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Saskatchewan and the Visual Arts
Dmytro Stryjek

Stryjek in his home at McAskill Manor, 2315 20th St. West, October 1986. Courtesy of Thelma Pepper. [99]

Sketch entitled Taras Shevchenko by Stryjek, n.d. [100]

Prime Minister John G. Diefenbaker by Stryjek, n.d. [101]

Dmytro was born November 5th, 1899, in Lanivtski, county of Borschiv, Western Ukraine. He served in the Ukrainian Army and was trained in intelligence techniques, which included techniques for memorizing faces and producing identification sketches. After immigrating to Canada in 1923, he worked for the Canadian National Railways near Hafford until his retirement in 1965. Although he had begun to make wallet-sized portraits with pen, pencil, and crayon in the mid-1950s, Stryjek only started painting larger works after his retirement. His work has been shown and collected throughout Canada.


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