawings.

Threat to the Indian in NWT.

Thwaite, Ann. - 1979-1991.

T6-2 Thompson, G.L. - 1969.

T7-2 Thybony, Scott. - 1970-1979.

Timmins, Edward. - 1987.
Article on the pioneer missionaries of the Anglican Church of Canada, with special reference to the University of Emmanuel College (College of Emmanuel and St. Chad).

Towards Regional Ocean Development and Management in the Davis Straits/Baffin Bay Area. - [ca. 1985].
Includes correspondence; “Transit Management in the Northwest Passage: Problems and Prospects;” “Some Environmental Preconditions for a Development Policy for the Davis Strait/Baffin Bay Region;” etc.

T8-2 Townsend, Joan B. - 1969.

T4-3 Transair. - 1965-1973.
Includes material on pre-inaugural Yellowknife flight.

Translation Work.

T8-3 Transportation Study. - 1969-1970. - RESTRICTED.

Treaty Land Entitlement.

Tromsø Museum. - 1975.

Tromsø Universitet. - 1993.
Material concerning the conference, Indigenous Politics and Self-Government.

Tromsø Universitet - Lecture Notes. - 1985.
Notes for ‘Language Problems and Development Amongst Circumpolar Inuit.’

Tucker, Walter.

T6-3 Tuktoyaktuk Advisory Council Minutes. - 1969-1970.

BOX 38

“Tundra Conference.” - 1969. - 2 folders.
Conference on productivity and conservation in northern circumpolar lands; includes conference papers.

Turpel, Mary Ellen [ Turpel-Lafond, M.E.]. - [ca. 1995].
Drafts and annotated copies of “The Cultural Non-Homogeneity of Québec: Secessionism, Indigenous Legal Perspectives and Inseparability;” “Oui the People? Conflicting Visions of Self-Determination in Quebec.”

U1-1 UBC Arctic Tour. - 1975.
Includes articles on Fort Simpson, Tuktoyaktuk, Norman Wells, Fort Good Hope, Aklavik, Old Crow, and Inuvik, as well as “An Overview of the Canadian Northwest.”

U3-3 The Ulu. - 1970.

U10-3 UNESCO Project. - 1973, 1975-1976.

Unidentified Manuscript Material.

United Nations Expert Meeting on Arctic Cultural Studies. - 1978.

United Nations Sub-Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities. - 1993.

U5-1 University of Calgary. - 1972.

University of Canada North Conference. - 1971. - 2 folders.

U4-1 University of Chicago. - 1968.

U2-3 University of Manitoba Visit. - 1969.

Ussak. - 1982.
Poem by RGW.

U8-1 USSR. - 1975, 1981.
Includes copy of student paper by Janet Wiegers, “The Role of Sport and Physical Culture in the USSR.”

Vallee, Frank G. - 1964.
Copy of “Notes on the Cooperative Movement and Community Organization in the Canadian Arctic;” “Stresses of Change and Mental Health Among the Canadian Eskimos.”

Van Raalte, Sharon. - 1974.
RGW’s introduction to the Canadian Arctic Producer’s Cape Dorset calendar.

Veevee, Tommy. - 1990. - RESTRICTED.
Concerning request to have RGW serve as an assistant during a parole hearing.

Versteegh, C. - 2000.

Visiting Talks.
Handwritten notes taken during lectures.

Walker, Ernie. - 1983.

Ward, Norman.

W2-1 WASA (Western Anthropology and Sociology Association). - 1969.
Includes copy of “Third World Neo-Colonial Experience and Models of Indian Government in Canada.”

W10-2 Watson, Graham. - 1970-1971.

W7-2 Watson, Dr. L.F. - 1969, 1973.

Watson, LF - Rankin Report. - 1977.
First four sections of Watson’s ANIK report on the arrival of television at Rankin Inlet.

Wavell, Stuart. - 1997.
Regarding piece for the Sunday Times on the impact the European Union’s ban on fur has had on trapping cultures.

W9-1 Weather Recording. - 1972-1973.

“Week of the Inuit.”

Weller, Geoffrey.
Copies of offprints: “The Determinants of Canadian Health Policy;” “The Push for Reprivatization of Health Care Services in Canada, Britain, and the United States;” “The Development of Health Policy in Canada.”

W11-2 Wenzel, George. - 1970-1971.

W8-1 Western Collaboration Proposal. - 1972.
Concerning support from the Glenbow Foundation for a joint project with the three prairie universities.

W1-3 Whale Cove. - 1967-1969.
Letters from, or concerning, residents of Whale Cove.

Whaling. - 1992.

de Weerdt, Mark - see above, “Searle, David H.”

Wheelersburg, Robert. - 1988. - 2 folders.
Copy of Wheelersburg’s PhD dissertation, “The Effects of Scandinavian Society on Sami (Lapp) Land-use, Economic Behaviour and Settlement in Northern Sweden, 1600-1986.”

Folder 1 (Box 38)
BOX 39
Folder 2 (Box 39)

W14 Whitmore, Robert G. and others. - 1967-1976.
Includes copy of report on “Health Education in Northern Saskatchewan,” specifically Black Lake.

W12-2 Whyte, Catharine R. - 1970.

W5-2 Widstrand, Dr. C.G. - 1969-1982.

Williamson, Peter. - 1990.
Copy of “Political and Constitutional Change in the Northwest Territories Since the Carrothers Report.”

W13-2 Williamson, RG - Eskimo Underground. - 1975. - textual records and cassette.
Includes correspondence, draft, first copy. See also Publications Series.

W3-1 Williamson Library Holdings. - 1969.
See also above, “Library Holdings - ARTC and Williamson.

Williamson - Offprints.

Wilson, Sandy. - 1992. - RESTRICTED.
Regarding complaints against the Worker’s Compensation Board.

W7-1 Women’s Institutes of Canada. - 1968-[1969].
A resolution regarding field workers, together with a copy of “Into the North.”

W9-2 Wonders, William C. - 1970.
Regarding publication of an article in Canada’s Changing North.

Worker Adjustment. - 1962. - RESTRICTED.
Memos regarding adjustment problems for some individuals working at the North Rankin Nickel Mine.

Y1-1 York University. - 1970.

Y1-3 Yukon Territory. - 1970.
Promotional materials; material on teaching opportunities.

Z1 Zavatti, Dr. Silvio. - 1967-1974.
Correspondence and offprints.


[ca. 1964-1987]. - 60.69 cm. - textual records.

This series consists primarily of offprints, speeches, reports, and academic papers.


1. Northern Culture Change (RGW Papers). - nd, 1965-1971.
Includes “Regions and Identity in the North: Some Notes;” “The Canadian Arctic, Sociocultural Change;” an article on Inuit art ["The Spirit of Keewatin" 1963] published in The Beaver; “A Flame Within the Spear-Head;” “Eskimo Value Persistence in Contemporary Acculturation;” “The Institute for Northern Studies;” “Macro-Social Structures and Processes in Northern Cultural Change;” “The Keewatin Settlements.”
See also above, alpha numeric series, A-1 “Academic Papers” and “Articles.”

2. Bibliographic Sources.

3. Land Claims. - 1976-1983.
Proposed agreement-in-principle for the establishment of Inuit rights; various articles from the 1970s regarding Nunavut; “Judicial Theories of Aboriginal Title;” “Aboriginal Rights: The Native American’s Struggle for Survival;” “Inuit Land Claims;” together with a contract with RGW for negotiating between the federal government and the Inuit Tapirisat of Canada.

BOX 40

4. Acculturation Theory.
Photocopied article on stability and change, together with course notes for a class originally to be taught by RGW.

5. Missing.

6. Keewatin & Labrador Missions. - [ca. 1981], 1983.
Copy of Eskimo, together with “Missionaries and Heathen in Labrador: The Role of Death in the Conversion Process,” by David Scheffel.

7. Constitution (Canada). - 1981.
Copy of “Inuit and Constitutional Reform.”

8. Oil and Politics. - 1980, 1984.
Press release on the Beaufort Sea environmental assessment, together with “Gaslight Follies: The Political Economy of the Western Arctic” by J.C. Stabler and M.R. Olfert.

9. Theoretical Source Papers (including paper for development). - 1968-1984. - 2 folders. - RESTRICTED.
Includes some student papers, as well as “A Review of the Acculturation Approach in Anthropology, with Special Reference to Recent Change in Native Alaska,” by A.M. Ervin; photocopied articles from American Anthropologist; “A Study of the Structure of Two Eskimo Societies,” by E.S. Burch; articles concerning ‘nature v nurture’ and the debate over Margaret Mead’s Samoan study.

Folder 1 - 1968-1983
Folder 2 - 1975-1984 - RESTRICTED

10. Technology and Social Change (Sources).
Photocopied chapters from book edited by Bernard and Pelto; including articles on snowmobiles and arctic housing.

11. Inuit Publications. - 1983-1984.
Includes single copy of Inuit Today, together with two issues of Inungnut.
See also below, Publications Series.

12. Greenland Politics and Finances. - nd, 1967-1985.
Various articles on Danish sovereignty and the rise of nationalism; economic development; etc.; together with notes and correspondence.

13. Missing.

14. (Popular Public) Lecture Material. - nd, 1968-1977.
Handwritten notes for “Medicine in the Arctic;” “Circumpolar People;” “Cultural Sensitivity in the Context of Health Work;”“The People of the North;” “The Eskimo and Modern Medicine;” “The Lapps Today;” “Role of Women;” etc.

15. Mining (Industry and Inuit - Canada). - nd, 1981.
Includes “Inuit Employment at the Nanisivik Mine on Baffin Island;”“Borealis: The Geology and Feasibility of its Magnetite Deposits in the Canadian Arctic;”“The Socio-Economic Impact of Mining and the Inuit;”etc.

16. Spence Bay (Study). - 1976.
Photocopy of preface, summary and introduction.

17. CBC Northern Service. - 1978.
First drafts of “Broadcasting and Cultural Variation in the Central Arctic” by RGW; together with notes.

18. Inuit Circumpolar Conference (ICC) Executive Council Minutes. - 1980-1983.

19. Inuit Circumpolar Conference (ICC) Assembly Organization. - 1983.
Copy of brief to the MacDonald Commission on Canada’s Future.
20. Northern Lightly. - 1964.
Copy of RGW’s Punch, “Cool Communications,” together with notes for “Northern Lightly.”

21. Sabbatical Leave. - 1980-1984.
Correspondence, together with information on Ilisimatusarfik, the Centre for Arctic Research, and the Scott Polar Research Centre; as well as “On the West Greenlandic Cultural Imperialism in East Greenland,” Canadian ad hoc committee for applied anthropology newsletter, proceedings from the 1rst international symposium on renewable resources and the economy of the north, etc.
See also above, alpha-numeric series, “Sabbatical Leave” and “Petersen, Robert.”

22. Inuktitut Language (Papers and Inuit Literature). - 1974-1984. - RESTRICTED.
“Conversation Distance for Innuit and Kabloona;” “Non-verbal Communication Among Innuit and Indians in Northern Canada;” “Canadian Inuit Literature: the Development of a Tradition;” “Language as an Aspect of Acculturation in Labrador;” “Linguistic Relativism and Poetic Indeterminancy: A Reformation of Sapir’s Hypothesis;” “Language and Cultural Expressiveness: Three Areas of Linguistic Contribution to Anthropology.”
Includes student papers.

23. missing

24. Extractive Industry: Greenland. - 1981-1984.

25. Milton Freeman. - 1976-1984.
Primarily offprints of Freeman articles or reports he co-authored: “Aboriginal/Subsistence Whaling;” “Impact on Arctic Man;” “Community-based Research;” “Persistence and Change: The Cultural Dimension;” “An Ecological Perspective on Man-Environment Research in the Hudson and James Bay Region;” “Anthropologists and Policy-Relevant Research: The Case for Accountability;” “Nirtuiit: The Centrality and Continued Importance of Traditional Foods to Inuit Society.”
See also above, alpha-numeric series, “Freeman, Milton.”

26. Role of Women in Modern Inuit Society. - 1975.
Student paper: “Changing Roles Among the Women of the North.”

BOX 41

27. Mythology. - 1967-1970. - RESTRICTED.
Student papers: “Mythology: A Key to Understanding the Eskimo;” “An Insight into Traditional Eskimo Culture Through Mythology;” “Folktales of the Alaskan Eskimos: Socializers in, and Reflectors of Culture.”

28. Kinship & Eskimo Social Organization. - RESTRICTED.
“The Structure of Central Eskimo Associations;” “Kinship and Alliance in Eskimo Social Organization: the Nature of Flexibility.”
Includes student paper.

29. Applied Anthropology Reprints.
“Argument for a Dynamic Theory of Pluralism;” “Historical Theory and the Applied Anthropology of US and Canadian Indians;” “The Process of Sociocultural Continuity;” “The Cultural Problem of the Cultural Anthropologist;” “Commentary: Anthropological Value Positions;” “Ethnic Identity and Perceived Distance between Ethnic Categories;” “Historical Development of Industrial Anthropology;” etc.

30. Eskimo Naming System.
Draft of article by RGW, “The History of the Eskimo Naming System.”

31. (Mainly Eskimo) Shamanism (Inuit Religion, also Lapps & Missions). - 1968-1984. - RESTRICTED.
“Shamanism in Eskimo Society;” “Some Observations Relevant to the Study of Shamanism;” “Traditional Life-Crisis Customs of the Eskimo;” “Shamanism Among the Central Eskimo;” “Religious Beliefs of the Lapps;” “The Structure of the Shamanistic Complex Among the Netsilik and Igulik;” “The Symbolism of the Body in Inuit Culture.”
Includes student papers.

32. missing

33. Co-operatives in the North. - nd, 1983, 1987. - RESTRICTED.
Student papers.

34. Empty file.

35. Dale Reid - Final Documentation. - 1983-1984. - RESTRICTED.
Includes a copy of research outline regarding a damages claim by the Peter Ballantyne band over the Whitesand Dam.
See also above, alpha-numeric series, “Reid, Dale.”

36. Robert Petersen Papers. - 1977, 1980.
Materials in English and Inuktitut.

37. Missing

38. Missing

39. Greenland and NATO. - nd, 1985.
Articles by Clive Archer.

40. Hunters and Gatherers. - 1975, 1978. - RESTRICTED.
Student papers.

41. Eskimo Games & Culture Change. - 1967.
Paper by Thomas Lathrop.

42. Mental Health & Deviance – Arctic. - 1963-1981. - RESTRICTED.
Student papers, together with Williamson’s article, “The Canadian Arctic, Sociocultural Change;” and “Notes on Culture Change and Personality Adjustment among the North Alaskan Eskimos” by Norman Chance.

43. Missing

44. Inuit Art. - 1979-1980. - RESTRICTED.
“Spence Bay Sculpture: ‘An Expressive Force’;” together with a student paper.

45. Arctic Economic Change. - nd, 1977-1984. - RESTRICTED.
Includes drafts of Williamson’s article, “International Economic Interests and the Canadian Eskimo;” Jack Stabler’s article, “Development Planning North of 60: Requirements and Prospects;” together with student papers.

46. Empty file.

47. Summaries of Inuit Circumpolar Population, Government Representative Structure. - 1977-1983.
Press releases, opening remarks from the First Minister’s conference on aboriginal constitutional matters; international covenant on the rights of indigenous peoples; etc.

48. Landsting. - 1984.
Material primarily in Danish; some English. Includes brief overviews of various political parties in Greenland: Siumut, Atassut, and Inuit Ataqatigiit; and other material on Greenland’s “Home Rule Parliament.”

49. Dalhousie Ocean Studies Program. - nd, 1981-1984.
Includes chapters from an LLM thesis on fisheries management; three issues of New Directions; a green paper on management of the Lancaster Sound region; a draft of “Ocean Development and Management in the Arctic: Issues in American and Canadian Relations;” etc.

50. Sami Politicization. - 1975-1983. - - RESTRICTED.
Includes “Reindeer herders of Jokkmokk;” “Sami or Swede?;” “Swedish Government Policies on the Lapps;” “The Beginnings of Ethnic Politicization Among the Swedish Lapps (Sami);” “The Lapps in Sweden;” “Legislation of Ethnicity;” and a student paper, “Use of Domesticated Reindeer by Circumpolar Peoples.”

BOX 42

51. SSHRCC. - 1984.
Copies of grant application, “Value Persistance and Re-Interpretation in Inuit Policization,” together with comments; including request for sabbatical leave.

52. Whalers in Canada.
Essay and notes.

53. Alcoholism. - 1970, 1982.
Includes “Annotated Bibliography: Cross Cultural Studies in Alcohol Use;” “Alaskan Villagers’ Views on Problem Drinking: ‘Those Who Forget’;” “Levels of Analysis and Levels of Need: Cultural Factors and the Assessment of Need for Alcoholism Treatment Services in an Urban Community.”

54. Henrik Wilhjelm (Symposium Planning).

55. Inuit Circumpolar Conference Study Proposal & Official Forms. - 1984.

56. RGW 1984 Book Review of People of the Willow. - 1984.

57. Davis Straight International Joint Commission. - nd, 1980-1984.

58. Keewatin Inuit Association – Inuit Grave Sites Project. - 1983-1985.

59. Mark Gordon Report. - 1984.
Report on the Inuit Circumpolar Conference (ICC) in Canada;

60. Questionnaire Material - Greenland.
Material in English, Danish, and Greenlandic.

61. Missing.

62. Culture Change and Exteriorization. - nd, [1964], 1967, 1984. - RESTRICTED.
“Deference Behaviour Among the Inuit – Resistance to Resocialization in a Minority Community” by Eunice Baxter; “Changing Settlement Patterns in Inuit Communities” by Baxter and Alec McKay; “Administration Role Definition and Social Change” by A.G. Frank; Williamson’s “The Canadian Arctic, Socio-Cultural Change;” and a student paper, “The Process of Progress: an Examination of the Phenomenon of Culture Change.”

62b. Philosophy & Methodology of Research (Seminar). - 1983.

63. Arctic Pilot Project (Greenland Newsletter no. 1-82).

64. Universities and the North (including Greenland). - 1983-1984.

65. Greenland Education. - 1976.

66. Inuit Life Foundation / Intersect. - 1980.

67. Greenland Ethnography. - 1973, 1974.
Copies of “Human Reciprocity: An Arctic Exemplification” by B. Jensen; and “Examples of Greenlandic Humour with Regard to Culture Contacts and Inter-ethnic Relationships” by Inge Kleivan.

68. [Ernest S.] Tiger Burch Papers on Keewatin. - 1977-1979.
“Muskox and Man in the Central Canadian Subarctic, 1689-1974;” “Caribou Eskimo Origins: an Old Problem Reconsidered;” “The Thule – Historic Eskimo Transition on the West Coast of Hudson Bay;” Chipewyan and Inuit in the Central Canadian Subarctic, 1613-1977.”

69. Manitsoq Families & Community History. - 1982.
Material in [Greenlandic].


1966-1981 (inclusive). - 81.28 cm. - textual records and 12 photographs.

This series documents the University of Saskatchewan’s Arctic Research and Training Centre, including financial records, building specifications, annual and weekly reports, and extensive correspondence with University personnel, students, and academic researchers. Material regarding courses can also be found below, in Series 4: Department of Anthropology.

ARTC (General). - 1966-1981. - 3 folders.

ARTC 1974.

ARTC 1983. - 1983. - textual records and 12 photographs.
Report on ARTC, including an appendix on gardening in low arctic communities.

Accommodation Invoices. - 1969-1975.

A20-1 Accommodation Rates. - 1972, 1975.

A38-1b Account - Imperial Bank of Commerce - Rankin Inlet. - 1976.

A38-1 Account - Royal Bank of Canada - Ft. Churchill. - 1972-1973, 1976.

BOX 43

A19 Accounts.

Accounts - Paid by INS. - 1969-1970.

Accounts - Rankin. - 1970-1971. - 3 folders.

Accounts - Saskatoon. - 1971.

A36-1 Annual Report. - 1970-1972, 1976.

A7-1 ATCO. - nd, 1968-1973. - 2 folders.
A7-1b Blueprints; invoices regarding ARTC building.

A9-5 ARTC - ATCO Correspondence and Plans. - nd, 1966-1972. - 2 folders.
Primarily correspondence; includes promotional materials from ATCO, samples of their interior products, and some blueprints.

A29-1 Audio Visual Services. - 1970.

Bibliography for Summer Program.

Bolger, Clare. - 1967.
Regarding Eskimo Language Course.

A16 Budget (Forecast). - 1968-1971.

A6 Building. - 1968-1975.

A9 Building Equipment. - 1968-1973.
Correspondence, invoices and inventories regarding miscellaneous furnishings and equipment.

A6-1 [Building] - Maintenance. - 1976.
See also above, A7-1b ATCO

A43-1 Building Services. - 1972, 1975-1976.

A11 Catering. - 1968-1969.

A42-1 Charter. - 1972.

A19-1 Computer Printouts - Saskatoon Account. - 1971-1972.

C37-1 Contract for Building Rental. - 1971-1975.

Course 1971.
Includes genealogies, descriptions of [Inuit] songs, etc.
See also “Dept of Anthropology, Anthropology S212f - Student Histories and Genealogies;” “Eskimo Kinship.”

C33-1 Course Evaluations. - 1970.

W10-1 Correspondence to Williamson from ARTC. - 1973.

D8-1 Dental Therapy. - 1975-1976.

Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development. - 1966-1967.

D3 Dittoed Material, ARTC Library.
Includes “The Spirit of Keewatin;” “Expeditions to the Canadian Arctic.”

BOX 44

E13-1 Eskimo Culture / Applied Anthropology / ELS Course. - 1971.

E9-1 Eskimo Language Program. - 1970-1975.

E9-3 Eskimo Language School. - 1958, 1966-1972.

A26-1 (Events and Visitors). - nd, 1969, 1970, 1976.

F2-1 Filing (and Library) Instructions.

F4-1 Flimsies. - 1967-1976. - 13 folders.
Copies of all outgoing correspondence; includes newsletters.
BOX 45

Food Inventory. - 1971.

G4 Greenhouse. - 1968-1969.
Material from Ewen Coxworth; and an offprint from F.G. Hannell.

A35-1 Guests. - nd, 1969-1975.

Homemaking Class.
Given by Jean Williamson

H3-1 Handouts. - [ca. 1970].

Handouts for ARTC Field Courses.
Includes copies of ““Notes on the Cooperative Movement and Community Organization in the Canadian Arctic;” “The Relation of Language to Culture;” The Flexibility of Eskimo Social Organization;” “The Dynamics of Change;” “Kinship Reckoning Among the Belcher Island Eskimo;” “Burial Patterns in the Canadian Arctic;” “The Timeless Present in the Mythology of the Aivilik Eskimos;” “Eskimo Herdsmen;” “Caribou Eskimo Legal Concepts;” “Acculturation.”

I13-1 Information Pamphlets - ARTC & Rankin Inlet. - nd, 1968, 1971, 1976.

A21 Library. - nd, 1969-1973, 1976.

L4-1 Long Distance Phone Logs. - 1970, 1972, 1975.

M13-1 Maps. - 1970-1972.

Memos. - 1974, 1976-1978.
Primarily concerning ARTC operations and planning for its future; ARTC review; etc.

M8-1 Memos - R.M. Bone. - 1973.

M2 Memos - Shirley King. - 1967-1969.
Regarding ARTC / INS operations.

M3 Memos - Dr. Kupsch. - nd, 1967-1972. - 2 folders.
Regarding ARTC / INS operations. Includes “A History and Prognosis” for INS.

M2-1 Memos - Phyllis Smith (INS). - 1969-1973.

A20a-3 Monthly Financial Statements. - 1975-1977.
A34-1 Newsletter. -1971-1973.

O2-1 Official Opening.

P8-1 Permafrost Project. - 1970-1972.
Correspondence with National Research Council, regarding the boundary between continuous and discontinuous permafrost zones, and ground temperature measurements.
[See also alphabetical subject-nominal series, file “Instrumentation”].

P9-1 Pollution and Environment. - 1970.
Copy of Habitat; Environment 1975; and a reading list.

BOX 46
P1-1 Press. - 1966, 1969-1970.

A12-1 ARTC Proposal. - 1966.
Initial proposal for the establishment of an arctic research and training centre.

A13 Proposed Projects. - 1968-1970.

Research Personnel. - 1967.

R2 Research Projects. - 1967-1971, 1975.

S4-1 Student Applications for Summer Course.

A32-1 Student Billeting. - 1970-1971.

T7-1 Telegrams. - 1967-1972. - 5 folders.

Telephone Account - Bell Canada.

VHF Forward Scatter Project. - 1967.

V1-1 VHF Transmitter Packing Instructions.


1965-2000. - 101.6 cm. - textual records.

This series contains course outlines, exams, some student assignments (particularly those relating to summer courses taught at Rankin Inlet); as well as correspondence with colleagues in the department, faculty minutes, and other reports related to the department.

Anthropology 101 - “My Culture” Statements.

Anthropology 111.3 - Course Outline. - nd, 1987-1994.

Anthropology 111.3 - Final Exam & Key. - 1984, 1990-1994.

Anthropology 111.3 - Midterm Exam and Key. - nd, 1982, 1987, 1990-1993.

Anthropology 111.3 - Suggested Readings. - 1987, 1992-1994.

Anthropology 120B. - 1978, 1980-1981.
Course outline, midterm and final exam.

Anthropology 202 - Examinations. - nd, 1965-1966.

Anthropology 212. - nd, 1967-1968.
Outlines, exams.

A14 Anthropology S212. - 1969.

A14 Anthropology S212 - Summer School. - 1967-1970.

A14b Anthropology S212f - Student Histories and Genealogies. - 1969-1970. - RESTRICTED.
Genealogies of Rankin Inlet families; some correspondence with and background data on students.
See also “ARTC Course 1971;” “Eskimo Kinship.”

A24 Anthropology 222. - nd, 1968, 1970.

A24-1 Anthropology S222f - Exams and Procedures. - 1969-1976.

Anthropology S222f - Genealogies. - 2 folders.
Genealogies of Rankin Inlet families.

A24b-1Anthropology S222f - Genealogies - Community Maps.

BOX 47

Anthropology S222f - Student Papers. - 1969.

A24 Anthropology S222f - Student Records. - 1970.
Brief biographical sketches, including educational history, cross-cultural experiences, languages, etc.
See also below, “Student Biographies.”

Anthropology S222f - Term Assignments - Barbara Bailey. - 1970.
“Journal Condensation and Course Evaluation.”

Anthropology S222f - Term Assignments - Georgia Barth. - 1970.
“Activity Observation: Area Administration;” “Some Observations Concerning the Rankin Inlet Housing Association.”

Anthropology S222f - Term Assignments - Cathie Campbell. - 1970.
“The Library as a Communications Agent;” “Journal;” “The Recreation Program and its Role in the Community.”

Anthropology S222f - Term Assignments - Suzie Cox. - 1970.
“Observation of prenatal care classes held at the Rankin Inlet Nursing Station; “Traditional Eskimo Values and Recreational Dancing in Rankin Inlet, NWT;” “Journal Synthesis and Excerpts.”

Anthropology S222f - Term Assignments - Mara Feeney. - 1970. - RESTRICTED.
“An Exercise in Ethnomusicological Research Performed in Rankin Inlet, NWT;” “(Dissection of) A Family Frolick for Fun and Fish;” “Mara’s Daily Journal.”

Anthropology S222f - Term Assignments - Leonard Fischer. - 1970. - RESTRICTED.
“Language and Acculturation Among the Eskimos of Rankin Inlet;” “Rankin Inlet Observations;” “Activity Observation - Pottery Making at the Crafts Shop.”

Anthropology S222f - Term Assignments - June Fisher.
“Social and Economic Functions of the Co-operative Movement in the Northern Arctic;” “Journal Summary of Rankin Inlet.”

Anthropology S222f - Term Assignments - Peter Johnston.
“Aborigine and Eskimo: A Comparison of Two Settlements;” “Commercial Movies in Rankin Inlet;” “Journal.”

Anthropology S222f - Term Assignments - Scott Thybony. - 1970. - RESTRICTED.
“Inter-Cultural Dependency;” “Open-Water, Summer Seal Hunting;” “Journal.”

Anthropology 223.3 - Course Outline. - 1981-1997.
Includes 1997 reading list.

Anthropology 223.3 - Final Exam. - 1986-1997.

Anthropology 223.3 - Handout: “Memorandum for the Study of Acculturation.”

Anthropology 223.3 - Reading List. - nd, 1992-1995.

Anthropology 225.6 - Course Outline. - nd, 1983.

Anthropology 225.6 - Sharma’s Material. - 1982.

Anthropology 229.3 - Course Outline. - nd, 1993.

Anthropology 229.3 - Final Exam. - nd, 1967-1998.
Note: Anthro 229 was formerly Anthro 212, 312.

Anthropology 229.3 - Handouts.

Anthropology 229.3 - Reading List.

Anthropology 230.3. - 1987.

Anthropology 232.3. - 1995.

Anthropology 311.3 - Reading List.

Anthropology 312 - Exam. - 1969-1970.

Anthropology 312 - JFV Millar. - 1969.
Lecture notes.

Anthropology S312f. - Exam. - 1967.

Anthropology 321.3 - Course Outline. - nd, 1983, 1995, 1997.

Anthropology 321.3 - Final Exam. - 1983-1998.

Anthropology 321.3 - Handouts.

Anthropology 321.3 - Reading List. - nd, 1992.

Anthropology 324 B. - 1978.

A24-2 Anthropology 326B & 336B. - 1971-1986.

Anthropology 328.3 - Course Outline. - 1985.

Anthropology 380. - 1975.

Anthropology 391A & 392B. - 1967.
Includes handwritten notes from various faculty, suggesting exam questions.

Anthropology 425. - 1981.

Anthropology 800 - Final Exam.

Anthropology 803.3 - Reading List.

Anthropology 820.

Anthropology - MA Comprehensive Exam. - 1974-1977.

Anthropology - Miscellaneous notes for classes.

APALA Student Conference. - 1996.
Proceedings and abstracts.

Mimeographed materials from Dr. Pohorecky.

Arctic Cultural Program. - 1979.

BOX 48

Includes “Indian/Native Studies in Canada 1980-1992: A Bibliographical Essay.”

Core Reading List for Graduate Program. - 1972.

Course Evaluations. - 6 folders.

D5-1 Department of Anthropology. - nd, 1965-2000. - 4 folders.
Includes correspondence with colleagues, memos, reports, etc.
BOX 49

Department of Anthropology - Confidential. - 1978, 1988, 1992. - RESTRICTED.
Includes promotion materials, notes and references regarding hiring; material concerning grading and conduct problems with a colleague.

Department of Sociology and Anthropology. - 1968-1969.

Departmental Meetings. - nd, 1969-1996.
Copies of faculty meeting minutes, notes, meetings with college deans, etc.

D2-1 Dittoed Material - Anthropology and Archaeology.
Various exams, course outlines, etc.

External Review. - 1978-1995. - 4 folders.
Includes college review preliminary departmental report, external reviews for 1986, 1995, and “Review of Activities and Programs, 1978-1984.”

Feminist Anthropology.

Handouts. - 3 folders.
Mimeographed articles by Brandt, Vallee, etc.

Long-Term Planning. - 1986, 1998.

Material for Hayden. - 1983.
Departmental history.

Memos from Millar. - 1971-1972.

Report of Committee on Administrative Arrangements for Anthropology and Archaeology. - 1969.

Report of the College Planning & Budget Committee. - 1998.

Self-Study Document. - 1995.

S4 Student Applications for S222. - 1970.

Student Biographies. - 1968-2000. - 10 folders. - RESTRICTED.

Folder 1 (Box 49)
BOX 50
Folder 2 (Box 50)

25th Anniversary. - 1988-1990.

BOX 51


1963-1973. - 10 cm. - textual records.

This series contains original research data and copies of government records, relating to the impact of relocation on Inuit people.

Asbestos (Deception Bay) Relocation - DIAND Documents - File 680-3-50 - Churchill. - 1963-1964. - RESTRICTED.
Photocopied or typed copies.

Eskimo Relocation. - 1972-1973. - RESTRICTED.
Correspondence regarding research project.

Eskimo Relocation - Ottawa Files Xerox. - 1968-1972. - RESTRICTED.
Photocopies of government documents, primarily concerning the relocation of North Rankin Nickel Mine workers to Lyn Lake, Manitoba; also includes correspondence between Terrence Foster (research assistant and co-author) and various mines, government agencies, education districts, etc.
Note also the material on North Rankin Nickel Mine, below.
committee minutes

Information Inventory Sheets - 1972. - 12 folders. - RESTRICTED.
Data from interviews; includes demographic information; family data; work history; written notes on interview; etc. A separate file has been kept on each of the following participants:
[personal information removed from digitized versions]
Adams, Willie
Aklunark, Simeon
Angidlik, Joachim
Hakaluk, Phillip
Ittinuar, Oliver
Kanak, Alvin
Kusugak, Cyril
Maneraluk, Anthony.
Partridge, Tommy
Taparti, Lucien

Lyn Lake Relocation. - 1972. - RESTRICTED.
Typewritten notes and observations; includes brief historical overview, as well as information on specific individuals.
memos and correspondence

Lyn Lake Relocation - DIAND Documents - File 680-3-50 - Churchill. - 1963-1972. RESTRICTED.
Photocopied or typed copies.

Mine Relocation - Preparatory - DIAND - 680-3-50 - Churchill. - 1964. - RESTRICTED.
Government report on ‘mine employment preparation course;’ includes assessments of individuals. Photocopy.

Press Reports - Re: Relocation - Lyn Lake and Yellowknife.

Rankin Inlet - Community Data. - 1972.
Lists of individuals working/volunteering with various businesses, government agencies, associations, etc.

Relocation - Eskimos to 1962.
Draft of [chapter], “Eskimo Relocation in Canada Before 1962.”

Tungsten (Flat River) Relocation - DIAND Documents - File 680-3-50 - Churchill. - 1962-1963. - RESTRICTED.
Photocopied or typed copies.

Yellowknife Relocation. - 1963-1964. - RESTRICTED.
Photocopied or typed copies of government documents.


1965-1990 (inclusive). - 20.32 cm. - textual records and 3 photographs.

The Institute for Northern Studies was established in January 1960 as a multi-disciplinary unit dedicated to research on the Canadian north and other circumpolar regions, with a special emphasis on northern Saskatchewan. The Institute was phased out over a three- year period, beginning in 1981.

This series contains minutes and other documents related to the administration of INS, as well as some research materials, reports, etc.

INS General. - nd, 1965-1981. - 3 folders.

Advisory Committee. - 1968-1980..

Annual Meeting. - 1972.

ARTC and Anthropology. - 1977-1978.
Memoranda relating to the Arctic Studies Committee, ARTC, and anthropology.

Canada Council Program Grant. - 1975.


Comminterphone (Draft).

Comminterphone (Report). - 1972.

C34-1 Comminterphone Project. - nd, 1971-1972. - textual records and 3 photographs.

BOX 52

Conference. - 1965-1966.
Regarding Northern Studies Conference.

I5b Executive Committee. - 1965-1968.
Minutes of the Executive Committee; materials relating to the First National Northern Research Conference.
See also above, Series 1, “1rst National Northern Research Conference.”

E14-1 Extension Classes - Experimental Community Education. - 1972.

History, Budget & Administration.

M4-1 Musk-Ox. - 1965, 1968-1971, 1975.
Includes drafts of an address by RGW to the Musk-Ox Circle, “Social Change Among Canadian Eskimo.”

I5a Original 12-Point Plan for INS. - 1964-1965, 1974, 1980.
Notes on “Northern Interests;” “Keewatin Regional Study;” “ARTC & Northern Learning;” etc.

I21-1 Planning. - 1974-1975.

Polar Gas.

Programs. - 1968.
Correspondence and memorandum.

S11-2 Schweitzer, Doug (Memos). - 1969-1973.

Rankin. - 1967-1990.

Abstracts of published works relating to northern research.


[ca. 1976-1995]. - 45.64 cm. - textual records.

This series relates to the work of the ICC, its conferences, reports, etc; and contains materials created by RGW during a study on Inuit political leadership.

ICC General. - 1977-1986. - 2 folders.
Reports to the general assembly; includes briefs on home rule in Greenland; the environmental commission of the ICC; Inuit and arctic policy in Canada.

ICC - 1977.

ICC - 1980.

ICC - 1980 - Seminar Material.

ICC - 1983.


Collapse of the Arctic Seal Skin Market: Retrospective Study and Sustainable Options. - 1995.

Conference - 1977.
Complete transcripts. Please see oversize.

Conference - Unidentified.
Complete transcripts. Please see oversize.

Draft Principles for an Arctic Policy.

BOX 53

ICC Executive Committee.

ICC Executive Council.

Financial. - 1981-1982.

Fur Ban.

ICC General Assembly - 1980.

ICC General Assembly - 1980 - Papers.

ICC General Assembly - 1980 - Proposed Amendments.

ICC General Assembly - 1983.

ICC General Assembly - 1983 - President’s Report.

ICC General Assembly - 1986.

ICC General Assembly - 1986 - Background Material.

ICC General Assembly - 1986 - Elders Conference Recommendations.

ICC General Assembly - 1986 - President’s Report.

ICC General Assembly - 1986 - Resolutions, Proposed Amendments, Principles.

ICC General Assembly - 1986 - Speeches.

ICC General Assembly - 1995.

ICC General Assembly - 1995 - Bylaws.

ICC General Assembly - 1995 - Circumpolar Sustainable Development. - 1994.

ICC General Assembly - 1995 - Elders Caucus.

ICC General Assembly - 1995 - Language and Orthography.

ICC General Assembly - 1995 - Resolutions.

ICC General Assembly - 1995 - Speeches.


ICC - Inuit Arctic Policy Review - see below, Publications Series.

Inuit Land Use and Occupancy Study.

“Inuit Self-Determination is External Jurisdiction.” - 1993.

BOX 54

Inuit Tapirisat of Canada. - 1982-1983.

Notes for “Inuit Organized.”

Notes for ‘Values, Value Persistence, Reformation and Replacement in Eskimo Politicization.’
[Address] to the Scott Polar Research Centre. Includes notes for Tromsø Universitet lecture, “Acculturation and Politicization in the Inuit World.”

Pre-Conference. - 1976.
“Un-edited transcript.”


ICC Study - General Correspondence.

ICC Study - Inuit Politician Interviews.
Includes separate files for the following:
Lars Chemnitz
Ingmar [Egede]
Eva Ejerhed
Tim Ingold
Lars-Emil Johannsen
Aqqaluq Lynge
Moses Olsen
Henriette Rasmussen
Dalee Sambo
Marianne Staenbeck

ICC Study - Inuit Politician Interviews - Background Material. - 1983, 1986.
Includes speech from the Greenland Home Rule at the ICC Conference; ‘The US Arctic Research Commission: Some Whys, Whats and Hows;’ precis of the 1983 ICC general assembly.

ICC Study - Inuit Politician Interviews - Interview Questions.

ICC Study - Inuit Politician Interviews - Notes.
Includes notes from Brian Roberts, David Maybury-Lewis taken during [interviews? lectures?].

[ICC Study] - Reference Material.
Includes brief to the MacDonald Commission on Canada’s Future presented by the ICC; RGW’s “Macro-social structures and processes in northern cultural change;” “Territoriality and tenure - the appropriation of space in hunting and gathering societies;” Greenland before 1950; “The Place of Women in the Modern Saameby;” “Moose Poaching or Native Minority Right;” “The Reindeer-Caribou Conflict in the Nana Region of Alaska.”

ICC Study - Visit to Ottawa.

ICC Weekly Reports.

ICC - Weekly Reports - Alaska.

ICC - Working Paper on Principles and Values. - 1983.


1919-1964 (dates of information); [ca. 1963-1965] (dates of creation). - 81.28 cm of textual records, predominantly photocopies.

This series contains the extensive data collected for Shimpo and Williamson’s Socio Cultural Disintegration Among The Fringe Saulteaux; together with correspondence, reference materials, questionnaires, etc. relating to that study. Given the nature of the data collected, this series is restricted under conditions similar to those in the Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Please consult with an archivist regarding access to specific files.

Achievement Record - Assiniboin School.

Achievement Record - Victoria School.


Band Accounts, 1919.

[Binder - Kamsack Project].
Questionnaires, subjects; notes; correspondence regarding design of the project, etc.

[Binder - Memos, Correspondence, Questionnaires from Other Studies].

[Binder - Outgoing Memos & Correspondence].

BOX 55

[Binder - Pelly Agency Correspondence & Memos].

[Binder - RCMP / Police Ledger].
Data re: fines paid, expenses for minor infractions.

[Binder - Registered Indian Record]. - 7 folders.

CNR Exhibits.

Community Development Services Annual Report.


Maps. See oversize.

Cote Band Meeting Minutes - 1949-1963.

Cote History.

Cote I Relief Lists.
See also below, “Relief Lists.”

Cote II Relief Lists.

Death, Health, and Birth Record in Pelly Agency - Medical File.

BOX 56

A History of Cote, Keeseekoose & Key’s Reserves.
Indian Act.

Indian Students’ Achievement in Kamsack Collegiate.

Indian Students’ Mark - Report of Kamsack Junior High School.

Kamsack Background Data.

Kamsack - Code - Data on Indians.

Kamsack Data - 1.

Kamsack Data - 2.

Kamsack Indian.

Kamsack Liquor Board Record.

Kamsack Report. - 2 folders.
Socio Cultural Disintegration Among The Fringe Saulteaux

Kamsack Report - Draft Chapters. - 3 folders.

BOX 57

Kamsack Union Hospital.

Keeseekoose Band II Relief Lists.

Land Leases, Crops Sown.

Land Leases, Livestock Data.

Marriage Certificates A-I.

Marriage Certificates J-Z.

Minutes - Fed-Prov Co-ordinating Committee on Kamsack - JB Hawley.

Minutes of Town Council and Indians.

Municipal System of Saskatchewan.

Name List and Amount of Family Allowance in Pelly Agency.

[Notes, Correspondence].

[Notes, Drafts].

Notes, Memos, Outlines.

[Notes, Minutes, Etc.]

Original Code Sheets.
See oversize.

BOX 58

Participation and Earning from Fence-Post Project in Pee Pow Plain, Sask.

Provincial Policies.

Public Nurse’s Report.

Includes surname codes, coding instructions, etc.

Questionnaires (Completed).

Relief Lists.
See also above, “Cote I Relief Lists.”

School Attendance.

Subsidy Housing Program.

Unannotated Lists.

Unidentified. - 5 folders.


1953-1971. - 25.32 cm. - textual records and photographs.

This series contains the administrative records of the North Rankin Nickel Mine.
N3 North Rankin Nickel Mine. - 1968-1971.
See also above, ‘Department of Northern Affairs - Mines Branch.’


Department of Northern Affairs.

Department of Northern Affairs and National Resources.

Eskimo Bank Account Numbers. - 1961-1962. - RESTRICTED.

Eskimo Payroll Cheques. - 1961-1962. - 2 folders.

Financial Statements. - July-September 1957.

General Correspondence. - 1957-1960.

Hudson’s Bay Company. - 1957-1960, 1962. - 4 folders.

Imperial Oil. - 1959-1960.

Miller, R.E. - 1956-1957.

Monthly Letters from Toronto. - 1956.
See also below, “North Rankin Nickel Mine - To Toronto Office - A.K. Roberts.”

See also above, Northern Health Services.

Notices. - 1960-1962.

RCMP. - 1959-1962. - RESTRICTED.
Primarily invoices; also includes material relating to a criminal investigation.

Roman Catholic Mission. - 1959-1960.

Royal Bank of Canada. - 1962.

To Toronto Office - A.K. Roberts. - 1953-1955.

BOX 59


X-Ray Cards Mill Eskimos. - [ca. 1961]

X-Ray Cards Mill Whites. - [ca. 1961].

X-Ray Cards Underground Eskimos. - [ca. 1961]. - RESTRICTED.
Miner’s certificates, including photographs and medical examination results regarding fitness for employment in a ‘dust exposure occupation;’ together with a list of mine employees.


1956-19883 (inclusive); 1966-1972 (predominant). - 199.88 cm. - textual records and 2 photographs.

This series contains materials related to RGW’s tenure as a Member of the Legislative Council, NWT, beginning with his election by acclamation in 1966. It includes correspondence, speeches and notes, as well as published records relating to the work of the Council, and reports on issues of concern to the Territory.
See also Series 1, “Elections - NWT,” “Elections - NWT - Campaign Material,” etc. and below, Publications Series.

Advisory Commission on the Development of Government in the Northwest Territories. - 2 folders.
Volumes. I-VI: briefs, abstracts, verbatim reports.

BOX 60

Advisory Commission on the Development of Government in the Northwest Territories - Information.
Material on various communities

Advisory Commission on the Development of Government in the Northwest Territories - Report. - 1966. - 2 folders.

Alcohol Treatment Digest.
See also below, Publications series.

Annual Report of the Corrections Service. - 1968-1969.

Annual Report of the Territorial Hospital Insurance Services Board. - 1967-1968.

32nd Session. - 1966.
34th Session. - 1967. - 2 folders.

BOX 61

36th Session. - 1968.
37th Session. - 1968.
38th Session. - 1969.
40th Session. - 1969.

Arctic Antics. - 1966.
Newsletter for Council members.

Arctic Tour. - 1968. - 2 folders.

Bill C-212. - 1970.
An Act to amend...the Northwest Territories Act and the Territorial Lands Act.

By-election - Instructions for Returning Officers.

Canada Assistance Plan - See “Ordinances - Social Assistance.”


Commissioner - Correspondence. - 1964-1970.
Primarily correspondence, on a wide variety of matters, with Stuart Hodgson (see below, “Hodgson, SM”); copy of the address of the commissioner regarding education; and report on religion and education in the north.

Commissioner - Tuesday Letter. - 1966-1967.

Community Development.

C7-3 Constituency Letters. - 1966, 1970.

Co-ops. - 1968.

Council. - 1960, 1966-1971.
Includes notes on the outbreak of tuberculosis at Eskimo Point, co-op proposals, archaeological sites, Federal-Provincial financial agreements, notes on a meeting with the Prime Minister, correspondence, miscellaneous reports, clippings, etc., and material regarding rules of the Council.
29th Session. - 1965.

BOX 62

34th Session. - 1967.
35th Session. - 1967.
36th Session. - 196.
37th Session. - 1968. - 4 folders.

BOX 63

38th Session. - 1969.
39th Session. - 2 folders.
41rst Session. - 1970.
43rd Session. - 1970.
44th Session. - 1971. - 2 folders.

BOX 64
46th Session. - 1972. - 2 folders.

Director of Information Services. - 1968-1969.
Memorandum from Ted Horton.

Economic Development in the Northwest Territories. - 1966.
Volume I: Background papers–provincial programs of industrial development.

E2-3 Education - Children. - 1966-1972.

Education Ordinance. - 1974.
Working draft.


E1a-3 Eskimo Point. - 1968-1971.
Primarily correspondence relating to the residents of Eskimo Point; includes three issues of “The Messenger.”

E1b-3 Eskimo Point Community Association. - 1967-1970.

Estimate of Progress. - 1969.

E4-3 Experimental Teacher Education Program - 1969-1970.

Financial Statement. - 1969.

Fort Smith - Study of Hospital Facilities. - 1967.

Government of the Northwest Territories. - 1968.
Organizational chart.

H4-2 Hodgson, Stuart M. - nd, 1967-1975. - 2 folders.
H4, H5 Note: see also above, “Commissioner - Correspondence.”

Indemnity Committee. - 1970.
Correspondence, working documents, etc.

“Indians, Eskimos, and the Administration of Justice in the Northwest Territories.” - 1967.
Brief from the Indian-Eskimo Association of Canada to the Commission of Enquiry on the Administration of Justice in the Northwest Territories.

Information Items. - 2 folders.

Folder 1 (Box 64)
BOX 65
Folder 2 (Box 65)

Information to Members of Council.

I4-3 Inuvik & District Chamber of Commerce. - 1969.
Correspondence concerning commercial vehicle licences.

Jickling, R.P. - 1967.
Correspondence concerning the NWT School of Mining.

Labour Standards Board Report. - 1966.

37th Session. - 1968.
38th Session. - 1969.
40th Session. - October 1969.
43rd Session. - 1970.

Legislation, Recommendations to Council, Sessional Papers:
38th Session. - 1969.
39th Session. - 1969.

Medical Services. - 1968-1970.
Member’s Manual.

Unidentified Session, [1966].
2nd Session, 1968.
BOX 66
1st Session, 1969.
2nd Session, 1969.

Includes handwritten notes, annotated documents and printed versions.
(Session Unidentified). - nd, 1966-1970. - 2 folders.
Motions (Notice Given). -
35th Session. - 1968.
37th Session. - 1968.
39th Session.
40th Session.

Newsletters. - 1968.

Notes. - textual records and two photographs.
From small notebook; includes notes on motions, data on constituencies, notes from other MLAs, etc.
Material in English and Inuktitut.

NWT Council Tour see Arctic Tour, above.

Opening Address - Commissioner. - 1968, 1970.
Given at 36th, 37th, and 41st sessions.

Opening Speech - 33rd Session - RG Williamson. - 1966. - 2 folders.
Notes and final version.

Opening Speech - 34th Session - RG Williamson.
Also includes some motions and other materials.

Opening Speech - 35th Session - RG Williamson. - 1967.

Opening Speech - 36th Session - RG Williamson. - 1968.

Opening Speech - 36th Session - RG Williamson - Speech Material. - 1968.
Includes “The Keewatin Area of the Northwest Territories and the Economic Development of that area;” correspondence; etc.

Opening Speech - 37th Session - RG Williamson. - 2 folders.
Speech notes and final version.

Opening Speech - 38th Session - RG Williamson. - 1969.

Orders and Regulations. - 1966-1969. - 4 folders.

Folder 1 (Box 66)
BOX 67
Folder 3 (Box 67)

Ordinances. - 1956-1970. - 5 folders.

Ordinances - Historic Sites, Museums, Artifacts and Documents. - 1969.

Ordinances - Liquor.

Ordinances - Social Assistance.
Draft regulations and schedules; for discussion purposes only.

Ownership of Natural Resources - AR Thompson. - 1966.

P4-2 Parker, John. - 1965-1983.
Correspondence with then Deputy Commissioner of the Northwest Territories.

Permanent Committee on Historic Sites, Museums and Artifacts. - 1969.

P2-3 Personnel. - 1966-1968.

P3 Press Releases - NWT. - nd, 1966-1970. - 2 folders.

Folder 1 (Box 67)
BOX 68
Folder 2 (Box 68)

Press Releases - RGW.

Proposed National Park - Fort Reliance. - 1969.

Proposed National Park - Great Slave Lake. - 1969.
Report from the National Parks Service, DIAND.

Questions and Returns. - 3 folders.

Questions and Returns - 39th & 40th Sessions.

Recommendations. - 1968-1969.


Report - Board of Liquor Inquiry. - 1968-1969.

Report of Indoor Portable Pool. - 1968.

Report of the NWT Liquor System. - 1968-1969.

Report of Orders and Regulations. - 1969.

Report on Health Conditions in the Northwest Territories. - 1962-1969.
Reports, together with some correspondence and miscellaneous data.

Report on In-Patient Care Services - Mackenzie Area.

Royal Visit.

Session - January 1970.
Notes, press releases, correspondence, etc. on a variety of topics.

Session - 42nd. - 1970.
Notes, correspondence, memoranda; material relating to Bill C-212, including text of an address by Jean Chétien; etc.

Sessional Papers. - 1966-1969.

Social Assistance.

BOX 69

“Some Aspects of Economic Development...”. - 1958.

Submission on Five-Year Tourist Development Program. - 1968.

Tabled Documents. - 2 folders.

Tour by the Commissioner. - 1969.
Trimble, Lyle. - 1967.

V2-2 Voisey, Lewis. - 1967.
Request for assistance.

Votes and Procedings - 28th Session. - 1964. - 2 folders.

W1 Water & Sewage. - 1967.
Regarding existing services at Rankin Inlet.

Workmen’s Compensation - Annual Report.


1987-1997. - 25.32 cm. - textual records.

This series contains documents relating to the background of, creation, and administration of Nunavut Territory.

Agreement Between the Inuit of the Nunavut Settlement Area and Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada. - 1993.

Bill C-132. - 1993.
First reading of Act “to establish a territory to be known as Nunavut....”

Government of the Northwest Territories Response to Footprints 2. - 1996.


Nunavut Implementation Commission. - 1994.

Nunavut Implementation Commission - Choosing a Capital. - 1995.

Nunavut Implementation Commission - Footprints 2. - 1996.

BOX 70

Nunavut Legal Education Program. - 1994.

Nunavut Political Accord. - 199?.
Agreement between Tungavik Federation of Nunavut; Government of Canada; Government of Northwest Territories. Photocopy.

Response to the Recommendations of the Nunavut Implementation Commission on Establishment of the Nunavut Government - 1996.
Report by Nunavut Tunngavik Incorportated. Photocopy

Response to the Recommendations of the Nunavut Implementation Commission on Establishment of the Nunavut Government Presented in “Footprints 2" and in “Nunavut’s Legislature, Premier, and First Election.” - 1997.
Report by Nunavut Tunngavik Incorportated. Photocopy.

Tungavik Federation of Nunavut - Annual General Meeting. - 1987.

Working Toward 1999. - 1996.
Report by government of NWT.


[ca. 1946]-2000. - 20.32 cm.

This series contains correspondence, financial, medical, and other records relating to RGW and his family. Some correspondence is closed for 50 years (until 2050).


Christmas Cards. - 2 folders.

CV. - [ca. 1964]-1992.
Public service purposes resumé, biography, standardized University CV, etc.

Ewing, Leila.
Concerning estate of Joanne Lang.

Family. - nd, 1963-1997.

Family - Beth Williamson. - nd, 1975-1996.

Family - Ben Williamson. - nd, 1964.

Family History.
Family - Jean Williamson. - nd, 1961-2000.

Family - Karla Williamson. - nd, 1979-1980, 1996, 2000.
Includes copy of “Natural Childbirth by Karla Jessen Williamson,” material relating to her Canadian citizenship, etc.

Family - Nora Williamson. - nd, 1978, 1983, 1994. - CLOSED.

Family - Parents. - 1969-1991.

Family - Peter Williamson. - nd, 1963-1995. - CLOSED.

Family - Sarah Williamson. - nd, 1988, 1999.

Personal Correspondence. - nd, 1973-1975.
To and from “Annie” and “Susie.”

Personal - Financial. - 1961-1992.

Personal - Insurance. - 1958-1964.

BOX 71

Personal - Medical. - 1960-1961, 1985-1995.
Includes material on Parkinson’s disease.

Personal Miscellaneous. - [ca. 1946]-1994.
Includes “Old Tom,” a one-act play written by RGW when he was 15; certification of Canadian citizenship; marriage certificate; early school records; etc.

Hot buttered rum (“medicine for the deserving”), fruit wine, “ustralian pie;” “John Knox’s recipe for salvation;” “recipes for an antarctic cook;” Bob’s basic bread; recipes from the field; etc.

Speeches. - 1991, 1992.
Notes for addresses given at weddings, Burn’s supper, etc.

Torch River Cabin. - nd, 1982, 1990.
Hand-drawn map, correspondence with rural municipality.

RGW - Degrees. - 1957.
BA from Carleton University.

RGW - Degrees - PhD. - 1974.
Notes, convocation programmes, etc. related to award of PhD from Royal Uppsala University.
See also above, Williamson - Eskimo Underground.

RGW - Honours and Awards.
See also above, “Order of Canada.” Includes correspondence, notification of Emeritus status, Internationalization award, certificates of appreciation from the faculty of Arts and Science and the Canadian Committee for Geography; etc.

RGW - Schoolwork. - nd.

RGW - Undergraduate Work - Carleton. - 1954-1957. - 2 folders.
Essays, notes, etc.


1970-1982. - 73.66 cm. - textual records and 33 photographs, 6 slides, 57 negatives.

This series contains data, reports, correspondence, etc. used or compiled during the research and writing of the baseline study, The Boothia Peninsula People.

Spence Bay - General. - nd, 1970-1978.
Correspondence, miscellaneous data, maps, etc.

Alphabetical List and Annotated Bibliography.

Bibliography - Fedirchuk. - 1975-1976.

The Boothia Peninsula People: Social Organization in Spence Bay, NWT.” - 1977.
Two editions.
chapter 2

Edition 1 (Box 71)
BOX 72
Edition 2 (Box 72)

“Comments on a Two-Week Exchange.” - 1976.

Copies of Correspondence - Spence Bay. - 1975-1976.
All outgoing correspondence.

Demography. - RESTRICTED.
Drafts. - 3 folders.

Drafts - Preface.

Drafts - 2.1 - Objectives.

Drafts - 2.2 Theoretical Framework

Drafts - 2.4 - Research Sources and Assistants.

Drafts - 3.1.1 - A General Review of Physiography, Topography and Geology.

Drafts - 3.2.2 - Agency Services & Facilities.

Drafts - 3.2.3 - Housing.

Drafts - 3.2.4 - Water Supply, Sewage and Garbage Disposal.

Drafts - 3.2.5 - Transportation Facilities.

Drafts - 3.2.6 - Surficial Deposits and Quality of Granular Resources.

Drafts - 3.2.7 - Physical Constraints upon Expansion.

Drafts - 3.2.8 - The Energy Situation.

Drafts - 4.1.1 - Archaeology of the Somerset Island-Boothia Peninsula Area.

Drafts - [4.1.2] - Historical Outline of Culture Contact in the Somerset Island-Boothia Peninsula Area.

Drafts - 4.1.4 - Significant Aspects of Traditional Non-Material Culture.

Drafts - 4.1.5 - The Role of Men.

Drafts - 4.1.6 - The Role of Women.

Drafts - 4.1.7 - Language Abilities and Preferences.

Drafts - 5.2 - Macro-Social Organisation.

Drafts - 5.4.1 - Renewable Resource Harvesting.

Drafts - 5.4.2 - Cottage Industry, Arts and Crafts.

Drafts - 6.2 - Present Employment.

Drafts - 7.1 - Sources of Cash Income.

Drafts - 8.1 - Questionnaire Survey.

BOX 73

Economic Conditions and Resource Harvesting.

Economic Geography.


Fur Production.

Genealogies. - 2 folders.

Goals and Aspirations Questionnaire. - 1976. - 13 folders. - RESTRICTED.

Folder 1 (Box 73)
BOX 74
Folder 11 (Box 74)

Goals and Aspirations Questionnaire - Notes and Summary.
Notes found loose among the questionnaires; summary of responses.

Housing and Layout.

Memo re: State of Emergency.

Natsilik Data.
Draft material on the archaeology of the Somerset Island--Boothia Penisula area; the questionnaire; social services; expenditure, consumption patterns; resource harvesting; data on power, cost of living, housing, health, gasoline and heating fuel.


NWT Government Employees - Statistical Data.


Outline. - 1975-1976.
Notes, outlines, correspondence; includes ‘scientists and explorers ordinance’ licence.

Photographs. - 14 b&w, 19 colour photographs, 6 slides, 57 negatives.

Polar Gas. - 1974-1975.
Notes, copies of correspondence, copy of Spence Bay Settlement Council meeting.

Polar Gas Background Information. - 1975.

Polar Gas Contractual Material. - 1975-1976.

Polar Gas Meeting Notes. - 1976.

Polar Gas Telephone Notes.

Population. - RESTRICTED.
Includes copy of 1941 census for the NWT.

Proceedings - Regional Settlement Conference. - 1975.

Project Planning.


Report Draft. - nd, 1975.
Brief reports relating to health and housing; photocopy of letter from J. Le Verge.

Research Assent Negotiations. - 1975.

Telex File. - 1976.

Xeroxes of Maps.


1964-1999. - 65.96 cm. - textual records and 1 photograph.

This series contains records relating to RGW’s university committee work, and most extensively documents his work with the International Committee and international studies. In addition, it contains some reference materials from the Centre for Community Studies, and includes correspondence on a variety of issues facing the University over time.

Aboriginal Education. - 1999.

Ad Hoc Committee on Student Participation. - 1968.

Ad Hoc Northern Development Committee. - 1977.

Art Committee. - 1966-1969.
Minutes of meetings; includes front and side elevation drawing of inuksuk.

Centre for Community Studies - Centre Correspondence. - 1964-1965.

BOX 75

[Centre for Community Studies Files / M. Shimpo]
These are files which appear to have been originally created/maintained by the Centre or Mitsuru (Mike) Shimpo. Includes a separate file for each of the following:

Alcohol Research Foundation.
“Alcoholism–A Social Dilemma;” “Some Social and Cultural Aspects of Alcoholism;” “Alcoholism in Ontario;” “Alcoholics, Drinking and Traffic Accidents;” “The Urban Tavern;” various pamphlets; etc.

ARDA. - 1965.

Canadian Indians.
Pamphlet file. Includes “Constitution and regulations for Indian Homemaker’s Clubs;” The Indian News; The Battlefords Indian & Metis Friendship Council Newsletter; “Canadian Indians Today;” etc.

Foundation of North American Indian Culture. - 1963-1964.

Indian Affairs Branch. - 1963-1964.
“The Indian in Transition;” report of IAB; copy of draft research proposal for Keewatin Regional Study.

Indian Record. - 1964-1965.

Indian Reserves - Canada.

Manitoba Indians.
Material relating to the 10th annual Indian and Metis conference; including material on dancing; bylaws for the foundation of North American Indian Culture; etc.

Manitoba, Norway House, etc.
Primarily pamphlets on co-ops; “Manitoba’s Earliest Settlers;” maps.

Students’ Interest in Indians.

U.S. Indians. - [ca. 1964].
Pamphlet file. Includes Indian Voices; The Buckskin; “The Dakota Indian Community Centre;” “The Navajo;” “Statistics Concerning Indian Education;” articles of incorporation, American Indian College Foundation; “U.S. Indian Population and Land;” fact sheets; etc.

Centre [for Community Studies] Report. - 1964-1965.
“Social Change Among Keewatin Eskimos:” notes, outline, etc.

Centre for Community Studies - Workshop. - 1964-1965.
Regarding proposed workshop on “community action in Canada’s underdeveloped areas.”

Centre for Northern Policy Research and Education. - 1984.
Proposal under “Centres of Excellence” program; together with minutes from the committee on northern studies. See also below, “Northern Studies Application.”

College of Arts and Science. - [ca. 1969].

C17 College Review Committee. - 1971-1972. - RESTRICTED.
Notes and memoranda.

Committee on Interdisciplinary Studies. - 1972-1973.

Committee on Native Language Courses. - 1981.

Committee on Northern Studies. - 1986-1989.

Committee on Programs for Native Students. - 1976-1981. - 2 folders.

C24 Committee to Investigate the Teaching of Linguistics. - 1968-1970.

Correspondence (Internal). - nd, 1964-1999. - textual records and 1 photograph. 3 folders.

BOX 76

Dean of Arts and Science Selection Process. - RESTRICTED.

Department for the Study of Social Man. - 1966.

Faculty Association. - 1968, 1971, 1976, 1980.
Primarily concerning Premier Ross Thatcher and the “Potashville” speech; together with materials relating to student-staff ratios, etc.

Faculty of Arts and Science. - 1968.
“Respectful riposte” from Zenon Pohorecky.

G6-1 Geography 309.S - 1973.
Material relating to a class taught in Rankin Inlet by John McConnell.

G3-3 Graduate Program in Indian and Northern Education. - 1971.

Humanities Association. - 1980.
Notes for colloquium on northern development, with McConnell and Bone.

I16-1 Indian & Northern Education Program. - [1971], 1975.

International Academic Initiatives Subcommittee. - 1995-1996.

International Advisory Committee / Task Force. - 1992.

International Affairs - Special Sub-committee. - 1982-1988.

International Affairs - Sub-committee - Alan Anderson Records. - 1984-1987. - 3 folders.
Complete set of records from Anderson’s tenure as chairman.

International Committee. - 1984-1999. - 10 folders.

Folder 1 (Box 76
BOX 77
Folder 6 (Box 77)

International Development Centre.

International Node. - 1987, 1990-1992.

International Studies. - 1987-1999. - 2 folders.
International Studies & Activities - President’s Advisory Committee. - 1981-1982.
Memoranda regarding the proposed establishment of this a committee.

International Studies Coordinator. - 1993. - RESTRICTED.

International Studies Seminar. - 1995.

Issues and Options.
Notes on “the relevance of northern studies to university development.”

Museum Committee. - 1964, 1971-1972.

Native Law. - 1979.
Report on the Centre.

Native Studies. - 1987-1988.
Material relating to proposed courses, minutes from the council committee on programs for native students, notes for statement to the faculty of Arts and Science, etc.

Native Studies Distance Learning TV Course. - 1991.
Includes RGW address, “A Personal Retrospective on Anthropology Applied in the Arctic.”

Native Studies - External Review.

BOX 78

Northern Research and Development Centre.

Northern Studies Application. - 1984.
See also above, “Centre for Northern Policy Research and Education.”

Northern Studies Unit see above, “Committee on Northern Studies.”

Northern Studies Meeting - University of Alberta. - 1989.

Racism on Campus. - 1995-1998.

Research Policies and Procedures Manual. - 1989.

Residence Tutors. - 1965-1966.

Saskatchewan Centre for Applied Research (SCAR). - 1998.
Scandinavian Studies Programme. - 1986.

Sorokin Lectures.
“Misapprehensions about the North: Ways of Social Insight,” written in response to lecture given by Dr. James Frideres.

Special Committee on Anthropology. - 1968-1969.

Symposiums. [predominantly 1980s].
Handwritten notes from a variety of University-sponsored symposiums and colloquiums.

Think-Piece Drafts re: Native-Oriented Programs. - 1980-1981.

Umeå Messages. - 1987-1988.

Umeå - Saskatoon Exchange. - 1983-1986.

Umeå Universitet. - nd, 1980-1996. - 2 folders.
See also above, “Beckman, Lars and Gunhild.” Includes material relating to student exchanges, as well as documentation concerning RGW’s sabbatical research in Sweden, correspondence, reports, etc.

Umeå Universitet - Brochures.
Posters, pamphlets, etc.

Umeå Universitet - Lecture Material.
Notes on “the Lubicon Indians and the Olympics.”

Umeå / Scandinavian Studies. - 1986.

University of Saskatchewan International - Director Search. - 1992. - RESTRICTED.

University of Saskatchewan International - Review. - 1995.

U1-1 U of S Affairs. - 1966-1971.
Primarily copies of outgoing correspondence from RGW, while at Rankin Inlet.

W1-1 Williamson & U of S. - 1965-1985.
Initial letter of appointment; etc.

Yeltsin Democracy Fellowship. - 1993.


[ca. 1920s]-1999. - 20.32 cm. - 321 prints, 32 contact sheets, 118 negatives, 14 slides.

Arctipix. - 1 photograph.
‘Photographic teaching aid;’ together with copies of miscellaneous artworks, 1 mounted image of fish drying.

ARTC. - 22 colour photographs, 4 colour negatives.
Children playing; women & children; [ARTC staff]; individuals studying; etc.

ARTC Summer School - 1967. - 1967. - 16 sheets, contact prints; 7 b&w photographs.
Images on contact sheets include artwork, individuals, etc; photographs of outcrops, ships, ice, etc.; one portrait (individual unidentified).

BOX 79

Bill Barr’s Sisimiummuit Photographs.
20 photocopied images.

Cabin at Torch River, Sask. - 3 colour photographs, 3 negatives.

Michael S. Cline Photographs. - 7 b&w photographs.

Craig Harbour, NWT. - April 1966.
Image of dogsled

Contact Sheets. - 12 sheets.

Friends and Colleagues. - 3 photographs.

R.E. Hamburg Photographs. - [ca. 1970]. - 3 b&w photographs, 2 contact sheets.
RGW on mountain; scenery; contact sheets showing seal hunt.

Mildred Hubbert Photographs. - 4 b&w photographs.

ICC Executive at Chimo. - 1984. - 1 b&w photograph

Inuit - Identified. - 4 colour photographs.
[Taken by Karla Williamson]. Images of girl wearing winter travel clothing; RGW and Uqumiut at Pangnirtung; 2 images of hunters, waiting at ice-flow edge.

Inuit - Unidentified. - 4 b&w photographs, 11 negatives.

Miscellaneous. - 18 b&w, 10 colour photographs.
Includes images of cabins, housing, town, cities; rock art, Norway; individuals; native woman with tattoos on her face & arms; INS exhibit; “Keewatin Gardens, U of T;” powwow; etc.

Negatives. - 26 b&w negatives.
Includes images of [HRH Prince Charles’ tour], Spence Bay.

Newton Photographs. - 3 b&w photographs.
“Great Whale Folk;” unidentified boy.

North Rankin Nickel Mine.

NWT Legislative Council. - 1966. - 3 b&w, 1 colour photograph.
Includes images of: members of council (group photo; individuals identified), 1966; RGW recieving writ of election; being sworn in as member; Includes brief biographical note on RGW.

Terry Pearce Photographs - Rankin Inlet. - - [ca. 1970-1971]. - 3 b&w, 2 colour photographs.
Images of [Atamga]; Tiktak; Rankin mine. Also included in envelope were photos of [Rankin Inlet], JWT Spinks, RGW, Walter Kupsch at INS display, [ca. 1970].

Portraits - Others. - 1 b&w photograph.
Include separate files for each of the following:
Kabulituk. - 1 b&w photograph.
Kavik. - 1 b&w photograph.
Tiktak. - 5 b&w photographs.
Tulurialik. - 1 b&w photograph.

Rankin Inlet. - 6 b&w, 1 col. photographs, 6 negatives.

Rankin Inlet Ceramic Art Project. - [ca. 1965-1966]. - 25 b&w photographs.
Claude Grenier and several Inuit artists; images show artworks, artists at work, group photos, etc. Primarily ceramic art; includes fabric art/artist.

[Rankin Inlet] - Inuit. - 16 colour, 4 b&w photographs, 15 colour negatives.

Lorne Smith Photographs - 6 b&w photographs.

Spence Bay. - nd, 1978. - 12 colour slides, 2 contact sheets, 24 b&w photographs.
Sweden. - 26 colour photographs, 28 colour negatives.
Images of Bob and Jeanne Williamson, their house and garden. Negatives are of different images than the prints.

Text. - 3 b&w photographs.
Images of 1777 documents.

Tromsdistrikt Piktografs. - 37 b&w photographs.

Williamson Family. - 26 b&w, 4 colour photographs, 1 col. slide, 90 negatives.

Williamson, RG - Portraits. - 13 b&w, 2 colour photographs, 1 colour slide.
Includes images of RGW at Rankin Inlet; beside cabin at Meech Lake; [in Legislative Assembly?]; in office at ARTC; etc.

Williamson, RG - With Others. - 15 b&w, 3 colour photographs, 4 col. negatives.
With artists at Mendel Gallery exhibit on Inuit art; with Lloyd Barber, Stu Hogdson, Claude Grenier; Pierre Trudeau; Gabriel Côty; Ornulu Vorren, H. Lassen; with HRH Prince Charles.


[ca. 1940s]-2000. - 5.48 metres.

This series contains RGW’s extensive collection of reference materials, primarily related to circumpolar regions. It includes several Inuit publications, as well as some government reports, academic articles, community publications, etc. This series has been subdivided into 5 subseries:
Newspapers, Magazines, Newsletters, etc.
Reports, Books, Etc.
National Museums
Northwest Territories
Studia Ethnographica Upsaliensia

Newspapers, Magazines, Newsletters, etc.

Alaska Calendar. - 1952-1955.

Anthropology Newsletters. - 1969-1991. - 2 folders.
Includes Practicing Anthropology in Saskatchewan; Newsletter of the American Anthropological Association; Anthropology Newsletter; Manitoba Archaeological Newsletter; Society of Applied Anthropology in Canada; CASCA.

BOX 80

Arctic Circle. - 1990-1991.

Arctic Development Digest / Arctic and Northern Development Digest. - 1969-1977.

Arctic In Colour. - 1972-1976.

Arctic Institute of North America Newsletter see above, Series 1.

The Arctic News. - 1960-1975, 1991-1996, 2000.
Published by the Anglican Diocese of the Arctic.
Extends University Library holdings: see Special Collections, BX5601 .A6 1930-1959.

Arts and Culture of the North. - 1976-1978.

The Drum. - 1966-1970. - 2 folders.

Eskimo. - nd, 1946, 1951-1982, 1989, 1998. - 3 folders.
Includes separate file for those issues which were missing covers, etc.
Extends University Library holdings: see Special Collections, E99 .E7E71 1947 1959.

Eskimo Point Messenger. - 1967-1970.

Il Polo. - 1970-1988. - 2 folders.
See also above, Series 1, “Zavatti, Silvio” and below, Offprints.

Folder 1 (Box 80)
BOX 81
Folder 2 (Box 81)

Indian-Eskimo Association of Canada Bulletin. - 1963-1970.

Extends University Library holdings: see E78.C2.I.39 1966-1972.

Inuit Arctic Policy Review. - 1982-1984.

Inuit Monthly / Inuit Today. - 1972, 1975-1978, 1983. - 4 folders.

Inuktitut./ Inuttituut. - 1959-1997. - 4 folders.
First Inuit-language journal; founded by RGW.
Extends University Library holdings: see GOV PUBS CA1 IA 20: I57 1960.

Folder 1 (Box 81)
BOX 82
Folder 4 (Box 82)

Inummarit Pivallianinga. - 1972-1973.

Inungnun. - 1965, 1967.

Inungnut Tamenut. - 1959, 1961.

Inuvik Drum.

Keewatin Echo. - 1969-1972.

Keewatin Inuit Association Inungnut. - nd, [1983]-1984.

Kivalliq News.

The Listening Post. - 1969, 1971.

Makivik News. - 1993-1996.

Midnight Sun. - nd, 1969-1970, 1972-1973. - 2 folders.

Miscellaneous - Inuktitut.

Miscellaneous - Other. - 1954-1994. - 4 folders.
Includes The Arctic Circular; Ayurnarmat; Birch Bark Mail; Canadian Indians and Eskimos of Today; Eskimo Bulletin; Indian Voices; Isumasi; Kamanituak Klarion; Keewatin Bulletin; Kisaut; Northern Notes; Nuna; Nunasi News; People at Work; Rankin Inlet Newspaper; Rankin Miner; Take One; Tukisiviksat; Tusagaksat; Uiñiq the Open Lead; Uqaqta; Whale News.

Folder 1 (Box 82)
BOX 83
Folder 4 (Box 83)

Missinipe Achimowin. - 1974.

Moccasin Telegraph. - 1962-1968.
Extends University Library holdings: see FC3207.1 .M63 1970 1982.

Moccasin Telegraph Commemorative Issue. - 1970.

[New News]. - 1968.

Newsletter from the Commission for Scientific Research in Greenland / Danish Polar Centre Newsletter. - 1983-1990.

BOXES 84-86

News of the North / News North. - 65 cm.
Starts in Box 83; continues through Boxes 84-86
BOX 87

The Norther. - nd, 1964-1966, 1969.
“The first daily newspaper in the Northwest Territories.” Vol. 5, no. 22 (12 December 1966) includes copy of “A Question of Survival:” ‘comic book’ format for information regarding caribou.

The Northern Engineer. - 1969-1970. 1973.

Northline. - 1981-1999. - 2 folders.

Northwest Explorer. - 1981, 1986.

Nunavut. - 1988-1993.

BOXES 87-92
Nunatsiaq News. - 1 metre.

Ottar. - 1973, 1978, 1983-1988. - 2 folders.
Published by the Tromsø Museum.

Proactive. - 1991-1995.
Society of Applied Anthropology in Canada.

Rankin Times. - 1973-1976.

BOX 93

Shaman’s Drum. - 1993-1995.

The Taiga Times. - 1967-1969.

Them Days.

Tromura. - 1982-1987. - 3 folders.
Published by the Tromsø Museum.


Filed alphabetically by author.
“A” to “D” (Box 93)
BOX 94
“E” to “L” (Box 94)
BOX 95
“M” to “Y” (Box 95)
BOX 96
“Z” (Box 96)


Pamphlets. - 2 folders.

Reports, Books, etc.


Anthropologica. - 1955-1956. - 2 folders.
Contains RGW’s “Slave Indian Legends.”

Cluff Lake.

Enewuk. - 1977.

Enquete Ethno-Linguistique. - 1954.

Eskimo Mortality and Housing. - 1960.

Eskimo Tales. - 1958.

Eskimos Way of Living. - 1959.
Written and illustrated by grades 3 & 4 children in Chesterfield .

A Handbook for Indian Band Chiefs and Councillors. - 1961.

Housing Education Program for Canadian Eskimos. - 1969.

BOX 97

Indigenous Peoples’ Politics: An Introduction. - Vol. 1. - 1993.

Inuvialuit Land Rights Settlement - Agreement in Principle. - 1978.

Kataayuk: Saskatchewan Indian Elders. - 1976.

Keewatin Journal. - 1979.

The Legend of Big Bear, Little Bear and the Stars. - 1979.

Miscellaneous. - 1953-1995. - 2 folders.
Includes Arctica; Arviat Writing; As Long as the Rivers Flow; Canada’s Queen and Some of her Northern Subjects; Challenge for Change; Dene and Metis Claims in the Mackenzie Valley; Iñupiat Suuvat?; Indian and Metis Friendship Centre Annual Meeting; Ki-lhkin; Pik; The Snow Parka; Tracking the Trends: The Well-Being of Saskatoon’s Children.

North of Sixty.

Polar Record. - 1964.

Problems of the North. - 1966.

The Story of Papik, An Eskimo Boy. - 1963.

A Survey of the Contemporary Indians of Canada. - 1967.

Toward a New Past: Sweet Grass Transcripts. - 1975.

Village Cook Book. - 1971.


National Museum of Canada Anthropology Papers. - 1961-1968.
Nos. 1-2, 4-8, 15, 18, 19, 22.
National Museum of Man Mercury Series.
33 volumes.

BOX 98


Annual Report of the Commissioner of the Northwest Territories see University Library, Gov Pubs CA2NTG : A56

Commission of Inquiry re Administration of Justice in the Hay River Area of the Northwest Territories, Evidence and Proceedings see University Library, Law Lib KF8700 .ZA8C35 1967

Government Activities in the North. - 1962, 1963, 1965.
Extends University Library holdings: see GOV PUBS CA1 IA :G51 for 1953, 1959, 1960.

Miscellaneous. - 1957-1980.
Includes Statement on Development of Government in the Northwest Territories; Peoples of the Northwest Territories; The Inuit; Facts and Figures; Summary Report of the Advisory Commission on the Development of Government in the Northwest Territories; Canada’s North; Intercom; Re-Organization of the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development; etc.

Northern Development and Territorial Governments. - 1974.

Survey of Education Northwest Territories - 1972. see University Library, Gov Pubs CA2NTED :1972S72


Arctica. - 1956.

Eskimo Underground. - 1974.

The Petrified Ones. - 1973.

Some Ethnographic Comments on Leonard Mascall’s A Booke of Engines (1590). - 1984.


Alcoholism. - 4 folders.
BOX 99

Anthropology. - 2 folders.


Art. - 2 folders.


Communication and Transportation.

Communities. - 5 folders.

Folder 1 (Box 99)
BOX 100
Folder 3 (Box 100)

Conferences & Symposiums. - 4 folders.


Defence / Foreign Policy.

BOX 101

Education. - 2 folders.


Foreign Language. - 3 folders.

Geology / Geography.

Greenland. - 3 folders.

BOX 102

Health. - 5 folders.

Human Rights / Equality / Racism.

BOX 103




Law and Justice.

Personal Miscellaneous.

Saami Culture.

Science and Industry.

Sport and Recreation.

United States.

BOX 104

Wildlife. - 5 folders.

BOX 105


Includes full paper for day of first moon walk; pressed flowers; miscellaneous memorabilia relating to the north and/or the Northwest Territories.

MG 216 (additionals); accession 2002-007; S10.9-10

R.G. Williamson fonds (additionals). - [ca. 1940-2000], predominant 1960-1980. - 2.6 m of textual records and graphic material (ca. 240 photographs)

Biographical Note:
Robert Gordon Williamson was born on 2 November 1931 at Oxley, Staffordshire, England. He immigrated to Canada in 1952 and was employed at a series of jobs; but while wintering at Ft. Simpson, Northwest Territories, he began recording Dené folklore as an independent initiative. This work was later published in Anthropologica, and Williamson’s extensive record of scholarship in cultural anthropology and ethnology can be dated from this period forward. Between July 1953 and October 1954 while based at Pangnirtung, Baffin Island, he learned Inuktitut and extended his ethnological experience by travelling throughout Cumberland Sound. In 1954 Williamson began studying at Carleton University, earning a BA in anthropology in 1957; he earned a PhD from the Royal University, Uppsala, Sweden, in 1974. During the summers while working toward his first degree, Williamson was employed with the Department of Northern Affairs. In 1958 he joined the Department of Northern Affairs on a full-time basis, where he established their Eskimology section, founded the first Eskimo language journal, Inuktitut; and became Welfare and Rehabilitation Superintendent for the district of Keewatin, dealing primarily with social issues. He resigned in 1963, remaining in Rankin Inlet doing private research on a Canada Council grant. His career with the University of Saskatchewan began at the Centre for Community Studies, with a study of Fringe Saulteaux near Kamsack, Saskatchewan; by 1964 he had joined the department of Anthropology as a lecturer and was an associate director with the Institute for Northern Studies. He was quickly promoted: assistant professor in 1965; associate professor in 1967; full professor in 1973. In addition, Williamson served for over a decade as the director of the University’s Arctic Research and Training Centre. In 1966 he was elected by acclamation in the first of his two terms as member for Keewatin to the Legislative Council of the NWT. Williamson has worked on behalf of numerous organizations, including the Inuit Tapirisat of Canada, the Canadian Eskimo Arts Council, the Inuit Circumpolar Conference, and the CBC Northern Service. He was invested into the Order of Canada in 1983. Upon his retirement from the University in 1999 Williamson was named Professor Emeritus, and at the fall 2000 convocation ceremony, was recognized with the JWG Ivany Internationalization Award. Some of his major publications include:
Socio Cultural Disintegration Among The Fringe Saulteaux. With Mitsuru Shimpo; 1965
Comminterphone Rankin Inlet : A Report. 1972
Eskimo Underground : Socio Cultural Change In The Canadian Central Arctic. 1974
Eskimo Relocation In Canada. With Terrence W. Foster; [ca. 1975]
The Boothia Peninsula People : Social Organization in Spence Bay, NWT. 1977
The Williamson Collection Of Inuit Sculpture : Essays. With Norman Zepp; [ca. 1987]
Significant Aspects of Acculturation History in the Canadian Arctic. 1994
Self Determination : International Perspectives. (Ed.) with Donald Clark; 1996.

Scope and Content:

This accrual documents several facets of Williamson’s career: as a researcher with interests in the Inuit, northern Canada and circumpolar countries, director of the Arctic Research and Training Centre, teacher, and a member of the Northwest Territories Legislative Council. Included is correspondence and subject files relating to a wide variety of topics and with a range of individuals; copies of articles and other writing by Williamson; a range of offprints, publications, etc., including some northern periodicals and publications of various academic and northern organizations; records relating to Williamson’s two terms as a member of the legislative council of the Northwest Territories; conference material; personal correspondence and memorabilia; and photographs.

This accrual is arranged in the following series:

1. Correspondence / subject files
2. Teaching
3. Publications and research by Williamson
4. Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples
5. Institute for Northern Studies / Arctic Research and Training Centre
6. Northwest Territories Council
7. Articles and research by others
8. Conferences
9. Northern periodicals
10. Misc. reports, etc.
11. Misc. publications
12. Uppsala University
13. Personal
14. Photographs

Personal information relating to identifiable individuals is restricted under conditions similar to those in the Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Language of Material:
Primarily in English; also includes material in Inuktitut, Swedish, Danish, French and Italian.

SERIES 1. Correspondence / Subject Files. - [ca. 1950]-2000. - 54 cm of textual records


Administration - correspondence - University of Saskatchewan. - 1982-1999.
Administration - University of Saskatchewan - notes re meetings. - 1998, n.d.
Administration - departmental - Cultural Anthropology program. - 1995-2000
Association of Canadian Universities for Northern Studies. - 1982.
Letter to Peter Balt. - n.d.
Brazilian Indian Program. - n.d.
British Broadcasting Corporation. - 1973.
Correspondence re Williamson’s involvement in BBC’s “Refuge/Great Wilderness Areas of the World” series.
British Broadcasting Corporation - Natural History Unit. - 1996.
British Council visitorship. - 1973.
Canada’s first languages. - n.d.
Canadian Eskimo Arts Council. - 1973.
Expense claim.
Canadian flag - copy of proclamation. - 1966.
Canadian Institute of International Affairs. - [ca. 1990].
Brochure re Arctic lecture tour.
Carrothers Commission. - 1966.
Typescript of “Questions for Official Northern Policy-Makers, A Possible Aid to the Advisory Commission on The Development of Government in the N.W.T., at the request of Dean A.W.R. Carrothers, Chairman”; draft and notes; and thank you letters from Paul Martin and Lester Pearson.
Elizabeth Cass. - 1977.
Re registration as ophthalmic surgeon in Northwest Territories.
Letters from Peter Chance. - 2000.
Clippings. - [ca. 1980-2000].
Notes on British Colonial Office. - n.d.
Commission on Canadian Studies (Symons Commission). - 1976.
Conference transcript re Greenland - Williamson and others. - n.d.
Correspondence, misc. - 4 folders.
folder 1: 1972-73
folder 2: 1972-74
folder 3: [ca. 1966-1989]
folder 4: [ca. 1976-1998].
Correspondence re journals, articles, reviews, etc. - [ca. 1976-1985].
Correspondence with students - theses / PhD. - 1987, 1999.
Cross-cultural / multi-cultural education. - 1982.
Development of Northern Government. - [ca. 1972-1982].
Correspondence with David Ennals (Lord Ennals). - 1992-1993.
Correspondence re Ennals memorial symposium and book. - 1994.
Correspondence re Eskimo student. - n.d. - RESTRICTED
Evaluation of health services. - 1974.
Svend Frederikson - Eskimo field research. - 1961.
Fur ban issue. - 1996. - 7 folders.
folder 1: U.K. House of Commons
folder 2: Animal rights groups - campaign material
folder 3: Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations - veterans’ delegation to Europe Oct 1996
folder 4: Roy MacLaren, Canadian High Commissioner to United Kingdom
folder 5: Government of Northwest Territories
folder 6: U.K. contacts
folder 7: various
Great Whale River - field work. - 1957.
Correspondence, etc. - Williamson was a research assistant.


Greenland - background material. - [199-].
Greenland meeting (Harald Drever) - correspondence and notes. - 1973.
Pat Grygier. - 1993.
Correspondence re use of Williamson quotes.
Halley, Antarctica. - 1995.
Bruce Hanbridge - Mongolian falconry. - 1995.
“Host Group” / multiculturalism. - 1986.
Indian/Native and multicultural education. - n.d.
Meeting notes.
International Committee. - 1990-1994.
Establishment of International Affairs Committee. - 1982.
Introductory Field Camp. - n.d.
Inuit Art. - 6 folders.
folder 1: Donation to Art Gallery of Ontario. - 1989, 1994.
folder 2: Rankin Inlet exhibit at Winnipeg Art Gallery - loan. - 1980.
folder 3: Meetings re art and culture in Paris. - 1972.
folder 4: Misc. correspondence and publications re art.
folder 5: Tiktak - visit to Winnipeg. - 1970.
folder 6: Masterworks data. - n.d.
Inuit Tapirisat. - 1972, n.d.
Itinerary - Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Greenland. - [197-?].
Inuktitut syllabics. - n.d.
Bent Jensen. - 1970-1973.
Keewatin study. - 1973.
Williamson was a consultant for this study.
Cecil King roast. - 1991.
Law and justice in the North. - 1970-1984.
Letter to father - comments on regimental history. - 1986.
Letter of recommendation with decoding key. - 1994. - RESTRICTED
Canada, Alaska and Greenland. - 1947
District of Keewatin (dialect areas included). - n.d.
Principal air routes, Northwest Territories. - 1970
Township 36, range 2, meridian W3. - originally created 1882
Wakeham Bay, NWT - annotated. - n.d.
Hudson Bay Co. - northern stores. - [197-].
Wager Bay, NWT. - 1956.
Minority peoples in circumpolar countries. - 1973.
Misc. correspondence, reports, employment application. - 1957.
Farley Mowat. - 1979, n.d.
Letter from Mowat, clipping.
Correspondence re Musk Ox. - 1982-1983.
Nobel Prize - program and speeches. - 1973.
Williamson was in Sweden in 1973.
Northern Studies meeting. - 1989.
Northern Studies Research Unit. - 1989.
Notes - Dr. Arthur Bay. - 1987.
Misc. notes.
Notes - CES conference. - 1988.
Notes - November 1989
Notes - law and literature. - 1993.
Notes - Public lecture re pipeline. - n.d.
Nunavut - news stories. - 1992-1999.


Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. - [ca. 1999].
Mark Nuttall. - 1998-1999.
Other universities - program information.
Poetry. - 1973.
Poetry - Mackenzie Art Gallery. - 1986.
Poetry from Will - Stockholm. - n.d.
Rankin Inlet - seizure of confederate flag. - 1976.
Dale Reid - Southend. - 1982-1983.
Requests for info/assistance. - [ca. 1978-1990].
Notes re retirement. - [ca. 1999].
Asit Sarker. - 1994.
Letter of recommendation for multicultural award, biographical information; Sarker was director of University of Saskatchewan International.
Virgina Scanlon - research proposal. - n.d.
Science Council study. - 1989.
Scott Polar Research Institute. [ca. 1973-1990].
SSHRC application. - 1986.
Grant proposal: “Value Persistence and Re-Interpretation in Inuit Policisation”
Social Sciences register - biographical info re Williamson. - 1981.
Spence Bay - report outline. - n.d.
Spence Bay - name list. - [ca. 1977]. - RESTRICTED
Spence Bay Settlement Council
Spence Bay? - transcript re Indian schools. - n.d.
Statistics and resources - misc.
Swedish language resources. - 2 folders.
George Swinton. - 1974.
Tapes and library - lists. - n.d.
Teaching load and writing. - 1994.
Correspondence with Ernie Walker.
Frank Tester. - 1998.
Transfer of Williamson to Rankin Inlet. - [195-?]
Typescript re the North - Williamson. - n.d.
Umea University exhange - brochures. - 1988, 1999.
Umea/Saskatoon - Participaction ads. - 1975.
University of Canada North. - 1972-1973.
Erik Val - Parks Service. - 1994.
Visit to Toronto high school. - 1976.
Visiting professorship at University of Tromso. - 1979.
Yukon Native Brotherhood. - 1973.
George Zukerman - concerts. - 1973.

SERIES 2. Teaching. - 1970-1998. - 6 cm of textual records

Anth 111.3 - final exam. - 1998.
Anth 120 - deferred final exam. - 1982.
Anth 222 - reading list. - n.d.
Anth 222 - student paper - Cultural Factors in the Health of Rankin Inlet Eskimo. - 1970. - RESTRICTED
Anth 223.3 - Acculturation. - 1999-2000, n.d.
Course proposal: Anth 225 - Peoples of the World. - 1980.
Anth 229 - Inuit Cultures. - [199-].
Anth 321 - Myth, Ritual and Symbolism. - [ca. 1983-1998].
Anth 800 - Core Seminar in Culture Theory - course outline. - n.d.
Anth 800 - student reading reports. - 1983-84. - RESTRICTED
Anth 803 - Anthropological Theory - course outline. - 1998.
Anthropology exams. - 1977-1982.
Thesis - Mara Feeney. - 1977. - RESTRICTED
Inuit and Customary Law Seminar - [Umea University?]

SERIES 3. Publications and research by Williamson. - 1968-1996. - 4 cm of textual records


Arctic Cultural Studies Project - Working Bibliography. - [ca. 1985?]
Arctic Habitat and the Integrated Self (draft). - [199-].
Canadian Arctic, Sociocultural Change. - 1968.
Comminterphone, Rankin Inlet (Institute for Northern Studies). - 1972.
Contemporary Social Trends in Inuit Cultural Expressiveness (notes). - 1992.
Cultural Persistence and Cultural Casualties in the Sealskin Wars. - 1991.
Eskimo Value Persistence in Contemporary Acculturation.
The Doorstep: Education or Genocide? Eskimo Values and the Canadian Education System. - n.d.
Eskimos in Arctic Canada. - n.d.
Geographic pathology of dental disease in Canadian central arctic populations (joint author). - 1972.
Socio-Cultural Survey: History of the Keewatin Central Arctic. - 1970.
In the Search for “A People”: The Inuit, their Habitat, and Economic Politics. - 1996.
Institute for Northern Studies (Congress in Italy). - 1971
Keewatin Settlements. - 1970.
Magic Hands of Rankin Inlet (typescript). - n.d.
Northern Links between Denmark and Canada: Some Significant Policy Implications. - n.d.
A Personal Retrospective on Anthropology Applied in the Arctic. - [ca. 1988].
“Regions” and Identity in the North: Some Notes. - 1970.
In English and translated into Italian.
Socio-Cultural Disintegration Among Canadian Eskimo.
Talk for Humanities Society.
Speech to Keewatin teachers’ conference. - 1968.
Role of Eskimo Women in Traditional and Contemporary Society. - 1970.
Notes prepared for Royal Commission on the Status of Women.

SERIES 4. Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples. - 1993-1994. - 3 cm of textual records

CV and continuation of contract. - 1993-1994.
Inuit relocation to high Arctic. - [ca. 1993].
Studies, clippings (including copies from 1950s), notes, etc.
Ethical guidelines for research.

SERIES 5. Institute for Northern Studies (INS) / Arctic Research and Training Centre (ARTC). - 1972-1981. - 8 cm of textual records

Correspondence with and re INS/ARTC. - [ca. 1972-1977].
Closure of ARTC / Williamson’s resignation. - 1977.
Conference proposal and correspondence - Ford Foundation. - 1973-1974.
Notes, reports, etc. re INS Advisory Committee. - 1980-1981.
Student research proposal. - 1976.
INS presentation to Department of Northern Saskatchewan. - 1972.
ARTC - Statement to Commission on Canadian Studies (Symons). - [ca. 1975].
INS brochures - n.d.
Arctic Institute, University of Saskatchewan. - 1973.

SERIES 6. Northwest Territories Council. - 1965-1979. - 9 cm of textual records

Letter re federal constituency boundaries in NWT. - 1965.
Letter to constituents. - 1966.
Address to Council. - 1966.
Correspondence. - 1967.
Notes re motions, 34th session. - 1967.
Address to teachers’ conference. - 1967.
Correspondence re election. - 1967.
Retiring statement to constituents. - 1970.
NWT government - history. - n.d.
Letter from NWT Archives. - 1979.
NWT main estimates. - 1969-70. - 3 folders.


Report re constitutional development - 1980.
Annual report of Commissioner. - 1969.
Report re economic development. - 1968.
Legislation, proceedings, etc. - 1963, 1974-1975.
Welfare Committee. - 1977.

SERIES 7. Articles and research by others. - [ca. 1940-1985]. - 57 cm of textual records

W.P. Adams / Canadian Studies and the Arctic.
Annals of the International Geophysical Year. - 1959, 1966
Archeological Resources of the Canadian North
Margaret Bailey / The Family Agency’s Role in Treating the Wife of an Alcoholic
P.D. Baird / Expedition to Canadian Arctic. - 1949.
William Barr
Before Industrialization: A Rural Social System Base Study
Ernest S. Burch / The Thule-Historic Eskimo Transition on the West Coast of Hudson Bay
T.J. Boag / White Man in the Arctic. - 1952.
Michel Brochu
A.W.R. Carrothers / Canada: Reluctant Imperialist
Catalogue of Researches on Finnish Lapland
Norman Chance / Culture Change and Integration: An Eskimo Example. - 1960.
Chance/Trudeau / Social Organization, Acculturation and Integration Among the Eskimo and the Cree. - 1964.
Chapman / Co-operative community self-surveys.
Circumpolar peoples. - Fall 1983.
Clarke/Ogan / Assumptions and Alternatives: Recent Research by Social Scientists in Papua New Guinea
Concept of culture and its application in the context of cross-cultural socio-economic development.
Cultural Resources Evaluation - Maine.
Culture Policy Program of the Nordic Laps.
G. Dearing
J. Peter Denny / Notes on Thinking Processes Facilitated by the Eskimo and English Languages
DiLabio/Shilts / Detailed Drift Prospecting in the Southern District of Keewatin.
Downs / Understanding Culture
Downs / Fables, Fancies and Failures in Cross-Cultural Training
Dunning / Ethnic Relations and the Marginal Man
Eaton / Controlled Acculturation (Hutterites)
Mark Ebert / Institutionalized Ethnocentrism
Elias/Abell / Implications of the Canada Act for Household Economies in the North. - 1982
John F. Embree / Community Analysis: An Example of Anthropology in Government
John England / The First Expeditions to Lady Franklin Bay, Northeast Ellesmere Island
Alexander Ervin / Native Alaskan Political Capacity
Ferguson / Caribou on southern Baffin Island
Len Findlay


Finnish Studies in Ethnology
Folinsbee / World’s View - from Alph to Zipf
Milton Freeman
Fried / Acculturation and Mental Health - Indian Migrants in Peru
Funk / Delmas Residential School
Further Education in Northwest Territories
Galbraith / Tuberculosis among the indigenous population of Canada
Giddings / 10 000 ans d’histoire arctique
Glaciology in the Arctic
Graburn / Eskimo Law in Light of Self- and Group-interest
Gray / Computer Text Production for Canada’s Original Languages
Greenland - typescript
Groenlandica V
Guemple / Saunik: Name sharing / Eskimo kinship terms
Gunderson / Mental Health Problems in Antarctica
Guthrie / Primitive Man’s Relationship to Nature
Sixten S.R. Haraldson
Heinrich / Some borrowings from German into Eskimo. - 1971.
Heinrich / Social integration. - 1969.
Herbert / Par-delá le Sommet du monde
A. Hoffer / Megavitamin B-3 therapy
Hongimann / Learning to Drink
Charles Campbell Hughes / Cultural change among Eskimos. - 1965.
Charles Campbell Hughes / Social control among the St. Lawrence Island Eskimos
Hynan / Community Development
Icelandic Canadian
Ingold / Social and economic problems of Finnish Lapland
Inuit women in transition
Jaine / Traditional Indigenous Healing Ceremonies
Jaine / Soils of Rankin Inlet Area
William H. Jensen / Factors and Levels in Canadian Eskimo Change
C.J. Jonkel / Polar Bear Management
Kazan River
Kearney / Globalization / Transnationalism
Keith/Neufeld / Community Self-Determination
Keller / Bicultural social work and anthropology
Kleinfeld / Effective teachers of Indian and Eskimo high school students
Kramer / Advancing Post-Secondary Education in Circumpolar Regions
Kupsch / True North Strong and Free
Lawrence / Do We Need Incentives to Develop the North?
Thomas Lee / Fort Chimo and Payne Lake, Ungava 1965
Lotz / Human Rights of Indians and Eskimos
Lovell / Hypoadrenocortism
MacArthur / International Journal of Psychology articles
MacPherson / Pack dogs ni the Canadian Arctic
Mazonowicz / Copying the World’s Oldest Masters
McGhee / Canadian Arctic Pre-History
Malaurie / Esquimaux polaires
Meeks/Kelly / Family Therapy / Recovering Alcoholics
Misc. articles re Greenland, etc. (in Danish?)


Misc. bibliographies. - 2 folders.
Misc. typescripts. - 3 folders.
Montague / Time, morphology and neoteny in the evolution of man
Mowbray / Desperate journey
Muir / India and Historical Research
Murdoch / Diary re employment with Department of Northern Affairs
Joan Murphy / Life Systems (Arctic)
Umberto Nobile / Le Pôle, aventure de ma vie
Mark Nuttall / Information re Arctic Homeland
Ogan / Decolonising Anthropology?
Esteri Ohenoja
Origins of Education in the Arctic
Osmond/Hoffer / A Comprehensive Theory of Schizophrenia
Paine / ‘Chernobyl’ reaches Norway
Pelto et al / Snowmobile Revolution in Lapland
Pesticides and the Environment
Robert Petersen (Danish)
Pond Inlet, NWT
Procter / Husbandry of a Northern Health Service
Pryde / Nunaga: 10 ans chez let Esquimaux
Publications in Italian
Rasmussen / Scandinavian Anthropologist
Rasmussen / Tasks for future research in Eskimo culture
Rassias / Philosophy of Language Instruction
Roberts et al / Expressive Self-Testing in Driving
Roberts/Sutton-Smith / re game theory
Rogge / Recent Economic Developments in Northern Manitoba
Rowe / Global Education
Salzer / Relative Hypoglycemia
Saunier-Picard / Chronique Arctique 1969
Schafer / Age of Culture
Schierup / Immigrants and Scandinavian Welfare Bureaucracy
Douglas Schmeiser
Scotter / Forest Fires in Northern Saskatchewan
Sharma / Symbolic Expressions of Conflict
Smith / Marble Island


Solandt / Research on Canada’s Arctic
de Sousberghe / L’Indissolubilité des unions
J.W.T. Spinks
Taylor / Recension: book review
Taylor/Swinton / Pre-historic Canadian Eskimo art
John Tintera
Valentine / Fort Black Cooperative Store
Vallee - Cooperative movement / community organization in Canadian Arctic
Wallace/Atkins / Meaning of Kinship Terms
Warner / Native Peoples of the Churchill River Basin
de Weerdt / NWT mineral resources policy
Weidner / University of Wisconsin-Green Bay: Man and his Environment
Western Canadian Sub-Arctic Pre-history and the Dene
Westman/Jakobsson / Arkeologiska Sampling (Swedish)
Whiteside / Kinship System
Widstrand / Evaluation of Rural Development Projects
Willmott / Flexibility of Eskimo Social Organization
Zavatti / Terminologia Geoglaciologica Polare

SERIES 8. Conferences. - 1969-1993. - 23 cm of textual records

Administration of Justice. - 1993.
Arctic Development and Future of Eskimo Societies, Le Havre. - 1969. - 2 folders.
Arctic Social Sciences. - 1992.
Canadian Rock Art Conference. - 1969.
Indigenous Politics and Self-Government. - 1993.
International Arctic Peoples Conference. - 1973.
International Geographical Congress. - 1976.
International Symposium on Circumpolar Health - 1967, [197-?]
Inuit Circumpolar Conference. - [198-]. - 4 folders.


Inuit Circumpolar Conference. - [198-]. - 2 folders.
Inuit Studies Conference. - 1982-1990. - 3 folders.
folder 1: 1982
folder 2: 1988
folder 3: 1990
National Forum on Canada’s International Relations - Circumpolar Relations. - 1998.
Native American Bilingual Education Conference. - 1977.
Nordiska Rådet för Antropologisk Forsknin. - [1979?]
Northern Development and Ecology (Canadian Association of Geographers). - 1981.
Role of Circumpolar Universities in Northern Development. - 1989.
Seminar on Health Problems of Nomads. - 1973.
Science for Peace: International Conference on Arctic Cooperation. - 1988.
Think Tank on Mental Health Services to Native Children and their Families. - n.d.
United Nations Conference on the Human Environment - Regional Consultations. - 1972.
Western Association of Sociology and Anthropology. - 1982.

SERIES 9. Northern periodicals. - [ca. 1970-1985]. - 11 cm of textual records

Arcana Poli
Arctic News
Arctic and Northern Development Digest
Caribou News
Greenland Collector
Hub of the North (Hay River)
Indian-Eskimo Association of Canada
Inuit Tapirisat of Canada
Iwgia Newsletter
Keewatin Echo
News of the North
Northern Perspectives
Nunatsiaq News
Pilot (Fort Smith and Simpson)
Rankin Times
RCMP Quarterly
Sermitsiak’ (Greenland)
Sweden Now

SERIES 10. Misc. reports, etc.. - 1976-1997. - 20 cm of textual records

BOX 10

Arctic Institute of North America
Biomedical Communications Project. - 1972.
Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Association.
Department of Indian and Northern Affairs.
Press releases. - 1972, 1974.
Mining statistics. - 1970-1972.
Reports, etc. - 1960-1980. - 6 folders.
folder 1: Eskimos of Southampton Island; Press clippings on Greenland; Indians and Inuit of Canada; Save the Caribou.
folder 2: Arctic Research and Training Centre, Rankin Inlet
folder 3: Excerpts from DIAND reports.
folder 4: Kananaskis
folder 5: Development agencies for Northwest Territories
folder 6: Canada North of Sixty; Bill C-202, 1970: Arctic Waters Pollution Prevention Act
North magazine.
Evaluation of Spence Bay Craft Project. - 1976.
Government of Canada - Canada and the Circumpolar World. - 1997.
Institute of American Indian Arts. - 1967.
Swedish reports.
Misc. typescripts.
Misc. academic newsletters.

SERIES 11. Misc. publications. - 1949-1980. - 29 cm of textual records

BOX 11

Canadian Wildlife Service. - 4 folders.
Central Australian Aboriginal Reserves.
Centre for Community Studies publications.
Il Polo (Istituto Geografico Polare). - 1949-1970. - 2 folders
Metis poems
Repulse Bay, 1973

BOX 12

Russian publications from Doris Löve
University of Papua New Guinea
Misc. - Inuit.
Misc. - Scandinavia / Greenland.

SERIES 12. Uppsala University. - 1973-1974. - 7 cm of textual records

Williamson was on sabbatical at Uppsala to complete his doctorate.

Correspondence. - 1973-1974.
Correspondence with colleagues and friends during Williamson’s residence in Uppsala.
Correspondence and seminar list. - 1973.
Publications re Uppsala and university.
Uppsala University crest.

SERIES 13. Personal. - 1967-2000. - 8 cm of textual records

Awards and honours
Order of Canada. - 1987.
Copies of letters of notification and congratulations and of biographical information. - 1985-1986.
Order of Canada - correspondence. - 1987-1998. - 2 folders.
Correspondence re nominations of Walter Kupsch and Howard Nixon, status of Alan Eagleson’s Order of Canada, etc.; information about new recipients; etc.
Commemorative Medal (anniversary of Confederation). - 1992.
George Ivany Internationalization Award. - 1999-2000.
Certificate of appreciation - International Student Office. - 2000.
Emeritus status. - 2000.

BOX 13

Curriculum vitae. - 1976-1977.
Biographical info / trivia re Williamson. - [1999].
Williamson - reading/performance. - n.d.
Correspondence - personal. - [ca. 1967-1999].
Joanne Lang estate.
Harp correspondence.
Dr. Allan Ropper. - 1999. - RESTRICTED
Medical enquiry
Keepsake file. - [199-].
Memorabilia. - 1975, n.d.
Visit of Prince Charles - decorated menu, 1975; Williamson’s trapper’s sign
Diaries and day books. - 1967-1987 (incomplete).
Nora Williamson - report card, NWT
Science teaching, Saskatoon school board. - 1994-1995.
Follow-up correspondence incident at science fair re evolution exhibit, involving the Williamsons’ daughter.

SERIES 14. Photographs. - [ca. 1950]-2000, predominant [197-]. - ca. 240 photographs.

R.G. Williamson portraits. - 6 photographs.
Art and artists. - 14 photographs.
Photographs of Inuit artists Nauja, John Tiktak and family, Tantungi, Uqusiksalimiat and their art, Williamson, carvings by Qavic.
Williamson and others. - 10 photographs.
Photograph with Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and Senator Willie Adams; Williamson and dog team, ca. 1998; Williamson in Scotland, 2000; presentation of Ivany Internationalization Award; etc.
Other individuals and scenes. - 12 photographs.
Photograph of Williamson’s son Peter, age 11; Spence Bay dog lines; Inuit “housing” in late 1960s; “dismembering a whale”; Dr. Urve Linnamae, U of S anthropology and archaeology professor, Member of Parliament Gene Rheaume and family; and photographs at Rankin Inlet.
Photo album - [ca. 1950-1965?]. - ca. 200 photographs
Taken in England and the Northwest Territories
Published photographs. - n.d., 1976.
Williamson and family - photo in Rankin Inlet publication; photograph on cover of Il Polo (Istituto Geografico Polare).
Captions and misc. correspondence re photographs.